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Harvard Prof 911 Call Contradicts Police Report

7/27/2009 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've got the 911 call that eventually resulted in the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. -- and it completely contradicts what cops say the 911 caller told them when they arrived at the scene.

Gates 911 Call

In the 911 call, the dispatcher asks the caller, Lucia Whalen, "Were [the alleged intruders] white, black, or Hispanic?" Whalen responds: "Um, well there were two larger men. One looked kind of Hispanic but I'm not really sure. And the other one entered and I didn't see what he looked like at all. I just saw it from a distance." She also said they were carrying two suitcases.

In the police report, however, Officer Crowley claims Whalen told him she saw "what appeared to be two black males with backpacks."

So the question is: Did Crowley fudge the report, or did Whalen change her story?


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O my gosh do ya'll all know how stupid ya'll sound. Last time I checked we are all human and we make mistakes. This happens all the time white, black, purple, blue whatever. Just to show how stupid everyone is, when she called she stated that she believes one is hispanic and the other she didn't know. So that shows right there that the other one is unknown to proceed with caution. Get over this. Just because your black doesn't mean your above the law and everyone is picking on you, I'm tired of this whites are racists and blacks are the victims, blacks are just as racist, you can turn on the tv and see comeidans and moves where they are joking on whites and calling them all kinds of racial slurs. But thats ok because their just joking, well its not ok because if whites can't do it then blacks can't do it. Equal rights isn't speical rights.

1890 days ago


Why do people have trouble think a black person can't be racist. Why is it only a hate crime if it it white on minority? Why is it not a hate crime if it's minority on white? Just sayin

1890 days ago


You guys confusing the 911 call with the interview Crowley conducted on the scene?


Crowley did NOT take the 911 call.

1890 days ago

Yeah right...    

It was fudged. Most cops fudge because they have to justify their actions. I would've cursed the cops out too, if I had already shown them my id and they continued to question me....IN MY OWN HOME. The cop may or may not have been racist, the fact of the matter is, whether black or white, most people will never admit that they are racist. So basically, it's irrelevant. The problem is that this cop and sadly many cops nowadays truly think they are superior over the RIGHTS of citizens. What a decent cop would've done is verify his identity, told him to have a good day and immediately cleared the premises. The cop failed to act in a respectful way and the situation escalated into harrassment. The cops are never superior to anyone just because they carry a badge! Unfortunately, many cops think that way and the sole purpose of them becoming cops is because of the 'control' factor.

1890 days ago


The thing that stands out most to me is the dispatcher seems rude to the lady.

1890 days ago


I agree with a poster Dottie, it was all a big misunderstanding.
I don't know why Prez Obama got involved with this.
Mr. Gates needs to move on.

1890 days ago


As a black person in America, I can clearly see that mistakes were made all around. The president should have held his comments on the matter instead of being led into the topic at the end of a speech on a different subject. Gates should have just presented the ID without further word even if the officer didn't explain that he was responding to a breakin call. After all, the officer had a weapon and Gates could have been injured or worse. Crowley should not have inserted "2 black men" when the lady had not mentioned it. To the commenter who said that the lady added more information after she got a better look, she couldn't have because she said both of the men went inside. I guess I can understand the officer putting in "2 black men" because that gets more attention and it's taken more seriously. Remember the lady years ago that said a black man kidnapped her kids? That drew lots of attention, and no doubt serious insults were hurled back and forth just like we have here. Then we all found out that she sent her own kids into the river, and there was no black man involved. So there's plenty of blame to go around. Obama is the only one that has stepped forward to say that he shouldn't have rendered an opinion on the subject. I would like to see Gates and Crowley both admit that it could have been handled better not just drink a beer. They should come forward like the president did. We have serious enemies outside the country. Both blacks, whites, and others died in 911 and continue to die in wars. We should be fighting together against our enemies. If we keep tearing each other down, we are doing our enemies' work for them. And they are laughing.

1890 days ago


#1. Racial designations for police reporting purposes are Black, White, Black-Hispanic, White-Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, or Native or Aboriginal

#2. The dispatcher DID ask if the person entering the house was Black, White or Hispanic.

#3. Who knows what the dispatcher said when he put out the All Call?

#4. Who knows if the caller waited for the police or if the older lady who asked the other woman to waited around?

#5. Crowley did NOT write the arrest report!!! The Hispanic officer who came to the scene wrote the arrest report. He seems to have gotten a couple of facts flipped around.

#6. Cambridge is NOT a lily-white suburb. The mayor of Cambridge is a Black Woman. There may be a significant Black population in Cambridge. Has anyone checked the demographics of the town?

#6. From Sgt. Crowley's demeanor on the radio, it was apparent that he was NOT perturbed with Professor Gates. Rather, he just sounded frustrated.

#7. The fact that Gates refused to exit to the porch or provide proper ID showing his address is the reason that Crowley told Dispatch to keep the other cars coming and he also asked that the Harvard Police be notified and sent to the address.

#8. Crowley did NOT arrest Gates in his home. He was arrested outside after Gates followed Crowley outside continuing to loudly harrangue the Sgt. After about 8 to 10 people exited their homes and gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Professor's house, the Sgt. placed the still-shouting Professor under arrest on the porch of the house.

