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Lindsay Has Meltdown on Sam's Stoop

7/27/2009 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson had a delightful surprise waiting for her when she got home at 5 in the morning this weekend -- a crying, yelling, accusing Lindsay Lohan and her wasteoid mystery friend.

LiLo, doing her best Alex Forrest Saturday night, sat on Sam's front stoop for two hours until she got home -- and when Ronson did, it wasn't pretty.


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Jennifer Bouldack    

That was hard to watch. Now I regret watching it and, thereby, participating in the exploitation. If I knew her, I'd help her. Doesn't someone love this girl enough to help her?

1915 days ago


Sam is a patient kind woman who sees something in this creature that all of us are missing...she's so insecure it scares me.
I figure Sam is scared she might kill herself.

1915 days ago


Wouldn't shock me a bit if LL's final "performance" was to hang herself or blow her own brains out on Sam's front porch. Seriously, people are sick of hearing about her...feel sorry for the chick that sat with her and had to listen to all her bs while she waited with her, thinking she was helping, then getting thrown out by Sam like a trespasser. Enough about the parents - it's 5150 time, regardless.

1915 days ago

Dr. M    

Lindsay: "WHAT THE HELL?" -
"I wish you had people around you who care and whose advice you would follow".
"Ever since I've known (communicated with) you - I've noticed that you do not take good advice to heart -
you just do what you want".
Love hurts / Life hurts -
It happens to us all -
Find some peace -
Dr. M

1915 days ago


Her father is whoring it up in the Hamptons and LIndsay, well she is just a whore. She needs to be put on a 5150 like that other druggie, Misha Barton. Fools will only learn the hard way.

1915 days ago


mystery girl = stella schnabel?

1915 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Nice to see this thief and unapologetically proud drug addict hating life! This ho steals from anyone nearby to support her party habits and fake lifestyle! She's gotta do it, because she is completely broke and even admitted it just a few months ago, so she steals and deals! If RonMan's family wasn't rich, she wouldn't be caught near them! This idiot doesn't even have a home, unless you count Chateau Marmont, where she, like many others, has ODed at least once there! Why do you think she keeps going back there after ODing there? Get a clue people! She is a scuzzy thief and and addict willing to screw over anyone she can profit or steal from!

1915 days ago

E. Martinez    

Wait, didn't they BREAK UP??? How long ago was this video shot because last week, LL was on Ellens show (which by the way was a rerun) talking about her break up with Sam and since then, I haven't read anything about them getting back together. On Ellens show, LL has talking about how she was getting her act together because she really wants to get her career back on track so WTF happened??? What? One to many snorts, mix drinks, pills, fill in the blank when it comes to LL??? That chick is OFF HER ROCKER and why Sam deals with it, I have no clue. Either she has a really big heart or she loves the drama just as much as LL does!!! Match made in HELL is the way I see it... LOL Peace

1915 days ago


I love it!!! It makes me feel good about myself. It is sad if the paps follow her all the time, but I do question if Lindsey herself invites them to come along. One would think a normal person would leave once the press arrived, I surely wouldn't sit there for two hours. Self destruction is unattractive...

1915 days ago


Stop blaming Sam, she did not spawn this human vegetable.
If anything, Samantha has a lot of patience to put up with the Lohan train wreck .

1915 days ago


WOW, Lindsay is PYSCHO ! I predict this girl will never see her 30th Birthday, wait is she already 30 ? who knows, but if she doesn't pull it together soon I see doom and disater for this mess

1915 days ago

Jared Bradford    

Why can't you guys just leave people alone? Who really cares? We've all had really rough times, it's just that they don't have to be recorded for the world, stalked by loser paparazzi, etc.

1915 days ago


Lindsay shows all the signs of Borderline Personality Disorder. I know because I have it. Life is still a struggle, but it's more manageable with professional help. If only Lindsay had some real friends to try to help her, since she obviously cannot depend on her family.

1915 days ago


Looks like Lindsay can't stay away from Samantha. She must give some damn good tongue action and Lindsay is addicted to it.

1915 days ago


they need to call in britt -britt's dad to do an intervention on that girl! if she's not whacked out on coke again, i don't know what is!!

1915 days ago
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