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Hidden Drug Stash Found in Jackson's House

7/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Conrad Murray kept a stash of drugs -- including the powerful anesthetic Propofol -- hidden in his closet at Michael Jackson's home.

Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson's home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in Jackson's house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered "various drugs" secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

Here's the amazing thing enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about the closet when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson's death.

One law enforcement source says: "The drugs were concealed...they weren't obvious." Among the stash -- Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.


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It's sad to notice that MJ died because of a stupid thing as an overdose of Propofol. Was that really necessary??? At least, he died sleeping and didn't feel pain. I guess...

1918 days ago


This story is getting so old and boring. Too many changes and too many discrepancies.

no hater imposters please

1918 days ago

San Francisco    

#7 - You've got to be kidding! Pray to God for the truth to be revealed? The same God that killed millions w. Katrina and the tsunami? Same God that kills babies and innocent people? Your God is cruel and heartless. You can keep him / it /whatever.

1918 days ago


Michael was intentionally murdered. I am not buying that this was an
accidental overdose, or that Michael in anyway tried to commit
suicide. I am glad that they found evidence of Propofol in the Dr's
room because, I would hate to see him get away with murder. The
police better be keeping an eye on his every move,,would hate for this creep vanish

1918 days ago


Someone shoulda introduced Mike to weed a long time ago...

1918 days ago


If he was hired to go on tour with him-it would make obvious sense that he would have access to the Diprivan since it has been said that MJ used it on tour in the past to help him rest. The fact that he's NOT an anesthesiologist should have clicked SOMETHING in his brain that told him he shouldn't get involved with it. But for 150,000/month, he probably thought he could do it. It's just sickening if this was preventable.

1918 days ago


What the heck sense does this make?! My only theory beyond Murray being a complete bimbo is that he is providing information in order to incriminate others . . . expose the whole ring in exchange for a lesser sentence?

1918 days ago

What are you talking about, dying from drugs among celebrities is almost a requirement. Elvis, John Belushi, Anna Nicole....and many, many more.

1918 days ago

The Clergy Ark    

I think its clear that despite Michael Jacksons huge talent the man had dangerous and immoral addictions.

Pedophilia, heavy prescription medicine dependency/addiction, and mutilated his face unnecessarily. While I agree he had Vitiligo there was no need to change his facial features with plastic surgery.

The man was incredibly gifted but wit that bright talent lived a very dark lifestyle that slowly started leaking to the public.

1918 days ago


Queeny, don't doubt the power of God! Did you not see Him strike down Michael the perv>?

1918 days ago


Posters.....let's play MJ Trivia for a minute......

Who was MJs manager when he died?
Any intelligent response appreciated.

1918 days ago

welc ome    

Someone needs to look into how well Murray knew that NP - This now is just a little to easy to believe.

1918 days ago

welc ome    

He was his own manager

1918 days ago


They may or may not prove he's a killer, but it certainly is looking like he is very incapable of handling chemicals professionaly. If it isn't gross incompetence, it's deliberate. If it's deliberate, we're opening up a massive can of worms, when the motive gets fully explored and the money trail archeologists have time to reveal the connections. Michael probably had no chance whatsoever. Then again, that moonwalker they've been spotting in remote Thailand?

And what kind of major weirdness is it that he lived with Michael Jackson?

1918 days ago

frogs and gravel    

The more people say they hate the Dr. Murray picture, the longer TMZ keeps showing it. It is kind
of funny (in a bizarre way).

MJ should of lived where I do The Doctors here only know about aspirin, ice
and drinking plenty of fluids.

1918 days ago
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