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Prejean Attempts to Carrie a Tune

7/25/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Biblically correct Carrie Prejean hurts people every time she opens her mouth -- and the noises she made into a mic at a horserace in Del Mar made that painfully apparent.


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I'm never offended by anyone trying to sing or just enjoying themselves. Maybe she's much surer of a bet using someone else's lyrics all the time!

1884 days ago


Well, at least shes better than Heidi Montag...or Heidi Pratt....whatever name she goes by.

Point is, she sounds better than Heidi's screeching.

1884 days ago


shes sexy

1884 days ago

to little    

Harvey don't hate just because she thinks you shouldn't be able to marry another F-G

She looks hot love to boink her just wish she had not go the fake boobs

1884 days ago

An untalented narrow minded bitch. Deserved to be fired. Too bad TMZ is giving her some attention.

1884 days ago


I would rather watch paint dry than to even look at his pig. She is a waste of space and has done nothing to deserve any attention she receives.

1884 days ago

mary goldwater    

that was so ba bad..has she no pride..

1884 days ago


She's cute. Buyt still a dumb bi^ch....

1884 days ago

This stupid c**t is limping on her last bitch paw. It wouldn't be long before nobody remebers her. Those anti-gay activist encouraged her to conflict with Trump to helf their own cause. Now that her 15 minutes of fame is gone, they have no use for her and abandoned her like a 2-bit whore. She was better off staying with Trump. She would be lucky to promote new supermarkets in the future. What a dumb cow.

1884 days ago


Carrie is hot!

1884 days ago


This women is beautiful. she can sing anything she wants.

1884 days ago


Last time I checked, each person in this country is entitled to free speech and to his or her own opinion. That is part of what makes it such a great, free country.

It's very ridiculous that a person would bash Carrie Prejean so much about her beliefs just because they're not in line with that person's beliefs--and then have the nerve to call HER narrow-minded! Hey teapot, meet kettle!

So she doesn't support gay marriage--get over it! Some people do and some people don't.

1884 days ago

Her face is adequate (but would never have won Miss USA anything). Her body is flat chested and must be stuffed with fake boobs. Her talent is zero. Her charm is obscene. Her tact is repulsive. Her verbal skills offensive. Her singing talent is non-existent -- out right an affront to the ears. her soul is FUGLY.

1884 days ago


Her voice will come in handy if a fire ever breaks out in the hotel she's staying.

1884 days ago


I don't care what her opinion is or isn't about gay marriage. This video is simply painful...who told her she could sing???

1884 days ago
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