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Eating for Two?

7/28/2009 1:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If anyone was looking to make a sequel to "Junior" -- the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick about a man who got pregnant -- it's safe to say Kevin Federline is a shoo-in to star.

Kevin Federline


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Yeah K Fed Got a good deal from Brit but did Kelis get a better one from Nas check Method man and Redman reaction

1881 days ago


Drug Testing for custody/....THAT is why K-fed is fat...I'm sure he is drug tested regularly and randomly.....If he wants
the money....oh I mean his kids.....then he has to to be clean of drugs. I'm sure he can still dirnk and obviously is. It's
alcohol gut cuz he;s not using any other substances now. Too bad ....he was so chisled....however....those poor boys need
ONE parent (using the term loosely).....not under the he's the roller ball!!!!haha poor little things....

1881 days ago


1) I would love to see what all you commenters look like
2) most people in rich countries are obese
3) let the man enjoy his life and wish him good luck with his health; I'm sure he means no harm to you.

that is all.

1881 days ago

El Guapo    

It's not K-Fed anymore.

It's Well-Fed

1881 days ago


FATTERline? he's such a douche.......

1881 days ago


Actually being that he was known to smoke marijuana it could just be he's doing more of it if he's doing any kind of drug at all (not saying that he is) but if your going to bring drugs into it, the drug he used to do does actually increase your appetite as opposed to decrease it like stimulant drugs do, It is his business and i hope he's not depressed or anything that might make it hard for him to lose the weight as those two kids need both parents to be healthy and that much weight on his middle would do him harm by slowing him down and by putting more pressure on his heart and neither is a good thing, looking after your health is much more than about looking good especially when you have kids that need you to stick around for a very long time. Hope he can get fit and well soon.

1881 days ago


Maybe the guy is preparing a new reality show on his future weight loss

1881 days ago

Amber Berglund    

That's not just "Fat"...that looks like an enlarged liver. He should see a doctor. Alcohol kills. Alcohol and Tylenol kills faster.

1880 days ago


#30 Please He is not stresed your right he has 4 kids b4 30 yrs of age but he only alledgelly takes care of two of them..And who do you know that get paid to watch teir own damn kigs and he watching the nanny watching them what kind of foolishness that he is straight white trash that is famous for whatever reason he wasn't even a known back up dancer...I don't know what Victoria sees in him he is a deadbeat dad riding high off his ex-wife...not taking care of his other kids with Shar Jackson...If he treated Brittany and Shar that way what way do you think he is going to treat Victoria

1880 days ago


someone need to tell him about He can start loose the baggage and make $$$$$$

1880 days ago


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1880 days ago



1876 days ago
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