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Barry Manilow:

The Kate Gosselin for Men

7/26/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Barry Manilow at an event in Beverly Hills on Thursday (left) -- and "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin at an event a little while back (right).

 Barry Manilow and Kate Gosselin
The highlighted, bi-level, reverse mullet weave ... strong enough for a man, but made for a raccoon.

We're just sayin'.


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juan loco    


1880 days ago


I grew up listening to barry, I think he looks old and frail, as far as kate is concerned whol care's. I think money is the root of all evil. I think it went to both of their heads and who will be paying the price for it ? The kids. My heart goes out to them. I use to watch them on a weekly basis and I will not be watching the new season. I think tlc should take the show off the air, and Kate need's to start putting her children first in her life. one other thing i have been in the medical field for over 30 years, i sure can't see kate as a nurse in my mind you need love and compassion for people, i sure don't see that in her. lori

1880 days ago


She has got to have the WORST haircut EVER! Doesn't she know what a smacked ass she looks like??

1880 days ago


I love Barry!

1880 days ago


LMAO, seriously, she needs a new "style"

1880 days ago


Why does it matter how Kate Gosselin wears her hair. Give her a break, she birthed 8 kids, her soon to be ex-husband seems to be a A+ douche bag, and were more worried about how her hair looks than anything else in her messed up life.

1880 days ago


Aw, come on! Leave the Manilow alone! Post pics of some other 66-year-old men next to his, and he looks like a young stud by comparison. And at least he works hard for his money, and not on his back popping out kids for it.

1880 days ago

Sam Sunshine    

That's a good one TMZ! I hate the PimpWhore!

1880 days ago


14. Okay guys seriously, enough with making fun of Kate Gosselin's hair. Yes it is strange but EVERY single time you guys write something on her you make a remark about her bi-level, reverse mullet porcupine weave and it is getting VERY old. Obviously you don't like her but the repetitive remarks about her hair is becoming even more ridiculous than the hairstyle itself. Please for the sake of your readers and yourselves find something else to write about her. It is getting to the point that I stop reading when I see a Gosselin update because undoubtably you guys will be beating the same dead horse all over again. Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me? Posted at 12:54AM on Jul 26th 2009 by Jesster

I agree. We get it, the media hates Kate Gosselin. They don't report, they opine. I form my own opinion. Since there is no story here & they are just comparing "looks" any sane person would have to admit Kate is an attractive person (the hairdo notwithstanding) while Manilow looks like a cadaver (talent notwithstanding). End of non-story.

1880 days ago


Thanks to the writer of this blurb, the "racoon" thing made me laugh. Yes she is a bad hair media whore and her husband is a douch media whore. The VERY best thing we can do is not give them the time of day and MAYBE they will go away. Poor kids!

1880 days ago


Barry looks fantastic . Who can think about anything else, when those blue eyes are smiling back at you. He's always been thn, that's just how he rolls....or doesn't ....hee hee ...get it ... thin....roll ... never mind. Anyway, he always looks absolutely just right to me . Which is beautiful. Can't wait for his next rock album. Do you think he will grow his hair a little longer for it ? How cute will it be.... :)

1880 days ago

L Fab    

Barry Manilow is suffering from cancer. It's been denied by his reps and will continue to be but having worked closely alongside his team in Vegas I can assure you it's only a matter of time before they have to make a statement.

The guy needs to retire and take it easy and let the medication go to work. Sadly for him, all his "people" care about is how much money they can make before he's too weak to deliver.

Shame on them. I'm sorry I spoke out Barry, but you're a good man and a kind person. I wish you well man.

1880 days ago

Truth Hurts    

not even close

1880 days ago


Get the woman a NEW HAIR STYLE - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

1880 days ago


Is that a photo of the real Manilow or his wax likeness from Madamme Tussaud's? Scary

1880 days ago
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