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Hidden Drug Stash Found in Jackson's House

7/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Conrad Murray kept a stash of drugs -- including the powerful anesthetic Propofol -- hidden in his closet at Michael Jackson's home.

Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson's home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in Jackson's house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered "various drugs" secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

Here's the amazing thing enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about the closet when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson's death.

One law enforcement source says: "The drugs were concealed...they weren't obvious." Among the stash -- Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.


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For some reason tmz wouldn't let me post the Associated Press quote about the certificate in here. I tried everything, changing my name, email addy nothing worked. But anyhow it was Murray's certificate for Internal Medicine, not a license.

1861 days ago


What a great man Michael Jackson was, he loved the world with all his heart, it was an unconditional love and he really wanted to heal it, stop wars and distruction and have people find a common ground in love and goodness and sharing !

Michael, you were too good for this world, for the people here, for the decadence of the community around us. You are finally up with the angels, where you belong, may you RIP.

1861 days ago


for his role in Michael Jacksons drug addiction.

1861 days ago


Unless these doctors are all playing nicely together in some grand conspiracy, I suspect that they will turn on each other like fighting fish, i.e. if I go down, then you go down -- and hopefully expose the whole bad lot. Given doctors' egos, I highly doubt that they are collaborating nicely.

1861 days ago


huh.. how can Klein Mj's plastic surgeon?

so tellis.. you don't mind debbie rowe giving Mj demerol shots several times a day?!

1861 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

583. Investigate Tohme....
To my knowledge Dr Steven Hoeffler was the only plastic surgeon that MJ used.....
he is "In" with the Jackson clan big time.......has made lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ destroying their good looks.
He was in the picture with HIS anesthetics and habitual painkillers for some time before Dr Klein ever entered the picture.
Michael undoubtedly became addicted to drugs under his care (blade) and eventually was left the pathetic "overkill" of a face......let one source stated once...."that the doctor who did this to him shouldn't be able to sleep at" (or some such remark)
But it's the truth.....Steven Hoeffler ruined Michaels face.....(and LaToyas)....
and being also the one who did the extensive cosmetic surgeries I believe if I'm not mistaken, on Michaels scalp after the Pepsi commercial fiasco....was the one who PROBABLY introduced and addicted Michael to drugs BIG TIME!
And that's why Dr. Klein probably "fired him"....

Thanks. That's what I thought.

It's disturbing that Katherine gave her permission for Hoeffler to do what he did tonight on Geraldo. I figure custody talks aren't going well.

1861 days ago


Why did it take a month for them to search the doctor offices? I'm sure most of the evidence is long gone by now.

Why didn't they find the drugs the first time at MJ's house? They had a search warrant. Maybe the state of California should hire Inspector Gadget and the Scooby Doo mystery team to solve this case. They would do a better job than the LAPD.

1861 days ago


Is anyone reading these creepy posts with "puppet master" mentioned in them? I just read one....then read about Tom Barrack. There is an article that says that MJ was in Vegas living in some crappy place with his 3 kids. Barrack owns Colony Capital....he flies up to Vegas and bails MJ out of the foreclosure on Neverland. Then Barrack hooks MJ up with Randy Phillips from AEG to get the ball rolling on the London tour. Tohme is involved in the deal as well. However, the poster was right....Barrack owns the land next door to MJ. Maybe not a reason for murder....but damn! Barrack owns the land next door? Wouldn't you say that this would be reason enough for Barrack to get involved? Barrack's kids went to Neverland when MJ was in his heyday before the accusations and the trial. I just have to wonder the motivation behind this buy Barrack's "altruistic" saving of MJ's Neverland......

1861 days ago


Holmes....thanks for the info....

But....who is more likely to use great quantities of anesthesia and habitual drugs....
a cosmetic surgeon who has performed multiple surgeries and treatments on that patient? Or a dermatologist using even sometimes radical treaments and occasional surgery?

MJ got hooked on drugs AFTER the pepsi fiasco.....Hoeffler was his main attending physician for that treatment and might I add at that time Michael had what I consider an almost perfect nose.. from the 3rd nose job on it was disaster.....thank Hoeffler for it.....

1861 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Any Jackson lovers put a down payment on a Jackson diamond yet? The line should be long given there will only be 20 diamonds.

JoAnn asked about his brain. It was for the autopsy, JoAnn, and will likely be kept outside of Michael's head until the end of any and all trials for criminal behavior.

Was at a public function today. They were playing Jackson's music. Many of the men were playing with their little brains, just like your hero/humanitarian did.

Brings me to an off-topic. Our president surely didn't use his big brain when shooting off his mouth about stuff he knows nothing about. Wonder if our tax dollars are going to go to the GatesGate BeerFest.

Bad enough Jackson was a jackass. So is our President.

1861 days ago


Michael Jackson has a home in Las Vegas- I saw where after he died people were putting flowers there - He stayed there at one time

1861 days ago


keep michael's memory alive. and remember him the way he should be remembered.

Check out a VERY hot M.J Tribute -- R.I.P Michael Jackson, WE LOVE YOU & You will be missed dearly.

Visit -- RIGHT now!!!

1861 days ago


Just type in Michael Jackson former las vegas home pictures and you will see pictures of it

1861 days ago

Smooth Criminals    

Hawk 1

You're not funny.

1861 days ago


I thought it was illegal to get drugs in other peoples names -

1861 days ago
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