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Jessica Simpson --

'I'm Not an Indian Giver'

7/28/2009 1:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson says she isn't going to take back the $100,000 boat she got ex-BF Tony Romo for his birthday -- but we're guessing the Native American community won't be too pleased with how she phrased it.

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The phrase "Indian Giver" came from people not understanding what a "Giveaway" is.
At a Native American dance or pow wow. The head drummer, head singer, head man dancer, head lady dancer head little boy dancer, head little girl dancer all have a giveaway at the dance where each gives to people in the audiance an item or items, like a basket of food or a blanket....
It's kind of like the Bible says where one person grows corn, one raises cattle, one grows wheat,...
and all give to each other then everyone has everything.
So the term Indian Giver, as people use it is actually for from what an Indian really does.

1912 days ago


What the hell is Jessica Simpson going to do with a boat? You can't wear six inch heels on a boat. The boat was a present and she really doesn't have the right to ask for it back. You think she gave Nick back the jewelry? Pretty sure she didn't. Bet she still has the watch John Mayer gave her too. Rich people buy each other expensive stuff all the time. The only thing that gets returned is an engagement ring. And that's only if the woman breaks the engagement and the promise to marry that the ring represents. If the man breaks the engagement she keeps the ring. Ask Charlie Sheen. Kelly Preston hocked her ring and bought a condo with it. Unless that boat came with a marriage proposal it still belongs to Tony.

1912 days ago

Janie Kumeyaay Nation    

I think Jessica should give the boat to my tribe. Kidding but she is so foolish to use this term, must we all go back 100 yrs so she can squeek about her boat and her lost man and failed relationship?? She is so silly and not very sensitive to others.

1912 days ago


As a Oglala Lakota Sioux Indian I take great offense to the use of Indian Giver...and yes while it was really the white people who "took" away so much from Indian people it is derogatory and offensive to Indian people. In this day and age you would think people had more sensitivity than that....ignorant.

1912 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

OK, that's it. From now and forever more, nobody can ever utter any phrase with the word "Indian" in it unless it's a phrase extolling their virtue, whether "Native American" or "Indian" as in India. Following that, nobody can utter any phrase related to the following: Pakistanis, Israelis, Italians, Portuguese, French, Polish, Germans, anyone from the UK, Dutch, Spanish, in fact, nobody from Europe (top to bottom), Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Greenland, Iceland, or any other island.

Oh, and DO NOT EVER use a phrase which might have a negative connotation when talking about any political party, gender, religion or sexual orientation. So----buh-bye "republication propoganda", "bleeding liberal", "bible thumper", etc.

Nobody is allowed to say anything ever about anybody.

Happy now?

1912 days ago


"Indian Giver" is NOT a derrogatory term against the Native American community, it's against WHITE PEOPLE. Indian Giver: One who gives and takes back, describing WHAT WHITE PEOPLE DID TO NATIVE AMERICANS FOR CENTURIES.

Look it up before you make it a headline.

1912 days ago


Jessica kiss my all american a** you bit**, come to my neck of the woods and i'll scalp you, put that in your big ass tuna can and eat it.

1912 days ago


I just love jessica. I hope Tony Romo has enough gentleman in him to give it back. She's a sweetheart and he is a jerk. Maybe he will get injured by some giant linebacker and never play footsball again. That would justice. Besides, i don't like the Dallas Cowboys anyway. Especially Tony the Tomato Romo

1912 days ago


If they DO get mad, she can always offer to smoke their peace pipe...or buy them off by donating a 100 pounds of beads.

1912 days ago

capt chill    


1912 days ago


Will she have to invite all of the Indians to her home for a beer?

1912 days ago


Romo said he was writing her a check for $100,000 - he's no dead-beat. She's a clinging vine and still dumb as a stump. Did she ever figure out if Chicken of the Sea was tuna or chicken?? Worst mistake she made was letting Daddy talk her into divorcing Lachey, apparently he wasn't 'star' enough for her father - who's WAY too involved in her personal life - that is just creepy. Time to grow up and run your own life Jessica, take that big girl pill. You drove Romo away by your clinging and whining - wake up or you'll always be miserable.

1912 days ago

Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jess is back with John Mayrer...John is cheating on Jess with Scheana Marie Jancan

1912 days ago


Jessica is a fat and a joke

1912 days ago

Jim Brothers    

Uhhh, TMZ needs to actually speak with an Indian. They DO NOT like being called Native Americans. That was a name given to them by the Feds. and all the tribes HATE the federal government. It's funny how culturally insensitive TMZ is. I live close to the "Morongo Indians". They do not call themselves the "Morongo Native Americans." Same with San Manuel. They call themselves the "San Manuel Band of Mission Indians." I cut and pasted the name from their home page. The word "Indian" is not offense. Native American is.

1912 days ago
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