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Hidden Drug Stash Found in Jackson's House

7/25/2009 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell us Dr. Conrad Murray kept a stash of drugs -- including the powerful anesthetic Propofol -- hidden in his closet at Michael Jackson's home.

Sources say when the LAPD first searched Jackson's home the night he died, they did not turn up Propofol or many of the other drugs that were in Jackson's house.

Dr. Murray talked to the LAPD the following Saturday and the information he supplied triggered another, broader search warrant. Cops returned to the house the following Monday and discovered "various drugs" secretly stashed in a closet of the guest room where Dr. Murray was staying.

Here's the amazing thing enforcement sources say Dr. Murray himself told LAPD detectives about the closet when he was interviewed the Saturday after Jackson's death.

One law enforcement source says: "The drugs were concealed...they weren't obvious." Among the stash -- Propofol, the drug authorities believe killed Michael Jackson.


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Maxwell........I read a link in THE SUN early early yesterday morning, an interview with Dr Steven Hoeffler, that stated that at the time that Dr Murray returned to the Holmby compound, Randy and the MJ entourage were standing in the driveway.
But when I went to reread it late yesterday evening....the article had been edited and reformatted. No mention of Randy.

Talk about bizarre......I sure as tootin didn't dream it!

1914 days ago


Please LOOK at the page, you do not have to join.
And if you want you can get a FREE membership.
MJ was the founder of this...

1914 days ago


lol chico.. you're funny about the way you go on about
cracks! one look at him with those elton john 70's reject sunglasses.. I just shut him out...

he id say some interesting thingas but he';s into sensationalism and he makes christopher Andersen like a Oulitzer writer.. CA is another one.. his bios are a huge snore.. he just lifts tabloid rubbish and make it into a book.
by far Randy tarraborelli is the best--even t hen he got some info wrong.. but at least he's got some good insight on MJ. esp the early years.

1914 days ago


Okay, perhaps the presence of Randy was a misprint, then . . . one would think that the various family members that have spoken on the incident would have mentioned that by now, or been asked to comment on it.

1914 days ago


@ #81 LA.. that was a very disturbing link you posted. I didn't know about this.

I agree, if the doctor called MJ's oldest son in the room to watch him perform CPR, then IMO, it was only so the doctor could say someone saw him giving MJ CPR, to make us think MJ was still alive at that time, which he probably wasn't.

Was the child the only one in the house at that time? Dr. Murray was cold-bloodied if he did that to a minor.

No doctor in their right mind will call a family member INTO A ROOM, and especially a minor, to watch them give their father CPR. If anything, they would make the child leave the room.


1914 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

Dr. Murray's initial story never made any sense, so I'm not at all surprised that it wasn't true. He said, at first, that he passed by MJ's room, saw him asleep then found his pulse was very low. I just couldn't imagine that this man with all of the nightmares and fears and tremendous trouble sleeping slept with his bedroom door open.

See in this video from 1993 where Elizabeth Taylor gives him his first Christmas, then goes to wake him up? His door is closed, and he says that he's very hard to wake up (about 1:30-1:50):

Michael had nightmares from his childhood when his dad jumped into his window with a frightening mask on to teach him never to leave his window open. He also would have had vivid dreams from so much use of opiates such as Demerol. Anyway, 'nuff said, the guy wouldn't be sleeping with an open bedroom door.

Then, if he knew the guy had trouble sleeping, and he saw him asleep in his room, why would he go in to check him? What reason was there to suspect that he'd be doing anything other than interrupting the guy's much-needed sleep.

So, all of that was clearly BS, and everything from there with him working on MJ for 45 minutes before getting someone to call 911, not knowing the address of the place (like the police there couldn't figure out where MJ lived?), not putting him on the ground for CPR . . . it all just shouted that this guy was a liar, and a mighty bad one at that!

Now, the question is why was he hired? AEG didn't hire this doctor. MJ did. AEG didn't think he needed a live-in private physician. And why would he need a cardiologist when he didn't seem to have any heart problems? Why take this guy, rather than the anesthesiologist he took on the HIStory tour with whom he had a close friendship? Immediately after MJ's death, this doctor wanted AEG to pay him the $300,000/month that was owed for the past two months. AEG's response was that THEY did not hire him, MJ did. MJ never signed the contract, and anyway it was supposed to be $150,000/month. But, they told him, since MJ died without signing his contract he probably wouldn't get the estate to pay.

Now that he's informing on himself, maybe this doctor is going to claim that he was hired to help Michael with euthanasia?

1914 days ago


LA always entertaining and informative.....

Is Dr Steven Hoeffler the Doc that everybody can thank.......if MJ actually had to wear a prosthetic nose? Is he the Doc that did all MJs cosmetic surgery.....and since he's such a close trusted family friend....I assume he also did the job on LaToya and other family members?
Does cosmetic surgery involve much use of anesthesia and painkillers?
I would assume that it does.......

1914 days ago


How can the world go on without me, Peter Pan?
Was Peter Pan a drug addict?

1914 days ago


Doc Holliday.......are you still here?

When was the last time that you had some 9 year old boys in your bedroom?
Come on can tell us the truth.

1914 days ago


re comment 115 I couladnt agree more.just because the guy was different and not that into women or sex for whatever reasons,maybe lack of confidence or thinking people had overly high expectations of him due to his uhm..rather sexual crotch grabbing gestures doesnt mean hes a pedo or anything else.Ian halperin is NOT a credible writer at all.If you google the guy it wont take long to work that out.I love MJ and as much as a doc may have done the worng thing here by giving him medicine that illegal outside a hospital, if you read Bob Jones book, it mentions in there not only Michales addictions,but a rumoured problem with some kind of IV related addictions.In a way im amazed the poor guy didnt go earlier.I dont think anyone will ever totally know the truth.Keep up the good work TMz!

1914 days ago


To: I'm the real Michael Jackson......

No.....Peter Pan.....he "weren't" no drug addict....
Peter Pan stayed on a natural high.

1914 days ago

Joe Schmoe    

Peter Pan was known to use a little pixie dust now and then to get high!

1914 days ago


#115, I have tried to respond 3 times and my comments just disappear. Anyway, I found that curious too. I think Halperin fell in love with Michael, I know I would have.
For all those that don't understand drug addiction like I do., when you're taking opiodes like vicodin, tranquilizers like valium and xanax, you have no sex drive. I would imagine that diprovan knocks you out cold.
I am clean over 40 years but I did watch two people die of ODs and it was not a pretty picture. I can never get the horror out of my mind. I pray Michaels children did not have to see him fighting for his life as he lay dying.

1914 days ago


when we will know officially that Murry is the killer ? He kills Michael right ? WT. it it damm
He must go to jail i hate him

1914 days ago

Cute Aussie    

Arrest All the Enablers and
Elizabeth Taylor should be next !!

She introduced Michael to Klein and drugs.....

1914 days ago
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