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Lampanelli -- Joan Rivers Roast Wasn't Worth It

7/27/2009 10:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a reason insult master Lisa Lampanelli didn't show up to the Comedy Central roast of Joan Rivers this weekend -- if she couldn't be in charge, it wasn't worth her precious time.

A week after Kathy Griffin was announced as the roastmaster for the event in Los Angeles, Lampanelli -- who's usually the headliner at these things -- dropped the following message on her Twitter page:

"No Joan Rivers roast for me this year. Not worth doing if I ain't roastmaster -- besides summer is for fun, not work."



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can't stand Joan

1857 days ago


I don't think LIsa is funny at all. she sucks big time. Im glad she wasn't chosen to be the roastmaster. what a pig

1857 days ago


Lisa is a freak anyway. Talk about being to big for your britches. Joan is an icon. She should feel privileged to even being mentioned in the same sentence as Joan. Screw her. I'm sure it will be funnier without her.

1857 days ago


Dude....people....get lives....go to the park or get laid or something. Lisa is one of the best female comics out there. kathy Griffin, she is lame! she is not funny, and she is horrible to even listen to. Now, I can totally understand why she wouldn't want to do Joan Rivers' Roast.....Maybe because Joan Rivers is RETARDED! Lady needs to stop with all the surgery and let's face is, she needs to croak soon. Even if I was a high paid female comic....I'd decline by saying I had something better to do as well....reguardless if they made me the head roastmaster or not!

1857 days ago


Damn you mean we're going to miss all the jokes about Lisa being a slut that only screws black men???? I mean we've only heard these jokes for the past 7's not like they are getting old or anything.

1857 days ago


Kathy is truly an A-list star, despite her "d-list" gimmic, and deserves to MC this event. Lisa is grossly nasty and a one-note comic. I can't believe she thinks she should be roastmaster. She doesn't have what it takes.

1857 days ago


love lisa!!!!

but jokes are stale, better off writing new stuff

1857 days ago


I didn't think that anyone even liked Kathy Griffin......REALLY? Kathy Griffin? Lisa L. is the SHIZNIT!!!

1857 days ago


Lisa cant be in charge she aint going , She isnt that big ,,(other than dress size) to be saying anything about anybody~ Kathy could atleast get past sucking things for 5 min~ maybe thats why lisa YA THINK>?

1856 days ago


I wouldn't give 2 cents to see either one of them

1855 days ago


Kathy Griffin is significantly more famous than Lampanelli can ever be. Not to say that Kathy is a superstar, but anyone with a brain realizes she has done considerably more than Lampanelli ever has.

1855 days ago


People. Lisa obviously was just kidding. She has been roastmaster only ONCE and it was for the roast of Larry the Cable Guy. All other roasts she was involved in, she was not roastmaster. When someone asked her why she was obviously just joking. However, i do recall hearing something some time ago about Lisa and Joan Rivers not liking each other very much (something about Joan Rivers' attitude back stage or something), so that is most likely the reason she wasn't on the roast.

1852 days ago


Lampanelli should chnage her name to Lampasmelli? She is a fat, slobby stinky cheese humanoid. Greasy and gross to the bone. Joan looks lke an alien and Kathy Griffin has so much makeup on to cover up her ugliness that if you woke up beside her in the AM with her makeup off and your arm was trapped under her body you would chew your arm off just to get away from her. They are all a big GIANT trainweck of earthlings!

1846 days ago


No Lisa....I ain't watching! Big mistake Comedy Central!

1844 days ago


nothing like burning bridges when you don't have that many to burn. this bitch isn't gonna be around long

1844 days ago
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