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Harvard Prof -- 'Yo Mama' Goes Hollywood

7/27/2009 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. got ready for his sit down with President Obama and the Massachusetts cop who arrested him ... by hitting H-Wood last night, dining at Beso, Eva Longoria's restaurant.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr: Click to watch


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Tina in Massachusetts    

I am SO fed up with hearing and reading about this guy - the cop was TRYING to do his job and this guy is ranting and raving and spewing hate all over the place. Gates should feel ashamed of his behavior - his daughter should feel ashamed of her father's behavior - and Harvard should feel ashamed for having such a racist on staff.

1892 days ago


TMZ, I know you were trying to be cute but this headline is racist, inflammatory and most importantly doesn't make any sense. Pathetic.

1892 days ago

you must stupid    

I wish the cops would have used their night sticks and knocked some sense in this bigot's head. He's an angry, bitter Black Panther racist that is just as bad as racebaiters Al Sharpton and Jessie "the thug" Jackson.

1892 days ago


The only on that pulled the race card here was Gates. He wasn't arrested because he was black, he was arrested for being an egotistical fool. He was furious the officer didn't know who he was. The only one that use racial profiling in this case is the dear professor. Racism goes both ways.

If the police took their time getting there and checking on his house for a possible break in,he would have said then it was because he was black in America. He should be thankful they showed up and made a serious effort to make sure nothing fishy was going on. Ingrate.

1892 days ago

fish taco    

Hey 46

Is TMZ abusing you.

We meet every tuesday and discuss how to keep the black men down... thats all we do.

1892 days ago


It's the same old crap. I am so sick of people playing the race card. Obama is a racist and anyone with a tiny bit of intelligence should clue into that...GATES IS AN ARROGANT ASS as well as a racist himself who needs to shut his freakin trap! Nobody gives a damn about another black person whining and complaining and boo hoo I got treated bad b/c I'm black! SHUT UP ALREADY!

1892 days ago


This is an embarassing waste of time. Mr Gates should have complied with the officer's request, shown his i.d. and it would have all been over!

1892 days ago

you must stupid    

Gates is an f'n joke!!! This guy has accomplished almost less with his life than Obama. All he's done is lined his own pockets with money by being another racecard playing douchebag that takes advantage of the ignorant blacks of the world.

1892 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

On behalf of all blacks everywhere, I'd just like to apologize for Gate's behavior. He's acting mighty uppity.

1892 days ago

you must stupid    

Gates is a bigot. He's a mean, evil POS that has cursed and damned white people his entire career. Figures Obama considers him a friend.

1892 days ago


he wrote in his Yale application:

"As always, whitey now sits in judgment of me, preparing to cast my fate. It is your decision either to let me blow with the wind as a nonentity or to encourage the development of self. Allow me to prove myself."


1892 days ago

who the hell    

My personal opinion on the uproar and its connection to Washington. I really think it shows very bad taste for the president of the united states to use a press conference to express his opinion of the arrest of a friend, when asked he should have said it is really unethical for me to respond to a question that requires my personal feelings about a situation I do not have full disclosure of. Sounds to me that his lack of ability to deal with personal issues on personal time is in question. Now to the professor from what I have read he caused a situation to blow out of proportion he should have said thank you so much for responding so quickly it sure makes me feel secure knowing that my home is safe. Wonder if it was a neighbor who called in the suspicious activity because they wanted the good professor’ bad attitude to be a matter of public record?Hmmmm

1892 days ago


its really a shame that the race card came into play and the woman that called 911 didn't every mention it, so where did it come from, gee was it the media yet again...I can guarantee that all you a$$holed judge people on what they look like, just like the media, and you don't get the facts before you make judgements...all of you need to get a life

1892 days ago


This guy is the biggest ahole i'm so sick of people crying racism

1892 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

It's called The WHITE House - what's up wif dat sh*t? Dat's discrimanatory. I is gonna soo da White House and da US Guhmint til dey paints it black.

1892 days ago
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