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Dogfight Shaping Up in Jackson Probate

7/29/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonKatherine Jackson's lawyer is officially squaring off with the two men Michael Jackson selected to handle his estate, claiming the co-executors are intentionally trying to keep Jackson's mom in the dark.

Londell McMillan just issued a statement making it clear -- he wants Katherine to become a co-executor. McMillan claims the co-executors -- John Branca and John McClain -- are not letting Katherine see the agreement Jackson signed with AEG. ... which McMillan says could be a huge source of income for the estate.

McMillan claims the co-executors are imposing unreasonable demands on Katherine -- requiring her to make special promises of confidentiality for the benefit of AEG.

The co-executors have maintained all along they were the ones Michael selected to manage the estate and they are doing their job.

One thing is clear -- it's getting ugly.

Reps for the co-executors just issued a statement, saying the only thing the co-executors asked of Mrs. Jackson is a confidentiality agreement with respect to the AEG agreement but her lawyers refused. They also say it's apparent Katherine's lawyers want to "rewrite Michael's will to make Mrs. Jackson 'Guardian of the Estate' and have her appointed as an executor" ... the co-executors say it's just not what Michael wanted and he said so in his will.


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Melanie Hoyle    


It's all about money. :(

1919 days ago


I thought his will specifically stated that if anyone challeneged any part of it they got nothing. She's already challenging it so she will get nothing? what is someone challenges his Will on behalf of his children... they are not specifically the ones challenging it so would they too get nothing? Legal questions for Harvey to answer since he is a laywer.

1919 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Forget about all of this crap and just go on and bury the pedophile already. Or, better yet, cremate him so his crazed fans can snort him.

1919 days ago


Second.......give her a say already.....when will the autopsy report come out.....heard media outlets get a 24 hour notice beforehand.

1919 days ago


Katherine Jackson makes me sick. All she wants is Michael's money. If my son died, I would die too. GREED is this entire family's name. Bury your son, lady. You are pathetic! He doesn't want to be at Neverland! But of course, these gluttonous pigs are gonna push that to get more money. Poor Michael, he is still so alone....

1919 days ago

thats right    

she should just let them do their job. if michael queerson wanted her to handle it then he would've named her as the executor. money makes people so ugly.

1919 days ago


All about money. Katherine is such a loving mother, why does she want to go against her son's wishes? She depened on his income for her own greed. ANd the hateful father is in on his part. The lawyer is ALL ABOUT MONEY. What right does he have to go against an LEGAL AGREEMENT? Shame What goes around comes around

1919 days ago


So, the AEG agreement is a cash-cow because they are selling the video of rehearsals, right?

1919 days ago

seeking the truth    

They should be questioned I mean how come they produced the will? Where are the updates MJ no doubt did since 2002? Why not show Katherine the AEG contract if nothing to hide?????!!

This is all very odd and the fact the judge is ruling against Katherine makes him look corrupt too, I read somewhere the judge involved was friends with someone in this but I can't remember where I saw that, makes sense though if he is.

The doctor wasn't the only one killing Michael, others were too for his money!! This has to come out! Whatever you think about Michael this was a murder!

1919 days ago


katherine jackson rott in hell you greedy twisted woman! i hope mjs lawyers stay in charge or those kids will get nothing.I guarantee MJ knew that!

1919 days ago



1919 days ago


leave Michael the hell alone you losers with your nasty comments,hes dead enough said ffs!

1919 days ago


I can't believe this 80-year-old lady is scrambling for control of her son's estate when he left it in capable hands. Her lawyers are pushing her because THEY want a chunk.

1919 days ago


it is none of my business, but i don't trust Katherine Jackson's lawyer.
And I don't get it, a WILL is a WILL, why can't anyone obey his wishes. I would hate it if anyone challenge my will after I die. What is the Will for if anyone can challenged it.

1919 days ago

Z JOB    

TM? ZZzzz...Pix DAGA$$4% KILROY$$

1919 days ago
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