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Jessica Simpson --

'I'm Not an Indian Giver'

7/28/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says she isn't going to take back the $100,000 boat she got ex-BF Tony Romo for his birthday -- but we're guessing the Native American community won't be too pleased with how she phrased it.

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To the idiot in Canada, The "indians are not ut back drinking alcohol, how the hell would you know anyway unless you are out there yourself, and btw where the hell did you learn how to spell. You ignorant piece of sh*T

1916 days ago


#12 learn how to spell before making fun of us "Indians"! I hate idiots like you who feel the need to stereo type us...does it make you feel superior?

1916 days ago

who gives a shit    

stupid does as stupid will........................

1916 days ago


What a horses behind Shlomo Romo is.......Dallas will suck this year too, just because that Tool is their Leader.

1916 days ago


So, if they prefer to be called "Native Americans", then why is it such a big deal to say "Indian Giver" ????? I think, these days, everyone just likes drama!

1916 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Oh please Jessica is no angel! She cheated on Tony with John Mayrt... But John is cheating on Jess with her

1916 days ago

Hollywood's a Hazard    

This woman speaks with forked tongue. Forked tongue is what got her the boat.

1916 days ago

Winsome Davis III    

Go to:

"I F*&KED Jessica Simpson and all I got was this t-shirt" dot com.

1916 days ago


Actually - most indigenous peoples would probably prefer to be identified by their respective tribe.

1916 days ago


Come on...we've all used the term indian giver... i mean our parents teach us that when we are young..we don't use it to be rude.. if people get all bent up over this..its because tmz made a point about it... get over it!!! I wish her the best! we have no idea how the relationship was but we all know how break ups can be!

1916 days ago


14. #4 actually they don't..they prefer Native American.

Posted at 11:09AM on Jul 28th 2009 by Mandy

Yes, Mandy, you are correct, but to be honest, (I'm 1/2 Cherokee), I would like to smack that huge schnozz off Jessica's ugly face, but for other reasons....being dumb as a stump is one of them.

1916 days ago


Actually the origins of the term aren't really racists.. the term came about because Indians traded, the early whites 'bought'. In the trade system you exchange one good for another of equal value, in a money sytem you pay for your item. So it's said that the early Indian trade exchanges often resulted in two parties laying out their exchange and if one didn't find it fair they would take back their trade item, they didn't believe in 'gifts' as we view them today so the term eventually came to refer to one who gives a gift and then takes it back.

1916 days ago

you must stupid    

Here we go again, TMZ being the hypocritical douchebags that they are and playing over-the-top P.C. police. With all the racist and bigoted comments I've personally heard on your show Harvey, you people are the last ones that can judge someone for making such an innocent comment. Get over yourselves and a take a long hard look in the mirror.

1916 days ago


I always thought "indian giver" referred to the white people that gave land to the indians (now american-indians) and then took it away, making it a (deserved) derogatory term for us euro-americans.

1916 days ago


Tony gave her a million bucks worth of publicity. He owes her squat.

1916 days ago
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