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Lindsay Has Meltdown on Sam's Stoop

7/27/2009 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson had a delightful surprise waiting for her when she got home at 5 in the morning this weekend -- a crying, yelling, accusing Lindsay Lohan and her wasteoid mystery friend.

LiLo, doing her best Alex Forrest Saturday night, sat on Sam's front stoop for two hours until she got home -- and when Ronson did, it wasn't pretty.


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Put her into the bed next to Mischa Barton in the locked Psycho unit - and don't let her out until she is clean

1913 days ago


1913 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

formyson - they got back together ages ago. if you are going to care enough to ask questions, then keep up. your rambling explanation was as painful to read as the video was to watch.

1913 days ago


I have to admit, when I was in my early 20's and drunk almost every evening, I acted like this with a guy who had broken up with me but never really cut the ties with me. I kept stalking him, at all hours of the night, he'd let me into his place because he usually wasn't sure what else to do with me and eventually, we did get back together. It didn't last though. He had alcohol and drugs issues and I also had alcohol abuse on my resume. Looking back as a much older, wiser and sober 40-something, I can say that I should have been embarrassed back then but I wasn't. It was all for love, Just goes to show that even though those in their early 20's think they are so mature, many are still just kids, even the worldly ones like LiLo. I do realize that not all early 20-somethings are like this so, please don't you all start jumping down my throat. :-)

1913 days ago



1913 days ago


lindsey truly needs help, its sad to see someone go from the top to the bottom, celebrity or not. drugs and alcohol seem to be major factors in her downward spiral. its too bad being a celebrity its so hard to find real friends out there.

1913 days ago


I think Michael Jackson was normal compared to the "celebrities" today!

1913 days ago


Wow i dont get why she acts so pathetic infront of paparazzi
maybe its her ploy to stay in the media
like there arent other lesbians in the sea?
and what kind of friend would sit there for 2 hours and let her act like that
she needs better friends also.

1913 days ago


What a friggin' LOSER. She's SHOT. Totally shot. Sam should dump her, she's too nuts.

1913 days ago


What the hell is wrong with Lindsay? She's obsessed. It seems like she's got abandonment issues. I'm surprised Samantha Ronson hasn't gotten a restraining order against her. Lindsay needs some serious psychological help.

1913 days ago


I really feel sorry for Sam, poor thing has to deal with THAT on a regular basis.
Lindsay is a pathetic loser who should leave Sam alone!

1913 days ago


She is pathetic, and crazy. Digbat.

1913 days ago


Poor Sam. She must be in love with Lindsey or else she wouldn't put up with all of this crap... Still Lindsey must be a very insecure person for her to lower herself to that level - crying infront of the paparazzi on her girlfriends porch. I guess I feel sorry for them both, they'll never last even though they are trying.

1913 days ago


The homophobia displayed in the comments here is frustrating. To say the least. As is the name-calling. We do not know what it's like to grow up with fame and money-hungry stage parents, nor to come of age in the Hollywood star/money/fame world. I just came from simple, hard-working, blue-collar immigrant parents and like to think that I was a stable teen, but even my teen years (out of the public eye) were rough - in terms of the awkwardness of coming-of-age, etc... I went to public school, ran on the track team and didn't get into drinking or drugs. I was lucky to have good adults and good peers around me. I don't think that any of these young celebrities with drug addictions went for the drugs on their own. They must have had one or many folks around them to justify the use. That and the pressures of being famous (how would you like to have paparazzi around you, 24/7 on the good AND bad days?) must also lead to wanting the occasional escape through intoxication. And to not have anyone in the circle to say, "no, that's not cool/not healthy, STOP using".
Let's give these gals a break, for crissakes and worry about our own lives and what we could be doing to better ourselves, etc...
Sorry for the rant. It's too simple to make fun of someone or something you don't know.

1913 days ago


Crazy broads are hot, you know she would be a wildcat in bed, all drugged up and what have you. raar

1913 days ago
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