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Obama's Beer Summit Begins

7/30/2009 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In an attempt to calm racial tensions, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden threw back beers with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the man who arrested him -- Police Sergeant James Crowley -- near the Oval Office today.

Obama's Beer Summit

A national debate on racial profiling occurred after Crowley arrested Gates for disorderly conduct during a burglary investigation at the professor's home.

But here's the important part -- the respective beers each man drank:

-- Bud Light
Biden -- Bucklers
Gates -- Sam Adams Light
Crowley -- Blue Moon


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something smells    

Obama is really showing his black side on this matter. Now he's trying to climb his way out his a beer with the whitey's and the balcks. Cheers!!

1881 days ago


Crowley better NOT apologies to the media whore racist....

1881 days ago


Of course this couldn't be done without camera men being there taking pictures the entire time. This was nothing more than a photo op.

1881 days ago


So right, other poster, about Biden evening out the whiteness and blackness. How staged is that ?

Worse, President Media Whore, who is also very obviously knee-jerk racist, failed to invite the WOMAN who made the 911 call. What, is she unimportant or something ?

I wish that cop would have refused the invite. If I were him, I would have said "Hell no !"

1881 days ago


mmmmm...yeah, a nice cold Busch.

1881 days ago


About time adults talk out instead of lash out. I love Blue Moon!

1881 days ago


Just want to add ... when you call 911, you are not connected to a cop. You are connected to a 911 dispatched. Has anyone found out if it was the dispatcher who conveyed to the cops that the potential perps were black ? If you answer, post a link please. Thank you.

1881 days ago


They look completely ridiculous drinking beer while wearing suits. This looks as phony and stupid as it really is. Fake...just like everything with Obama. Anyone who believes this 'beer summit' is going to change what went down between those two men has never met a real cop or reverse racist will know that their beliefs won't be swayed by this stunt.

1881 days ago


Just another bird-brained idea from our bird-brained President that started the whole thing. He mistakenly called this a "teachable moment". Too bad he didn't learn from it...

1881 days ago


I don't see where this was productive at all...
Obama and his buddy Gates will still be the firat ones to yell "RACISM" at any given chance...
Sgt. Crowley will still have to deal with idiots like Gates that are opportunistic "RACISTS", and defend himself against their lies...
Biden will still run his 10 cent mouth, which means it's probably a good thing he drank a "Non-Alcoholic" near-beer...
And the woman who called 911 will still receive death threats for being a good citizen...(why wasn't she invited?)

It's painfully obvious that Obama was the "wrong" Black man to become the first Black President...He is a disgrace to BOTH of his races and has no idea, whatsoever, of the plight the blacks have faced since he was raised by his RICH, WHITE Grandparents...Obama's issues with race run far deeper than even he realizes, and until he comes to terms within himself, he's a dangerous person in a very powerful position...

1881 days ago

waste time    

Now if Obama can only share some sake with Kim Jong-il we would be getting somewhere....or maybe a cigar with Castro!

1881 days ago


Hussie - I totally agree with you. Took the words right out of my mouth.......Cheers! Coors Lite gal myself.

1881 days ago


#4: LOL! Awesome comment!

If I were Crowley, I would never have showed up. I wouldn't have cared if it was disrespecting President Obama because he disrespected Officer Crowley.

1881 days ago

who the hell    

I don't have a dog in this fight, however as an american citizen and in my opinion what he should have done at the press conference when asked about this is, say this is not the forum for me to give my opinion on the matter it is on the phone with my friend giving him my opinion advice what have you.

1881 days ago


47. Gates should be ashamed of himself. He is the racist.

Posted at 7:52PM on Jul 30th 2009 by Labradors

Yeah that a$$hole started this wole mess.

1881 days ago
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