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Chris Brown -- Back on the Beat

7/28/2009 1:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown had a run-in with the police again yesterday in NYC -- when he popped this pic with the girls in blue.

Chris Brown
The last photo-op he had with the cops -- a mug shot.


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Just another piece of garbage.All he is ,is a punk ass who can only beat up women.Just another sign of how our society is so messed up.Get somemore tatoo's they make you look so tough. Ooh I'm shakin in my boots.

1876 days ago


hey everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance. I hope he learned a very hard lesson never ever hit a woman no matter what. Now leave him alone. I mean look a Kate MOss big drug addict cocaine up the wazzo but no one is out to get her no one is being mean to her. Misaha barton anohter drug person all is fine I can go on forever, they have a bad problem and yes it affects alot of people lets help him to recover and stop the abuse. U PEOPLE R NOT PERFECT!!!! Look in the mirror.

1876 days ago


Are you kidding me? Are these real cops or hired actresses because no self respecting cops would be hugging up on a abuser like him. Is this what the tax payers are paying for? Give me a break!!!! Get a life and go arrest someone!

1876 days ago


You guys are something else. You insult two female cops for taking a picture with Chris Brown. They are not going to get fired for taking a picture with him or lose their jobs. Get a life people! They are not the only ones that have taken a picture with Chris Brown males and females have. This most likely was their job to monitor the basketball game that was going on. They can take pictures with who ever they please to take pictures with. It's none of our business or the governors business.
You have the nerve to make this a sex gender when it is not at all. You call yourselves grown "A" adults but not acting or being like adults. Grow up people! You dont have to like Chris Brown but dont insult others that like the guy. STOP BEING HYPOCRITES. Mind your own business and leave the other mans business alone! Chris Brown will do his services to society and move on with his life just like the others who have done the same thing.The only differences is you all are trying to hold this against him but not the others who have done it before him and they were very much older. None of us bashed them like we are trying to bash Chris Brown. That is called a hypocritical person and that person is YOU.............. STOP talking trash, STOP waisting energy, and start voluntaring in your community period. If you cant do that shut up!

1875 days ago


Oh who the hell cares!! get over it..whats done is done..can't change the past can u!'s a good photo anyway!! Bunch of haters!

1875 days ago

Fed up with Stupid People!!    

To all the retards/haters this boy has apologized for what happened and furthermore it had to be something that rhianna said or did to make him that mad ( I have heard Barbados women are on the mean side ) though he still had no right to do what he did but who are we to judge in the end we all will be, Everyone deserves a second chance and there's so much domestic abuse around the world and sometimes it's vice versa but however no one should put their hands on anyone. Chris is still a great entertainer and I will still buy his cd's though I may not buy rhianna's her music is not that appealing to me but that's just my taste in music, none of us know either one of them as a person besides what we see on tv, what we really need to do is focus on what's going on in our own homes and why most of your kids are wild n out, husbands smacking you around, wives throwing things at you, it happens everywhere, we all have our issues the problem is we are always worried about someone else's. Grow Up! and calling someone fat is childish, God loves however we are so what you think doesn't matter and besides NOBODY'S PERFECT.

1870 days ago


Everybody needs to stop tripping, all they did was pose for a photo op i bet each and everyone of you my damn paycheck anyone one of you would have been like CHEESE!!! get off his back she hit him he hit her and before it's all said ad done they probaly will be sneaking around behind everybody back. So Y get all worked up

1848 days ago
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