#9. Whether the man in the house was Balck, White, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander or Aboriginal is completely irrelevant. The officers on the scene would ask for ID from whomever they encountered in the house. That's the only way to ascertain whether or not the person belongs there. In the absence of ID proving residency, anyone found on the premises would be at least taken into the station to be questioned and to determine the individual's identity.

#10. The officers followed proper procedure and the charges against Gates were proper. PERIOD.

1890 days ago

Yeah right...    

The problem is that the official report stated that the woman(witness) described them as two black men with backpacks. When in fact, she did not! She didn't even see them and she described them as having luggage, not backpacks! Now you tell me, that “two black men with backpacks potentially breaking into a house sounds alot better with probable cause” than “maybe a hispanic and one other person went into the house and they have luggage sitting on the steps”. The cop rigged it to fit a description of a persons more likely to look suspicious. There is nothing wrong with giving a description by a witness, if it's truly what the witness saw! A witnesses description and cops report is essential to locking someone up for a long time. Crowley is wrong and won’t own up to it. I was sympathetic to him at first, but he's looking more and more like one of those cops who will do or say anything to justify his actions. Crowley’s actions could have a far more long term effect on a person than Gates over reaction.

1889 days ago


First off I thought it was a different officer who wrote the report about the two blakc men and back packs? And did anyone bother to check to see if the officer got his witnesses mixed up? In the 911 phone call you can clearly hear the caller state that another woman called her attention to the situation. Perhaps she was the one who claimed to have seen two black men. Was Professor Gates driver a black man or a hispanic man? I don't know, does anyone?

I was pulled over by the police for what I consider to be an outrageous reaon and I argued with him the entire time he was giving me a ticket. I was warned to "calm down" or I would get arrested for disorderly conducted and disturbing the peace....I was very upset for getting pulled over for what I thought was a stupid reason. But when I was told if I didn't get my emotions under control I would get arrested...believe me...I got them under control...very fast. There is a crazy law in the state of LA that you can not drive in the left hand lane of state highways...crazy isn't it, unless you are passing another car or getting ready to make a left hand turn. Otherwise the cops can give you a ticket. It's a stupid law, why have two lane highways if you can't use both lanes? I was able to get out of mine the that time with the DA by pointing it out that in the LA State Driving Manual it was not mentioned anywhere. He dismissed my case before it even went to trial. I did this on my lawyer, certainly no mayor, or Gov., or President stepping in on my behalf. But then again I wasn't arrested. I managed all of this through correspondence and phone calls. I was traveling when it happened.

From what information I have heard on the news it seems like Professor Gates is guilty of "class war fare", thinking he is better than Officer dare Officer Gates even knock on his door? Professor Gates was tired from traveling, in a bad mood because he had trouble getting into his house and if he was in any pain due to his need to use a cane to walk, then poor Officer Crowley walked right into it. Professor Gates requested Officer Crowely call for Harvard police, which he did. Officer Crowley also called for back up. I clearly heard Officer Crowley state he believed he was with the home owner. Now common sense tells you had anything remotely ressembling what Professor Gates and other talking heads on TV claimed...the so called racism....if anything remotely ressembling that had taken place....the tapes of it would have been released the very next day for starters. Officer Crowley would have at the very least disciplinary action taken against him. But that did not happen here.

No, while some in the black community were vilifying Officer Crowely and the woman who called 911, and at first Professor Gates was right in there with them...I'm certain he changed his tune when he heard all of the tapes. We only heard part of the tapes. I remember during one of the police press confrences they stated that you could clearly hear Professor Gates screaming from the different officers calling in to dispatch. There were several officers on the scene. Professor Gates' attorney earned his fee over this mess. He worked hard to protect the Professor's reputation. And what about the Harvard Police? Do they have any tapes?

Professor Gates needs to look in the mirror...he needs to do some soul searching because he is the one with unresolved issues and they showed their ugly heads with this incident. He owes Officer Crowely an apology, the Cambridge Police Department an apology, Officer Crowley's mother an apology and all of the United State's an apology for putting us through this because he had a temper tantrum and then played the race card.

1888 days ago


you know what ? police officers have a very difficult job. spit second decisions that may be right or wrong but they need to live with that decision. i would have had the same reaction, white, black, yellow, orange, purple whatever the color because if an office asks for ID and starts getting crap thats an instant 'things have just changed' i support the law officials across the nation. the professor could have said, let me get my wallet instead of being almighty and beligerent

1888 days ago

you must stupid    

Do you know why blacks were somewhat behaved and civil during the 1800's and first half of the 1900's? Because if they resorted to their barbaric African instincts they would have been strung up by the nearest tree and they knew it. With the whole civil rights and hippy liberalism movements they began feeling more comfortable and more in their natural state. This is why they overflow in our prisons and are the largest leach on our welfare system. It's in their DNA to be lazy, violent, angry savages, and thanks to the kooks on the left they have given them the freedom and platform to be what they are, barbarians.

1888 days ago



1888 days ago
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