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Kate Gosselin's Rumble on the Jungle

7/26/2009 1:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's something to be thankful for ... Kate Gosselin monkeying around and not getting pregnant.



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Rebeccah Edwin    

Why does this picture look so messed up?

1. She's not wearing tights yet it looks like it

2. Other websites have better views and more polite comments on Kate

3. Not only is the picture messed up, but so is TMZ!


1878 days ago

Wake up people    

I think it's great that she's spending time with her kids as with Jon spending his time sticking it where the sun will never shine. At the rate he's going I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ took pitures of him next leaving a Clinic for an STD. Kate is doing what she should be. Kudos to her and who eally cares what her hair looka like. Big whopper!!

And as for the surgeons daughter what's her face he was caught with.. She's just with Jon to gain fame and in hopes to gain clients for her dad. Please, like she really wants at her age to be a stepford for 8 kids. She's younger then Jon is and look what he's up to because he got tired of taking care of his own 8 kids at the age he is now. He's a loser and in 10 years she will look like that cat lady Wildenstein(sp) when she runs to daddy to give her a face lift because Jon is looking at younger women.

Karma will get them both and the one he was caught with first whe this whole mess broke loose

1878 days ago


I think its terrible the way people talk about Jon&Kate. How can anyone say anything until they have walked a mile in their shoe. Shame on all of you.

1878 days ago


Kate only plays with her children when the cameras are rolling. When the cameras are off the help is the ones who play with them. Jon may be doing sick stuff right now but he is a good father when he is with the kids and he doesnt do it just for the cameras he plays with them when the cameras are off too.. I just wish this family would get out of the tabloids let these children grow up without the public eye watching their every move. I hate Kate so much . I kinda see why Jon is doing what he is doing . When he was married to Kate he was really married to his mother because he was treated like the 9th child .. Now that he free from his "Mommy" he is having fun the only problem I have with this is that his children are going to see this when they are older if they have not already because I would not put it past Kate to show the kids expecially Maddy and Cara the tabloids of their dad so that the kids are on her side when it comes to custody battle that will soon come with the divorce.

1878 days ago


I've always wanted to taste Kates bushy mullet..what im affraid of is that it might taste like fish

1878 days ago

ellen Wright    

How many "nannys" does she have???? Who does her ironing now?? Who cleans the house? cares for the lawn? - not her. She is to busy arranging trips for them; or for herself actually, like those kids will remember the apple picking, pumpkin patch,Disney World and all those places, let them play in the yard and get dirty!!! What happened to the "chickens, and the dogs they had - She is just too "prissy" John should have left her long ago, altho he hasn't been much of a model, but the kids seemed to adore him. Has she taken dancing lessons????

1267 days ago
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