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Senator Al Franken

Attacked by Baby Biter

7/28/2009 1:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Freshly minted Minnesota Senator Al Franken may have edged out Norm Coleman by the hair on his chinny chin chin ... but it's his nose this baby couldn't resist at Reagan Int'l Airport.

It's hard to tell if little Katie already has a distaste for Democrats ... or if she finds Sen. Franken simply irresistible.


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Jeff Dranetz    

I'll start out saying Al Franken is a very talented comedy writer and comedic actor. However, I believe that he only won the election because thousands of absentee ballots for service men and women, protecting our country abroad were ignored and discarded.

1884 days ago


Both are adorable!

1884 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

Good lord people, this is a light story. Take the stick out your asses at least for one moment. Babies are the cutest. I remember when my son was a baby, he tried to put my beard in his mouth. Kids are the greatest blessing. Too bad stupid adults mess them up with all of their junk.

1884 days ago


OK so the liberals can quit whinning about a stolen election from them now, they have stolen one too.

1884 days ago

legal beagle    

Stop crying about the election, the MN supreme court with republicans on there said every vote that was
legal was counted. I bet frankenwill do a godd job. I`m an independent and the hatred of Obama is worse
than anything Bush had to endure, The rampant racism is what causes it, a certain % of the population cannot accept
a non white president.
This socialism you scream about was started by Bush and Obama has done what is needed, Most likely he has stopped this country from going into another great depression. Also if Bush didn`t get us into an illegal war we would have had the money to get everyone in this country medical coverage.
. The ones destroying this country are corporations who value profits over people and run the political systems.
To all to right wingers enjoy the next 4 to 8 years of socialism from a BLACK president!

1884 days ago


Franken is just another example of how idiotic the average voter is in Minnesota. What a joke. But, what do you expect from a state with an average IQ of 63.

1884 days ago


Babies like BIG BOOBS!! :)

1884 days ago


This Radical Socialist Piece of Crap has No Right to be a Member of the Human Race!!!!!

1884 days ago

David Joel    

Has anyone ever noticed that when elections are close the Demothugs are always able to "find" enough votes to steal a victory? They tried it in Florida 2000 but were too obvious to pull it off, but every other election they've been able to steal. Why are they so good at stealing elections? Because they know that no one in their right mind would actually vote for them so they practice this "art." As for Bush bashers, as a conservative I can find alot of fault, but the Demothugs are attacking him for the very things they perfected, i.e. unsustainable deficit spending.

1884 days ago

David Joel    

legal beagle is an absolute moron and an affront to every person in the legal field and/or beagles.

1884 days ago


Maybe it thought his nose was a nipple.

1884 days ago

2 cents    

That is just too cute...finally a tasteful picture by TMZ not involving titties and butt cracks - although...

1884 days ago


CUTE AND FUNNY...JUST LIKE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1884 days ago

truthfully yours    

Franken is gross. His clown glasses show he is stil a comedian. His joke of running for Senator turned into a sad reality. Now the US Senate is a joke. To think this joker will influence how our country works....

1884 days ago


#17 IT'S 5 TH HIGHEST MINNESOTA.................................................103.7


1884 days ago
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