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Dr. Murray's Employees Tell Different Stories

7/30/2009 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two women who allegedly went to Dr. Conrad Murray's Houston storage unit and removed boxes just hours before Michael Jackson was pronounced dead are telling inconsistent stories about what was taken from the storage facility.

Dr. Murray's Click to view!Laquisha Click to view!

We spoke with LaQuisha Middleton and her sister, LaQuanda Price, both of whom worked for Dr. Murray at the time. LaQuisha is the office manager. LaQuanda was laid off within the last month.

The manager of the storage facility tells us the two sisters came to Dr. Murray's unit at 9:22 AM Los Angeles time the day Jackson died and picked up 3 - 5 boxes, in addition to other items they carried out by hand. The manager says she personally spoke with both sisters at the facility.

But Wednesday -- outside Dr. Murray's Houston office -- LaQuanda told us she stayed in the office the day Jackson died and did not go to the storage facility. She says her sister went and retrieved one bio-hazardous box -- filled with used needles. She says Dr. Murray did not call and direct either of them to go to the storage facility. As for why they would pick up a box of used needles and take it back to the office, LaQuanda says they were just moving things around in the office.

LaQuisha told a totally different story. She says the only thing she picked up was a chair. She also says Dr. Murray did not direct her to go to the facility. As for why she went, she said "I always go."

They also don't believe Dr. Murray administered a fatal dose of Propofol to Jackson.


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time to come out    

Those names suck! Stop naming your kids names like that.. it only hurts them.

1875 days ago


Finally LA exposes herself for who she really is! ah ha ha ha ha

1875 days ago

who the hell    

Hey look these girls are getting a rough deal what they took from the storage building was a chair that they used to stick the used needles in. Simple see mystery solved.

1875 days ago

searching for the truth    

i had just watched this film and did anybody else realize that these 2 girls are in the same car together? i dont believe they were contradicting each other sitting side by side

1875 days ago


I guess LaQuishQuish can argue that the "chair" she picked up was an acupuncture chair that already has used syringes built into you can get your acupuncture and your heroine fix simultaneously. That way both LaQuayQuay and LaQuishQuish will have stories that are connected...used needles and a chair. Two uses in one! It's win win people!

1875 days ago


Those gals are terrible liars. Their ass is grass.

1875 days ago


and they probably called up everyone they knew to tell them they are going to be on TV and how good they were looking

1875 days ago


I'm really puzzled right now, the Jackson family keep saying they were trying to do a intervention on Michael and no one could get to him because the security kept them away. Well, Tito just said they saw him 3 weeks before he passed at his parents 60th anniversary, they could have done it then if they were that serious about helping him. Were they really trying to help him or are they just trying to make themselves look good and not accept that they too failed Michael?

1875 days ago


im surprised shanaynay wasnt there......

and did laquisha?? have a tongue ring? now i see how she got that job..

lyin ass hoes

1875 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    


Good "seeing" you laugh. Try it more often!

1875 days ago


tmz what's wrong with your website sounds like you have alot of angry white people that just gets off on calling people alot of names at first i thought this was a very informative site but since i have started reading some of the comments i think your site caters to alot of hate and you don't make it any better because it seems as though you have chosen the side you are for in this whole estate issuse when you know full well there are alot of lawyers that rip off estates far less than this one not all lawyers are crooks bbut alot are just look at the mess that the economy is in we all thought that these people had our best interests at heart and look what wall street did to us so come on every body just because they are lawyers don;t make them honest

1875 days ago


How in the hell did these sisters not have a story consistent with each other. ESPECIALLY after the report came out that they were at the storage unit. Are they seriously THAT stupid?? Do these sisters not talk to each other? WTF?

1875 days ago


@Proud to be Black

Are you kidding me!!! They are after the doc cause he's black?? No dumb ass they are after the doc cause he was the doc on watch when Michael died AND he is also the dumb ass who told the cops that he gave Michael the Propofil! Race has nothing to do with it!!! Don't forget Michael is also black!! This is coming from a black women!!!! Put the race card back in the deck!!

1875 days ago

It's him for sure    

QaBeesha and BuTeesha or whatever the hell their names are both lying through their teeth, TMZ! They definitely brought boxes back to Murderer Murray! They are all going to hell to die for killing the world's most amazingly gifted man!

1875 days ago


103. How in the hell did these sisters not have a story consistent with each other. ESPECIALLY after the report came out that they were at the storage unit. Are they seriously THAT stupid?? Do these sisters not talk to each other? WTF?

Posted at 11:15PM on Jul 29th 2009 by Lori
There too busy trying to figure out if their kids are brothers AND cousins.

1875 days ago
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