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Chris Brown Shot in Rihanna Drive By

7/29/2009 2:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As part of his plea deal, Chris Brown is supposed to stay 50 yards away from Rihanna -- but last night he got dangerously close, driving right by her in his SUV as she ate inside Cipriani's in NYC.

Rihanna & Chris Brown: Click to watch
She didn't invite him in for dinner.


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Be very, very careful, stalkers wait very patiently for thei opportunity, very tough for them to let go of their huge hatred for their prey. Men have gone to prison for many years, constantly thought about their victim, finally out they kill them. This behavior is really demonic, very sick and perverted. Please watch out, never be alone and never, never give him an opening of any kind to encourgae him, does not take much. Just the idea he is driving by is a clear warning, he has not let go, he still wants to hurt you. Be Carefuul.

1877 days ago


Poor Chris goes for something to eat. She finds out, gets dressed up, calls the paps, and gets pics taken of herself nearby just to get his attention. Fortunately Chris was smart enough to leave where he was immediately. Did she not get the message when he checked out of the hotel as soon as she checked in? Even Beyonce had to come and drag her husband away from her in London the other day and go all the way to Las Vegas, so she comes back to bother Chris again. Unreal!

1877 days ago


I love the way the idiots here stick up for this thug. What will you say the next time he slaps around a woman?

1877 days ago

Just Saying    


Posted at 3:50PM on Jul 29th 2009 by PoopsyDaisy

LMAO! Now that was funny!

1877 days ago


why did my comment come up twice :|

1877 days ago


oh oh rihanna watch your back before you end up dead and they try to blame it on chris! and for god sakes never mention your addicted to drugs.

1877 days ago


they are seen close by each other all the time. I think they secretly got married back when they were holed up at P. Diddy's house. I think they have to hide it because Chris had already possibly lost his career and she almost lost hers when people heard she was taking him back. One of them has to make money.

1877 days ago

so sick    

Chris Brown is an aweful woman beater and people should be MORE DIGUSTED with this O.J in training! This will not be an isolated incident!! I will NEVER buy his music again!! I do not accept the "I'm sorry" There is no reason to hit a lady, even if she hits you first! What a LOSER!! Shame on him and his family!! His mom should be ASHAMED!!!!!!

1877 days ago


"Chirs Brown Shot in Rihanna Driveby"? ?? Another lame ass headline Get serious.

1877 days ago


Blackcherry, one question will you stop watching Terance Howard, Christian Bale, Christian Slater, Josh Brolin, Wesley Snipes, Derek Jeter, Ryan 'O Neal, Joan Crawford and other Hollywood starts who have abused their wives, girlfriends, sisters, children and mother, google search and read of what they have done,. People make mistakes, Chris Brown is young and made a mistake, we all have made some type of mistakes in our lives and were given a second chance, yes abuse is wrong but is it wrong to bring his mother in it, who's to say that she isn't ashamed of this, have you talked to her, do you now her feelings? Accept his apology... you are not God and he only need to ask God for forgivness, unless you have never done anything wrong than you need not to sit in the seat of judgement... Not to bring religious into this but... I recall reading that "We ALL have sinned and come short of the Glory of God" You have a right not to buy anything you don't want to, Chis Brown career is far from over, oh... he will continue on with his music, if Halley Berry can hit someone and keep going, Brandy charged with Manslaughter, Shelley Malil ( movie, 40 year old virgin) stabbed his girlfriend, I could go on and on there are so many that have done far worse than him and was able to continue on with there careers.

1877 days ago


Quit hatin on Chris Brown. His career is not over because he is to damn talented for that to happen and I think a lot of yall haters are men so get your own life. To bad so sad your not in the spot light like he is. To bad you can't never do what he does. He can sing, dance, and is fine as hell. Stop being so jealous you haters. His new cd is gonna blow up. I will always support Chris Brown!!!! and yes I am a woman. He is young and he messed up stop actin like yall are f----kin perfect you losers!

1876 days ago


I think Chris Brown and Rihanna are still seeing eachother on the low. I mean... They both come to New York about the same time, both check into the same hotel (even though it was said to be a "coincidence", but I just don't believe it), They both spent the weekend there "under a cloak of secrecy" and They spent the next two days coming and going in separate chauffeured vehicles from the underground garage of the 52-story Columbus Circle building. And The two appear to have taken great measures to avoid public exposure, including the use of decoy vehicles to throw off reporters and photographers..Now why would they be doing all that if they wasn't seeing eachother?? Plus.. Chris Brown and Rihanna both eat at restuarants right across the street from eachother (around the same time), And Chris Brown is seen riding by Rihanna afterwards, and he is trying to hide from the papz/camera's, lookin very suspicious. And I saw Rihanna looking outside as Chris Brown's vehicle was passing by. and you know...I don't think Rihanna even ate anything. It looked like she just went in there and sat down with (don't know who) and looked at the menu for a few seconds then left. Hmm...

1876 days ago


#34 aitak.. How do you know this?

1876 days ago


I'm sure they are still together...not surprised at's their life that's their problem....who cares now let's post more important news on who is helping the homeless or animals...Hollywood people are just on t.v and some have more money than other people...that's the only difference between them and anybody else. DO U, and do it Better than them...go Help somebody...Life does not revolve around any one person. God Bless!

1876 days ago

Just sayin'    


"Oops! I accidentally punched your in the face repeatedly and slammed your head into the the passenger window and dashboard! My mistake. It could happen to anyone and frequently does. "


1876 days ago
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