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Settles Custody Issues

Over Jackson Kids

7/30/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_rowe_52728882_getty_exd-1TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe has settled her custody issues over Michael Jackson's children and it doesn't involve a single penny ... but it does involve a shrink.

Sources tell us, Rowe has agreed that Katherine Jackson will be the guardian of Michael's children, subject to the judge's approval.

Rowe will get visitation of the two children she had with Michael.

But here's what's interesting -- Rowe wants and will get a psychologist who will visit the children and help them adjust to her being in their lives on a meaningful basis.

Rowe will maintain her parental rights. We're told the agreement does not specify the amount of visitation.

The agreement says Rowe has no parental rights to Blanket, Jackson's youngest child.


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Debbie can "try" to be in their lives, but really, she can't erase the words she said down through the years about not wanting to be a mother to them. If she says their Dad was behind it, the kids will just shut her out emotionally. Say what you like, they loved their Dad, and now that he's gone, even more so.
She may be in their lives, but I doubt at this age the kids are going to bond with her emotionally.
And I still thnk she wants in now, so that when she's old they will take care of her....she is planning her work, working her plan.

Poor Blanket, he has no "named" Mother. I worry about him the most- the youngest. Losing Dad at age 7 means he will have fewer memories, no mother, an enormous loss.
But having a shrink will at least help them all...give some needed perspective

1877 days ago


Great move by Rowe, she knows Kat is on her last leg and if Rowe allowed visitation she'll have a relationship with the kids and the court will give her full custody of the kids and the money.

1877 days ago

Jimmy Gimbels    

OK, who really believe that Debbie in not getting some sort of financial compensation for this deal. Maybe not cash...stocks? bonds? Prcent of music publishing rights? Selling pics of kids to the National Enquirer?

1877 days ago


44. sally, you got your sources from the ENQUIRER. If you believe everything they write you need some serious help!!! That paper is the BIGGEST liar out off all the tabloids!!!!

Posted at 9:18AM on Jul 30th 2009 by Janet


Your statement is very true. NI is the nastiest tabloid and I'll never believe a WORD they write. I remember as a child going into the grocery store and I'd see the pics of MJ on magazines and I'd have my mom buy them all. I never read the articles (being only 8) but one day I decided to. They said some of the most terrible things abou MJ even then and this was at the very beginning of the Thrilla era. We all know how innocent and private he was then, so how is NI was able to get so much info? THEY MADE THE BS UP. Calling him an alien and posing suggestive questions to taint his image even then. So I agree with Janet #44, if YOU believe NI, YOU need the shrink more than the children do. GOOD LUCK!


1877 days ago

not unique    

I think this is possibly the best thing all around, except I hate to see those kids raised in that house with all the other Jacksons.. It just teaches them they can have affairs, kids, marry each other's wives, etc. NOT a good standard if you ask me... But, since they've been there for a month now, it'd probably be a shock to take them out.. At least with counselling they'll get to know their birth mother and who knows, maybe someday when they're older everything will fall into place.
I really do feel sorry for Blanket though, since he has in effect no mother or father now to eventually turn to.

1877 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Michael Jackson was a dirty rotten pedophile and I can't believe I used to admire him. I'm so glad I finally came to my senses and realized what a low down piece of trash he was.

1877 days ago


So.......everyone who wasted a million words on how Debbie Rowe was 'all about money'...can now cease to rant.

I agree with the poster who said children are not commodities, and the way Michael Jackson choose to make a family was very selfish of him.
This seems to be a workable solution for these children and the two oldest SHOULD know Debbie Rowe gave birth to them. Having a psychologist around will smooth the way for them all to become familiar with each other. Because of the way Michael Jackson choose to become a father........he insured that NO solution would be perfect for them.

Making comments about DR's appearance seems like a very shallow occupation to me....but some are making it their life's work. It's extremely tiresome...almost as much so as reading miscomprehension.

I wish them all happiness in the future.

1877 days ago

not unique    

Araba Lucy - If they google her name, they will find out the truth and eventually reject her.

WHAT are they going to find if they google their Dad's name??? A hell of a lot worse things..

1877 days ago


#31 and #41
are you getting your information from the Enquirer? Are you kidding me? Praying for JC? You make me sick,,,,
I hope that both JC and his father will pay dearly for what they did to MJ...
And for those keep saying that MJ was not a good father....listen to his kids first before you say anything. They were brought up to be smart, well behaved, and they loved their father dearly. I guess that is much more than we can say about a lot of people posting comments here....

1877 days ago

lena vera    

i think we never know what exacly happened between MJ and her.Every child deserve a parent who loves and care for them. If MJ was on drugs as news said , he could not never be a good dad. But look on his children over the years. They always look great. So nobody should call him a bad father, because nobody know the truth about . I do feel kids should stick together. Can u imagine a damade to the Blanket who have nobody left? She will not adapt him. So those 2 will have mom and he hsa nobody. that is wrong. Kids should not be separated from each other.

1877 days ago

Whop der it is    

What ever arrangement she had with MJ is her business. She had those kids before MJ got caught and when he did she wanted parental rights returned.She's not a proven junkie or a pervert that was found not guilty (not innocent). So Leave her the F#@K alone already.

1877 days ago


I think she really has the children's welfare at heart. She always did what she thought was best for those kids.

She did not "sell" her children. She got a divorce settlement, and spousal support, and allowed their father to have custody, which is what Michael and her agreed upon.

I hope the children will get to know her, some day in their future, that will be important to all of them.

Good work, Debbie, and I don't think it matters what you look like, many people think that is very important

1877 days ago

Real People    

So what was the custody battle over then? She didnt see the Kids when MJ was alive, and she probably wont see them now.. Same ole same ole.. Folks.. She was just a Surrogate.. She gave Birth to the kids as a surrogate for MJ...
Do the Kids even know her as the Blood mother? Is she the blood mother. She may have had eggs implanted in her along with sperm.. She is a Surrogate.. Doesnt make a The mother..

1877 days ago


Judge! Make her stay away, all THREE children should be raised together and Blanket should not feel left out.

1877 days ago

jana lalewicz    

Why is everyone picking on Debbie Rowe??? Are you kidding me??? HOW ABOUT CAUSE SHE SOLD HER OWN DAMN KIDS???? This is a mother? I'm really glad this money grubbing freak won't be raising these kids on any sort of full time basis. Psychologist is a great idea because I don't necessarily think some of these Jacksons are so great either! This Debbie Rowe talked on national tv about how these kids were a "GIFT" to Michael. Last time somebody gave me a gift it didn't cost ME millions of dollars!

1877 days ago
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