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Dr. Murray to Cops:

I Gave Jackson Propofol

7/28/2009 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. MurrayWe've told you since July 15 police believe Dr. Conrad Murray administered Propofol to Michael Jackson -- the drug that killed him. There's a reason police believe it. Dr. Murray told them.

Two days after Jackson's death, Dr. Murray told LAPD detectives he administered Propofol to the singer hours before he died ... this, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

We're told Dr. Murray gave Jackson an IV drip of the powerful anesthetic. Police believe Dr. Murray simply wasn't paying attention when the singer's heart stopped beating.

Authorities believe Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

An IV drip of Propofol allows a constant, steady infusion of the drug for a period of time determined by the person administering it.

It is considered reckless in the medical community for a doctor to administer an IV drip of Propofol without the patient being monitored by an EKG, which sounds an alarm when the patient's pulse drops too low. No EKG was found in the house.

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Oh God. I was afraid of this. Because if true, that was so preventable. And that is criminal negligence. People like Toobin on Anderson 360 seem to think criminal charges are not warranted, even if he did administer it, that the punishment should be more along the lines of having his ability to practice medicine restricted, etc. I disagree. This is so wrong. And MJ probably had no reason to not believe when he told him he could take care of him and would monitor him. This makes me so sad. I will be glad when the mystery ends. But what do you bet the toxicology reports WON"T show Diprivan in his system, because it leaves it very quickly. And we still don't know if this was premeditated. Given all the family's suspicions, I doubt the LAPD has dropped that theory.

1877 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Obviously, some folks don't know about criminal procedure.

1877 days ago


OK, so he admitted that he administered to anesthesia. Where did he get it? You know he didn't go to Walgreens. This is wrong on so many levels. He won't get any time for this....they might take his license. He murdered MJ!

1877 days ago


Arrest imminent or I would think Dr. Murray's life is in danger. Every freak Michael Jackson in the world is gonna want his head on a platter. If I wasn't such an MJ fan myself I'd feel bad for him...but what he did was just plain STUPID. MJ was paying him $150k a MONTH. He can't stay AWAKE????? He doesn't even have an EKG with a drug like that???? What an ass!

1877 days ago


Hopefully, Doctor Murray's medical license has been or will soon be revoked. Then he should be arrested and held without bail until his trial, after which he will hopefully be doing some serious time and serving as a warning to any other doctors who compromise their moral obligation to "do no harm" for pure greed. RIP Michael.

1877 days ago


you know, I feel bad for the dr., it was a gravy train ride but he got relaxed and never thought it would happen. Never mind he shouldn't have done it, never mind that he took the black lind, not the grey line.

Now he looks at himself in jail because the famous are untouchable.

he blew it................unless in courrt they find other stuff.

Again I must say there has to be laws for people with money and protect them........just protect them.

1877 days ago


i cannot believe some negligent physician killed the biggest talent of all time. i am heartbroken for michael's children and for us fans. michael had been stolen from us! murray stole michael's chance to redeem his career!

1877 days ago


Michael Jackson killed himself. He got exactly what he wanted. Now, this doctor will pay the freight for being Michael's drug addiction.

The lesson here for me is that I will never ever give my permission to be treated by a black doctor.

1877 days ago


Bust this son of a b ----- .He's no different then Cathy Smith the woman who killed John Belushi. He should be tried for second-degree murder.This stupid son of a b-----.

1877 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Michael was stolen from you? Did you own him?

1877 days ago


Go directly to Jail do not pass go Dr Murry you should be ashamed of your self for what you did to Michael Hope you can live with yourself not only did you take Michaels's money you took his Life bastard

1877 days ago


This man is a complete idiot!....According to an article I read, Dr Murray called this his dream job. Getting paid 150.00 a month, would be anyones dream job. His biggest mistake was that he knew when he accepted the job that he would be doing something he shouldnt have been doing...administering Propofol to his patient. Michael would have never hired him if they had not already spoken about the treatment expected. This bastard Dr, for lack of a better word, would have sold himself out to anyone of his patients, for a price. I blame the enablers in Michaels life for his demise. Its just sad, and pathethic that not one person out there really stayed on him and tried to help him. I hope that ALL who contributed to his death, be exposed for what they are

1877 days ago


Not paying attention?...
What about the reports that said Murray wasn't even there when Jackson "collapsed"?...
You know the ones, where Murray himself stated that he didn't call 911 because he didn't know the address, and he'd just arrived and immediately started CPR?...

There are also rumors that Murray had left after administering the drug, leaving Jackson unattended while hooked up to the Propofol I.V., hence him freaking out when he arrived and couldn't get Jackson to "come to"...

Sounds to me like there's been way too much premature "reporting" and not enough FACTS...

1877 days ago


You have to remember that he gave the drug to Wacko because Wacko wanted it....nobody forced the drugs on MJ. He may have been a great singer and dancer, but he was also a first class druggie... his death was inevitable. Also remember that MJ the druggie was afrais of needles so he had to have people to do the injecting for him... what a wus, what a light weight. Diabetics have to stick themselves several time a day.

1877 days ago

sure man    

he'll play the race card i'm sure, get off, then sue the PD and win. OJ part 2.

1877 days ago
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