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Kate Gosselin's Rumble on the Jungle

7/26/2009 1:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's something to be thankful for ... Kate Gosselin monkeying around and not getting pregnant.



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Thanks for not making fun of her hair!

1881 days ago


Well at least she's playing with her kids, and not off playing with a 23 year old skank!

1881 days ago


She is a BWT, Bitch With Tits.

1881 days ago


What an inappropriate comment considering she had to use invitro to get pregnant because she couldn't get pregnant on her own. Its really rather pathetic when the only news you can find to report on revolves around a mother and her hair, TMZ is really going downhill. Hey, why not obsess over Michael Jackson some more? This is the first time I have been on TMZ in weeks becuase all you ever post about is worthless crap. This site used to be entertaining.....

1881 days ago


This Picture would be Much More Worth it if She was Hanging from her Skank Neck.

1881 days ago


Amen to the post about MJ posts, I have switched to other resources for my daily scoop. So tired of TMZ posting only MJ.
More goofy stuff please. Kate is a media monster.

1881 days ago


You're kidding, right? Is anyone honestly buying this (very sudden) "Kate, the good mommy" routine? These are PUBLICITY PHOTOS folks - this one, the ones seen recently of her hugging and smooshing on her children, the arrival at a concert in a big black limo..., etc., etc. Not to mention the new TLC soundbites showing Kate building tents, claiming "I can do it" nonsense. Let's never forget - these people, both of them, are profiting from the sale of their children. They are financing their extravagent lifestyle by selling their kids. If you really want to comment - comment on the children...look at each of the pictures as they appear and take note of the looks on those childrens' faces - look into the eyes - it's sad. Very sad. And still there are those who choose to believe the publicity hype - the good mommy indeed. And don't even get me started on the father. I ask what I have already asked before...Who's going to do something to stop this? Certainly not the Gosselins - the kids are their meal ticket. Certainly not TLC - they are in the money-making business, regardless of the collateral damage done to 8 innocent little ones. So, who? I for one am not buying any of the recent damage-control publicity...the woman is a shrew and her husband is a mess. Who's looking out for the children? No one, as far as I can tell. Look at their "8 little faces" - the truth is there for those who wish to see it.

1881 days ago


why no new stories on Jon Gosselin ? he has a new girlfriend.. dont you realize that TMZ ????

1881 days ago

who gives a shit    

Funny how she always manages to get a pic of herself !!! Thought she wanted to stay our of the media!

1881 days ago


Leave her alone......

1881 days ago


Funny the idiot who posted about her wanting to "stay out of the media"
The freak paps wont leave her alone! They are the reason you even see her.
I'm pretty sure she wants them all to crawl away!

1881 days ago


At least she's not bending over or doing splits in these pics.

1881 days ago


Of course the paps won't leave her alone, she keeps giving them a peep show on her front yard. She's not a naive woman being victimized.

1880 days ago


Leave the lady alone, can't she spend time with her children without be criticized.

1880 days ago


Like any of you with negative comments would turn down millions. Please. She gets called a bitch and a control freak. You can't have 8 kids and not keep things organized and in control. I am willing to bet that even off camera she is a better mother than most. You kinda have to be cameras in your face most of the time.

1880 days ago
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