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Don't Let Diddy's Umbrella Get Wet

7/30/2009 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy is such a baller, even his umbrella has an umbrella.


Puff Daddy and his executive umbrella assistant made their way to dry ground in NYC yesterday.

The 39-year-old mogul's umbrella is so expensive, you don't want to get it wet.


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Awwww, poor widdle thing. Don't let him get hit by a raindrop or he might fall into the fetal position and start twitching. Lmao. How pathetic is a grown man that needs someone to follow him around with an umbrella. And yes, I know many politicians and celebs do this, but it just makes them look like oversized babies to me.

1879 days ago


What man would actually hire someone ot follow him around with an umbrella? Diddy a gangsta? He looks more like Liberace or Michael Jackson! What a tool!

1879 days ago


35. Diddy is shiddy.

Posted at 7:04PM on Jul 30th 2009 by Oneeka Garfield

Must've been his butt-wipers day off.

1879 days ago


Poor Diddy must be afraid of a few rain drops.....what a pansy!

1879 days ago



1879 days ago


Gee, is he worried about "melllllllltinnnng" like the evil witch in 'The Wizard of Oz? ' Seriously! You're suppose to be a BaD boi so what's a little water going to do that stylin outfit you have on? Not looking so slammin' here. P Diddy gone sissy. lol

1879 days ago


Like Fred Astaire, "I'm singin in the rain!" Yeah,while he's packin some heat under those girly pants! lol

1879 days ago


Fat daddy!! Looks like nowadays.....They need to put him on his own reality making of the band show 39 and see how far he makes it. Have him run 39 blooks in the rain with no umbrella for a tooth pick holder at a hippys house then sing,"Blame it on the rain"!!!!

1879 days ago


I don't think his umbrell has an umbrella, i bet that is just his assistants umbrella, afterall theres no way in hell 1 umbrella will cover 2 grown ass men

1879 days ago


Does he have a disease like MJ had, that he needs an umbrella to protect himself from the sun????? or he borrowed the idea from Michel Jackson?

And I notice that during the economic hardship a lot of celebrities get FAT- Its obvious that when you have a nice life stile and money in the bank than you don't worry too much. But especially now all of us are affected by a recession, so even a normal human being so called "celebrity"are showing signs of hardship and worry.
And who is diddy anyway?????

1879 days ago


It looks like the assistant is trying to keep HIMSELF dry. And I agree, Puffy is looking Fluffy.

1879 days ago

Im not racist my best friend is    

29. This guy is such a tool! I laugh at the fool every time I look at him.... Joke!!!!!

Posted at 5:38PM on Jul 30th 2009 by spacecity

Lmao! Im sure he'd start crying...if he had enough time on his hands to get out of his Maybach and give u the time of day. lol. Tool. Hes rich aaaaaand ur a disgruntled TMZ commentator

1878 days ago


My God, you are a grown man. You can't fend for youself, dude? Seriously? Big, almighty Diddy is afraid to get a little water on him? It's such a sad, sad world out there.

1878 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

Walkin' around with a toothpick hangin' out his mouth - classy guy.

1878 days ago


He'll be fine - TURDS FLOAT.

1878 days ago
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