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Octomom Kids: Thanks Gloria!

7/27/2009 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Kids: Thanks Gloria!Octomom Nadya Suleman can rest easily, because her kids are assured of getting hard-earned cash ... thanks in part to Octo-nemesis Gloria Allred.

A judge just granted a petition filed by former child actor Paul Peterson (with the help of Allred), appointing a guardian to protect the 14 piggy banks belonging to Octomom's kids -- in particular, money the little ones are slated to make filming their upcoming reality show.

Filming begins September 1.


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Fan Since 2007!!!    

The only OctoPig show I'll GLADLY watch:
Her TRIAL for FRAUD!!!

1882 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Seriously though. We surely missed the boat when the video evidence of Octo blowing through her kids cash was trotted out before the judge. I would've KILLED for that.

1882 days ago


Gloria allred needs to mind her own buisness. Those are not her kids. Everyone just needs to leave Nadya alone because she is going to be suffering enough when those kids begin to get older. I feel bad for her because gloria allred is trying to get publicity over her, everyone talks about Nadya useing her kids but what about gloria using Nadya

1882 days ago


What is up with this woman and her hard on for Octomom? Those "poor" little ones are going to be filmed as they go about their lives...NOT working!!! How else is Octomom going to pay for all those diapers?? This is the best thing to happen to those kids yet. This will give them a good life and pay for pretty much everything that they need for the next few years, something that otherwise would be next to impossible for a single mother.

1882 days ago


Allred is disgusting. So disgusting that she makes Nadya look good. So yeah, Nadya owes her a thank you! Allred is just an attention seeking media whore. Yuck.

1882 days ago


Good God !!! People are just being wankers to her just because she is a single parent who refused to dispose of her embryo's, do I find it questionable for her to pop out all of them out at once ? Yes, do it over time, just ask Celine Dion, she still has one on ice, What is it with people that freak when it comes to a large family, it is not unheard of in ANY RACE, CREED OR COLOUR.
Ms. Alred did it because of the stigma still attached to females and or males that are currently single parents, if your under a specific amount of income ,they assume you are unfit, so therefore unintitled to become a parent of one, much less the mother of fourteen, I applaud the courage of Nadya for NOT disposing her embryos and discourage the methods of people that prejudge individuals such as Ms. Alred has done. And to those who sit here and call Octomom various desparaging remarks.......JUDGE NOT , LEST YE BE JUDGED YOURSELF

1882 days ago


But out Gloria- you appear to be desperate for headlines. We know you could give a fig about the babies. Your advice is not needed or wanted, so take the hint and get over your vendetta against Octo.

