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Lights, Camera, OctoShow!!!

7/27/2009 2:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her 14 kids wait for court permission to do a reality TV show, OctoMom stole the spotlight all by herself this weekend -- recording some solo shots near her new house in La Habra, Ca.


Just 24 hours before cameras were rolling, Nadya Suleman filed court documents in L.A. County Superior Court, asking the judge to allow her kids to work ... for basically peanuts.

If granted, the kids will make a reported $250k over the next three years -- less than $6,000 a year each -- less than $17 a day.


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what a filthy, greedy, disgusting, arab hag. she is going to use these children up and spend every dime she can get her claws on.
i hope when her kids grow up they disown her, write an expose on all her exploits and sue her for every penny she made off their backs. what a skank!

1877 days ago

Lippy Loo    

I pray no one watches this crap. Octo is a fat lipped ugly slug, and who in their right mind could watch that creature anyway? She is a disgusting excuse for a mom, and I pray for those poor kids, they should have been removed from Octo's nasty claws.

1877 days ago


god, wish i just bought a house like her. unfortunately, we only had two children and paid their expenses ourselves.....and we lost our house , and i'm a renter now. hmmm, if i hadn't had the responsibility to have gone and had surgery in order to not have MORE kids when I'd decided that 2 was enough, {everyone should, its less hassle than birth control and there are no worries...}, maybe i'd have had 8 kids to get a new house.........hmm,,

1877 days ago


Come on people.. that is so she can still collect social security/welfare and any other financial beenfits she is getting from the state and feds. (rememeber nearly all of them -including the ones she had before the eight have some diability and receive social securtity checks and special services) there is an income cap one can earn - before they reduce or cut your benefits. i believe that cap is 6,000 a year- hence the lousy salary these lil peanuts will earn..VS a lifetime of govt. aid

think about it. if she could of gotten more-without her real income (govt. aid) being affected.. lil nasty/crazy woman would of done it.

1877 days ago


Get a JOB and SUPPORT YOURSELF nasty piece of slimy trash octo-beak.
No more living off your parents, taxpayers, or children!

1877 days ago


For just $17 a day, Octomom will be able to feed, and clothe her kids. They will no longer need to drink cleaning fluids to survive. Maybe there will be some money left over for her to get her tubes tied. I am not going to watch this show because this woman has mental problems and it is unfair and immoral that a production company is taking advantage of her lack of better judgement. Shame on that production company. It's going to be like a train wreck.

1877 days ago


who cares!!!!!really?

1877 days ago


I,m just curious as to how much money she will be making. I am sure she will be well compensated like any other pimp.

I'm not counting the 250k her kids will be earning I am talking about the money that will be going into her pocket. Plus I can't imagine a judge oking $17.00 a day for the kids. This whole mess is disgusting.

1877 days ago


she just wants the money just like jon and kate plus 8. Billions and billions of dollars for each episode

1877 days ago


Well, if it's good enough for the Gosselins, good enough for her!

1877 days ago


Now lets see if a judge is stupid enough to grant her kids being ton TV, if he or she does grant it he or she is just helping her exploit her kids for money..

1877 days ago

shannon buchholz    

hey # 56 before you start calling people a horses ass you should verify your information ! You are the one with the wrong information ! and just to let you know 25 episodes @ 250.00 equals $ 6,250.00 per year , so if you really feel that your unresearched information is correct, I was only 250.00 from your statement are you that angry of a person that you choose to name call over such minimal differences ? Hope your not a parent,I'd hate to see such short patience in a person if they deal with children at all! DUMB ASS!

1877 days ago


This broad is like a bad case of Herpes!!! Were NEVER gonna get rid of her!!!

1877 days ago


$250 a day for the kids, but what is HER share of the contract?

Go get her, IRS!

1877 days ago


Dont watch the show...if ratings are not there they will cancel. She needs to go away!

1877 days ago
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