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Lindsay Has Meltdown on Sam's Stoop

7/27/2009 10:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson had a delightful surprise waiting for her when she got home at 5 in the morning this weekend -- a crying, yelling, accusing Lindsay Lohan and her wasteoid mystery friend.

LiLo, doing her best Alex Forrest Saturday night, sat on Sam's front stoop for two hours until she got home -- and when Ronson did, it wasn't pretty.


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best thing LL could do is to quit show business and go to college...get around some normal people and not the nutbags in LA. She's gonna end up dead from a coke overdose at 25 or looking like a haggard 50 years old when 30. Too bad her dad's such a douchebag that he can't give her good advice. What else is new.

1877 days ago


How do you expect her to go to college when she can barely function going shopping?
She can't concentrate on turning in papers and doing math, not even at a junior college.

1877 days ago


I think Sam is a good person who probably feel sorry for Lindsay, perhaps she even loves her and tries to let her down easy.

But Lindsay cannot continue in this vein, she is like a huge hole full of need that no one can fill. Perhaps more rehab is the answer.

1877 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Wow. Madonna's arms got 3 times as many comments as Lindsay's meltdown. I hope LiLo socked away a lot of her previous income!!

1877 days ago


Wow, that's really, really pitiful. This girl is UNBELIEVABLY messed up and needs help, quick. I really feel sorry for her.

1877 days ago


When she is wasted she crawls back to the only place that gave her a little love. She is sitting there, waiting for Sam like an injured animal that needs help.

I'll try and be a little nicer from now on in my comments on all celebs that this site and others try to put down. Because I would never,ever want to be in such a position myself.

1877 days ago

A fan    

I wouldn't put all of the blame on Lindsay. My daughters' best friend was at a party in NY weeks ago and Sam really tried hooking up with her. (This was at a time when Lindsay and Sam were known as a couple and not on the outs yet).

I thought of Sam being good for Lindsay, but this could be one of those situations where the gf likes someone who is Not good for them, and who uses the fact that the girl likes them, and treats them like crap. You know the type;thinks they can go out with whomever, lie about where they are and who they are with,and treat the gf like crap because they know their gf may have low self esteem and will stay.

Just another thought...

1877 days ago

too sad    

"" I;M YOUR GIRLFRIEND " really ?

sounds like someone is delusional .

1877 days ago

A fan    

This video was sad, and I am hoping that it does not make the talk show/tabloid show rounds.

Don't put blame on Lindsay. Haven't we learned anything from Britney, Michael, etc.

These people are/were hurting.

What do we expect? Lindsay has been working since she was a little girl. She has had to make the money in her family.We have all seen what her mother and father are like.

For Lindsay to think she had to sit and wait for Sam Ronson should just show us how sad Lindsay is, how low her self esteem is, and more importantly--how Lindsay is just wanting someone to care about her and not let her down.

I hope that maybe her mother will see the video and step up and be a mom. And.or maybe even a celebrity aquaintance/friend will step up and offer help to Lindsay. Mel Gibson stepped up to offer help to Britney after seeing what happened to his costar and friend Heath Ledger, maybe Mel can step up again. Or maybe Ellen, who seemed to really care about Lindsay's well being. maybe even an ex bf like Wilmer.

TMZ-if you see a celebrity(or anyone for that matter) hurting, don't just film it. Offer help.

Please keep Lindsay in your prayers.

1877 days ago

who gives a shit    


1877 days ago


No one has commented yet on the fact that Samantha is OBVIOUSLY LYING! Who goes to their sister's house between the hours of 2-5 am?? Sam side-stepped the questioning most of the time and tried to divert attention onto the *mystery friend*.

Yes, LL is an emotional wreck in the video, but Sam needs to stop stringing her along. She's not the innocent victim ppl are making her out to seem.

And #124, I have come across many sweet and polite CHEATERS in my life. If Sam were truly courteous, she would break things off for good.

1877 days ago


When she says "Where were you? " it kinda reminds me of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard.. and she shot her lover.. watch out Sam!

1877 days ago


I think this whole thing was setup situation. lohan sounds like she has a mic on. if she was really there for 2 hours how come only a couple minutes of video or pictures of her waiting?

1877 days ago


My god...o.k. can you say "Restraining Order"? If I had someone like that waiting at my house at 5am?, that is mental...she's sick.

1877 days ago


This bunny boiler is going to end up in a murder/.suicide!

1877 days ago
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