1882 days ago

Octo mistic    

#1 To all of you who say that you won't watch this show ... Im sorry to tell you that is proven that entertainers who are vulgar, callas, obnoxious and revolting or morally repugnant to us are much more likely to be viewed then those whom we admire and like. The reason behind this theory is that we tune in to listen or watch the more disgusted we are. It gives us the facts and the topics to fuel our debates. This has been proven with many debatable artists, performers, entertainers. and big news stories. Just take a second and read all the negative comments on this one headline about this woman. You got mad....... she made money money on it! Yet you cannot help yourselves but to read about her every time you see an article about her. Imagine how many will be mortified with her when she is on TV..... BUT you will be mortified while watching!
#2 To all of you who continue to name call and ridicule this woman for what she is doing or has done, please stop and think for a moment about your own lives..... I'm quite sure that none of us can honestly say that we are the immaculate conception and haven't done something in our lives that hasn't been of the brightest or most moral nature. I'm not saying that I agree with this woman and I generally think that exploiting children for a profit is not the most amicable thing in the world. However if anyone is choosing to point fingers at this woman then you also should point fingers at countless other parents who even remotely think about putting their children on a reality show or regular TV for that matter. This includes pageant moms, and gymnastic moms, soccer moms, and parents who push their children every day to exceed "what others standards are". Aren't all of these part of the "exploiting our children" issues. Who are any us to say what is right or wrong for this woman to do for her children? I believe that the role of a parent is to love our children, to feed them, clothe them, put a roof over their heads, educate them, and raise them to have a better life then we did. Im a little confused... what part of that is she NOT doing? Ok, maybe to some of the world it doesn't appear to be the most moral way to feed the kids, but none-the-less she is taking care of her family, the best way she knows how.
#3 Make up your minds..... To those of you who choose to be angry at this woman for "taking advantage of the system (ie. food stamps, welfare money, wic. etc etc) I'm a little confused here as well... Are you angry that she was taking government help.... or are you angry now that she is making a ton of money and does not have to accept this help anymore? Choose a side! You cannot be angry at both!
#4 In conclusion..... It's a complicated story! We are a little angry because this woman is getting handouts ( which 22% of American families do everyday) We are a little angry because she has 14 children and hadn't a plan to feed them. Um Well I guess that isn't true anymore because she has a ton of money now.... doesn't she? And honestly we all struggle with finances once we have children. We are a little angry because...... um ... well... Uh.... Oh that's right... why are we angry? I think most of us can say children are innocent they cannot make decisions for themselves ( certainly not as babies) however, this woman is NOT hurting her babies any more then any other parent that allows a child to be on television! This Gloria lady doesn't have children and really has no business getting involved in others lives as far as I can tell and if anything is trying to get someone in trouble for doing the same thing she is doing....... trying to make herself famous and trying to get rich along the way! Finally I hate to break it to all of you but the more you continue to read about this woman and blog about her and for lack of a better term.... "hate" her.... the more money she will continue to make, the more famous she will become..... and the more she will have to raise those 14 children of hers. Maybe she made a mistake or two along the way. But why not give her the benefit of the doubt? maybe now that money isn't any longer an issue, perhaps this woman can just get on with her life with her children and give them all of the love and attention that they all deserve. Last time I checked, it wasn't a crime to want to have expensive things for yourself and for your children! Last time I checked having expensive things doesn't a bad mother make! God forbid we all look at this story and be "octo mistic" Give her the benefit of the doubt, I have a feeling there is hope for this one yet!

1881 days ago


The court should order that this bitch be spayed.

1881 days ago


Octo Mistic,

People have gone too far in judging people and being very cruel to all who post here
I am glad some people doen't think they are GOD and Perfect

1881 days ago


"Octomom" has NOT used her money wisely in the past . Had she saved her settlement funds instead of using it to fill her face, breasts & uterus we wouldn't be commenting on this stupid reality show set to exploit her family?! Therefore, she's completely irresponsible and, like it or not, Gloria is doing the right thing for the best interest of those babies.

1881 days ago

Tammy Bowman    

You know this is complete bullcrap!! This woman can spit out 15 million babies, have a damn reality show, not work a day in her natural born life, and now she is about to have lots of money!!! I work my ass off for my 4 kids. I struggle every damn day and this woman is about to live comfortably. THIS IS COMPLETE BULL$&!@!!!!!

1881 days ago


What would really help those poor kids is if they didn't have a mother that only thought of money, publicity and herself.

1880 days ago


Gloria Allred's just trying to stay in the spot light. she says its for the kids but everyone knows thats not true. Do they not realize everytime they take this woman to court they are taking money from the kids?? All the money she stands to make will go to the lawyers. Plus they should blame the people that are doing the show. They should have put that stuff in the contract. if they cared they would have made it where the kids got so much in a trust but they dont care. If you people would stop watching this crap on tv they would not make any more of the shows about nobodies acting stupid.

Its a sad world we live in when other people that have no horse in the race get involved in other peoples lives. Its not like these kids are going to be reading lines or doing tricks. they are going to be laying around or crawling around. It is her choice what she wants to do because it is her life and her kids. Just shut up about it and let her make her money. I dont hear anyone talking smack about Paris Hilton. She has no skills at all. she cant even make a good movie but she makes butt loads of money. People dont seem to realize how much money it will cost to raise the kids. So yeah keep taking her to court and when its all said and done they will be broke and then how will she raise that many kids? The moral of the story... Get a life and stop trying to live hers.

1879 days ago


I think Gloria Allred is amazing for doing this, now maybe Nadya can't go spend $1200 dollars on clothes at Abercrombie for my niece & $400 dollars on Channel sunglasses for my sister-in-law. Maybe the money will actually go to the 14 kids instead of Nadya buying friends.

1879 days ago
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