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Obama's Beer Summit Begins

7/30/2009 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to calm racial tensions, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden threw back beers with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him -- Police Sergeant James Crowley -- near the Oval Office today.

Obama's Beer Summit

A national debate on racial profiling occurred after Crowley arrested Gates for disorderly conduct during a burglary investigation at the professor's home.

But here's the important part -- the respective beers each man drank:

-- Bud Light
Biden -- Bucklers
Gates -- Sam Adams Light
Crowley -- Blue Moon


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Dear Balls,

Are you stupid or just a Retard, you always post just balls.....STUPID

1913 days ago


lol, I wonder if Gates choose SAM ADAMS for a reason.

1913 days ago


Obama's fist is doubled up and his jaw is tight, he is mad at this police man. Every word that Obama said about the police he means it and still thinks it, he is just doing this to make him self look better. But he only made his self look worst.

1913 days ago


Talk about the crap of the bull! How insulting to the cop, "hey, lets invite the working stupid white guy and give him some of that beer that poor folks drink." I wondered why they did not offer him a nice glass of wine...but then, "In vino veritas"...and veritas is a foreign concept to Barry and the professor, they are just Jeremiah Wright disciples, racist to the bone. They would not know the truth if it bit them on their elitist asses. Gates and Barry should both apologize, but of course they won't, because they know their affirmative action BS has to stay in line with Sharpton and Jackson. This makes me want to barf!

1913 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


1913 days ago


This just makes all Americans look bad.
Can you imagine what people from other countries are thinking?
WTF? Does this guy think?

1913 days ago

stalkers are scum    

Police do have authority. You have to respect them. Even if you are 100% in the right. I guess I could have screamed "RACISM" at the top of my lungs, but wait, I'm a white woman. Yes, Mr. Harvard Smart Ass Professor, the police harass for NO reason a white woman...Get over it & join the rest of us.

1913 days ago


So who paid to get these guys there? More waste of taxpayers money? Whatever the cost Yo' Mama must be proud Mr. Gates.

1913 days ago


Obama is racist and jealous of the conservative Tea Parties, he's throwing a beer party. The guy is a mess and Obama's friendship with yet another racist like Rev Wright is his buddy Henry Lewis Gates, a known racist who when he worked at Howard UNiversity 20 years ago wore African garb and headdress and ranted his anti Semitic and white racism to whoever would listen. Gates is a whore and yet another black KKK type buddy of Obama and we are witnessing how our country is being taken over by this racist with his friends who are likewise racists. This is only the beginning. Our taxpayer dollars were spent to pamper Gates who Obama stuck up for in a press conference not even knowing what happened. So much for health care. That's worse than anything if you read it. Scary indeed. Beware of this president fo he's dangerous.

1913 days ago

Mr. Attitude    

Obama must be pissed. He couldn't have his 40 oz malt liquor in a paper bag with the photog's around.

1913 days ago

The Truth    

Now I understand how some kids get out of school and are so stupid....They have IDIOTS like this teaching them....What a Moran....

1913 days ago


1913 days ago

sicko Lambert    

BaRock on Obama, you rule, you're the best ever...very down to earth!!! Love you Mr. Barack Obama!!!!

1913 days ago


They just what to so if Crowley is gonna get drunk and start the typical racial slurs jokes so they can throw his a@@ in jail lol. So his true colors can shine.

1913 days ago

who the hell    

Look at Gateds he is looking down thinking about some new yo mama jokes:

yo mama so stupid when the full service attendant asked her if she wanted her windows washed she gave the him her address.


1913 days ago
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