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TMZ's Summer Sunburn Contest

7/29/2009 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did you hit the beach and burn like bacon? Email your pics to TMZ for our Summer Sunburn Contest and your sizzling skin could score you the $250 prize along with some mystery goodies from TMZ!

The redder the radder!


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I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

God-DAMN with these spammers. Eat sh*t and die, MF.

1914 days ago

typo much?    

TMZ, don't you think you should put some sort of disclaimer that people shouldn't go out and get sun burnt now, for the sake of entering the contest? That maybe they should use previously taken photos and not risk their health any further for the sake of a $250 prize?

1914 days ago



1914 days ago


yeah, you can save the 250 to help pay for the copay of your chemo...

1913 days ago


What Sunburn!! Its Has Been Raining here in PA like Everyday since May.

1913 days ago


1st prize: $250
2nd prize: death via Skin Cancer

Great contest

1913 days ago

your mom    

Seriously? Seriously? You're going to have a contest that quite literally promotes getting a sunburn and working their ways toward cancer. Way to to TMZ, way to go.

1913 days ago


I really love TMZ and watch you guys every night.
I am however very disappointed that you would be so irresponsible to host a contest like this.
With medical research proving increased skin cancer risks from UV rays,tanning beds and sunburns I would like to think you are not advocating nor encouraging your viewers or their loved ones to risk their lives for this contest and $250.
I have a brother in law who has been valiently fighting melanoma and a very good friend who had to have surgery when she was 6 months pregnant with my goddaughter due to this deadly skin cancer.
Please reconsider this contest!

1913 days ago

Linda Mott    

Skin cancer is getting out of hand. My mom has it and the doctor said that since it can be almost totally avoided with sunscreen and common sense, think before you go to a tanning salon or lie out in the sun.

1913 days ago


Is this contest going to be as sucky as your last contest? Better tell people know that their photos might not even make it to the gallery, much less the finals.

1913 days ago


s this wise, or ethical ? Yesterday the World Health Organization ( yes, the folks who told us about the swine flu) upgraded their tanning bed cancer warnings to carcinogenic. Can't get any worse.

I sure hope the contest is closed to under 18 year olds.

1913 days ago


Wouldn't it safer to have a big nose or big ear contest?

1913 days ago


Who was the idiot who thought this one up? I lost a brother to Melanoma. Are you really that uneducated?

1913 days ago


Hey, I have a great idea.
Let's follow this with"memories of your worst melanoma tumor" or "grossest photos of your head after whole brain radiation" Totally irresponsible "journalism"

I knew TMZ was cutting edge and always reaching but I thought the leadership had some brains.

1913 days ago


After just having 19 surgeries for melanoma, I find this to be really sad. I can't believe you would encourage people to do this and risk the possibility of skin cancer. Shame on you. This is just sick! Hopefully your winner will not come up with cancer at a later time. But if they do, I hope an attorney could use this against you and hold you liable.

1913 days ago
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