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Mighty Drunken Power Ranger Busted for DUI

7/28/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Walter Jones Power RangerThe guy who played the Black Ranger on "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" TV show was busted in 'Bama for DUI this weekend.

We're not trying to be insensitive in a Harvard sort of way. His character, Zack Taylor, was the guy who dressed up in the black spandex costume and fought evil monsters back in the day.

We're told the actor -- whose real name is Walter Jones -- was arrested around 4 A.M. Sunday morning by Alabama State Troopers in Huntsville and booked into a local jail.

Law enforcement sources tell us Jones was arrested without incident.

He eventually met bail and was released.


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"A week a go this guy couldn't pay someone to generate international publicity for him. And now he gets to be on TMZ..... Proving once again, screwing up is always 'rewarded' in this country..."

Not excusing drinking and driving, but the guy was just at anime expo not much longer than a week ago promoting his movie and talking to ranger fans.

And why on earth is being on TMZ a reward? more rewarding than that is just how likeable the guy is at conventions and such.

1856 days ago


Walter is apparently "one of the good guys" works hard at a number of related jobs, does some acting and also is a teacher of dance. He has a web site that actually has contact info. For a 39 year old he is in pretty danged good shape, unlike the rotund dancer Kevin Federline.

1856 days ago


" Not that this is anything close, but did'ent a former power ranger committ that horrible double murder of the couple on their boat? That was one of the most brutal murders I had ever heard of. I remember when the power rangers first came out. EVERY kid was into them"

Are you stupid?! Do your research before you make that sort of comment. The guy that did those murders was an extra in ONE episode of PR, that's it. He was NOT a ranger.

1856 days ago


"in a Harvard sort of way" ... you mean a racist liberal way? or in the condescening "don't you know who I am?" way? You need to be more specific TMZ.

1856 days ago


i loved this guy! he was my favorite ranger :)

1856 days ago


This episode could have been easily avoided, if he busted out with some of his hip hop kido moves!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!
In all seriousness..............he shouldn't have been driving in that condition - Walter- time to review some of your MMPR PSA's.

1856 days ago


This country makes me sick - A bunch of RACIST Azzholes on everything. It couldn't be the man who played "NAME" on power rangers - NOOOOOOOOOO - it has to be the guy who played the BLACK power ranger, as if we couldn't figure that out by looking at his face. YOU RACIST BASTARDS

1856 days ago


What your so called resource told you is total bull. I'm a friend of Walters and aside from ONE beer he had over 12 hours prior to the incident, he hadn't had anything else. He was pulled over for not dimming his headlights. Then the cop demanded he get out of the car and do a sobriety test. Walter passed EVERY test they gave him, including the breathalyzer but was still handcuffed without any further explanation other than a DUI. While I don't expect it to do much good, an investigation will be under way soon on the arresting officer.

1856 days ago

Your mom    

Black Ranger, hahaha

1856 days ago


lol, I was the one that booked him in...

1856 days ago


Number 34! Yeah man I bet you were!

1856 days ago


No. 34, Yes, I really was...

1856 days ago


MadMike I'll ask my husband LOL..

1856 days ago


Important update:

"The Walter Jones SituationShare
Today at 3:52pm
Ok since it's post con, and since someone at the Huntsville Police Department was out to make a quick buck, we can post this.

Sunday morning around 4 am, after leaving a gas station (where he'd stop to ask for directions), Walter was pulled over. The reason was written as "failure to dim headlights". I'm sure we all know with the current "taking back our highways" thing that they seem to be pulling people over for anything nowadays. Walter had not had any alcohol except for one beer late in the afternoon on saturday. The cop demanded for Walter to get out of his car, tried to pin a DUI on him. He forced a very competent and alert (obviously not drunk) Walter to perform the various field sobriety tests. For those that don't know, those tests consist of testing your balance, awareness, and even a breathalyzer (which checks how much alcohol is in your system).

Walter passed all of those tests with flying colors, and yet he was still handcuffed. He was not explained anything outside of that he was being arrested for DUI. Needless to say it was bogus. I will not state my personal opinion on this cop's motive for the arrest. However I will say that it is completely wrong, and the arresting officer is being looked into for this incident.

Walter was held at jail longer than he was supposed to. An innocent man was kept in an overcrowded jail which SHOULD be filled with Huntsville's ACTUAL criminals who are still walking our streets this very second.

We are all saddened that Walter had to go through this, however he did the bail and got out. Then he was recommended to a wonderful lawyer who will be proving the actuality of this incident.

Walter is an innocent man, a responsible adult, and a good friend. I hope you will all continue to respect him and I hope that you will not allow a shady cop to ruin your memories of a fun weekend.

Now to address the issue of why we said Walter had "food poisoning" at Closing Ceremonies. The staff was prepared to tell the truth about the terrible injustice brought upon one of our beloved guests. However when I saw people filing in the closing ceremonies, i saw lots of very young kids. Whether you think I was right or wrong for this, I do not care; but I felt it was better to not state to small children such an incident. For young kids it is really hard to understand this kind of situation (especially when we're all brought up thinking cops only get bad guys and protect innocent people). The situation was too much to explain and we would have rather kept young children from thinking their hero was a "bad guy". I hope you will all respect PersaCon's decision to do so.

Everything is getting worked out for Walter, however, the internet is a powerful tool and it seems this story has spread like wildfire. What I would like to ask all of you is please repost this story/share the truth with anyone who may doubt Walter. He's a good friend and was a great guest at PersaCon. We are continuing to support him in this troubling situation and we hope you will too.

Lauren Cullen and the PersaCon Staff"

1856 days ago


LOL funny headline..
I remember this guy on the show.. I use 2 always watch it when I was little.. I had a crush on him and the green ranger(4got his name).. Walter looks ok now.. not that bad.

1856 days ago
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