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Chris Tucker

Accused of Stiffing California

7/28/2009 1:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris TuckerCalifornia's $31 billion debt crisis is all Chris Tucker's fault -- at least some of it is. Records show the actor owes Cali over $3 million worth of back taxes.

According to The Detroit News, the state filed a $3,594,409 lien against Tucker on June 24 -- four years worth of unpaid taxes.

Tucker better watch out -- or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will come after him with his giant budget slashing hunting knife.


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doc murry    

you talk to much make your point and then shut up,,you think anyone cares what you think,,he made a few good movies,,now get over it

1910 days ago


Why don't these celebs/rich people pay their taxes on time? Then, they end up oweing that and more later.

1910 days ago

guy rich    

smokey damn you should have paid.

1910 days ago


Cally? IT's CALI. Obviously, you're not from around here.

1910 days ago



1910 days ago


Here is the thing, celebrities always get away with not paying their taxes on time, but yet if a simple nobody everyday person were to not pay their taxes, the tax board would be at their door ready to take their house and all their items to pay the back taxes.

But this just goes to show, that if your famous you can get away with anything.

1 other celebrity that owes a lot of money is Deon Warwick, I believe she owes something like 1.2 million in back taxes.
There is also a comedy that owes back taxes as well.
Go after all those celebrities that owe the money and then these bad budget cuts would not have to be made, and the elderly and the disabled would not have to carry the burden of the budget on their backs.

1910 days ago


I guess it's time to make another "Friday" sequel.

1910 days ago

B.I.G. Forever    

I hope this situation forces Tucker into another Friday movie.

1910 days ago

Have no shame    

LMAO @ "Detroit" anything worried about celebs and their taxes. I would think that a Detroit paper could find more important things to report on from their on city. Things like, I dunno, in their city...But I guess Chris Tucker's 3 mill. to California, Diddy's 7 thousand, a tennis player, and a wrestler is news that makes a difference in their community.

1910 days ago


Golf claps for TMZ. I see you guys fixed the spelling of the nickname of the great (and broke) state of CALI! Good job.

1910 days ago


You know what, I am tired of hearing about ppl & their taxes! Everybody knows that you can & if you live long enough WILL have a show down with your Uncle Sam. Come on, that's who He is,LOL. Now, this news about Chris Tucker, could be any of us, its sounds horrible because of the amounts, but he does not earn a 9 to 5 salary; besides, we did not flip out when it was Red Foxx or Wesley Snipes; they all have accountants and agents, I am wondering what the agents were doing while this was "supposedly" being ignored.
True, the sole responsibility will fall at Chris' feet, but we all need to take a long look in the mirror before just jumping down his back. Besides, when you get your pay check, I bet you are not in your bedroom with a calculator saying, "let me make sure my Uncle Sam got his correct cut before I pay my bills" are you?
I like Chris Tucker and think that ppl can set up or stage anything they would like to in this country. No, not saying he shouldn't pay what he owes, just wondering what type of country we live in where you can go that many years with such enormous amounts and walk by. I have two friends who failed to pay for 7 years each; they both had their accounts frozen, but the odd thing is, they, combined only owed $7,200 and they got arrangements small enough that they are happy. So, all our Uncle wants is his Chris, make some arrangements and keep it moving. Don't let them do a Red Foxx on you.

1536 days ago


I love chris i,m his so ever body make mistake in thats that!!!!!!

1370 days ago
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