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Settles Custody Issues

Over Jackson Kids

7/30/2009 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_rowe_52728882_getty_exd-1TMZ has learned Debbie Rowe has settled her custody issues over Michael Jackson's children and it doesn't involve a single penny ... but it does involve a shrink.

Sources tell us, Rowe has agreed that Katherine Jackson will be the guardian of Michael's children, subject to the judge's approval.

Rowe will get visitation of the two children she had with Michael.

But here's what's interesting -- Rowe wants and will get a psychologist who will visit the children and help them adjust to her being in their lives on a meaningful basis.

Rowe will maintain her parental rights. We're told the agreement does not specify the amount of visitation.

The agreement says Rowe has no parental rights to Blanket, Jackson's youngest child.


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Ensuring that a psychologist will see them is a great idea. These kids are going to need all the help they can possibly get to deal with all this information as they come into adulthood. MJ may have been a great father but there were plenty of unconventional aspects of his life that the children will have to work through.

1876 days ago

not unique    

Real People - doesn't matter.. she was his wife.. he was the father.. They made that decision and so it is.........

1876 days ago


On behalf of those older children, I hope this is true and that she has extensive "ordered" visitation by the State of California wherein his family cannot prevent her important contribution to their lives at this critical age. The older children do need the long-term counseling of the best psychotherapists, a social worker to help them integrate into society (normally), and a relationship with their biological birth mother. Personally, I hope the Judge takes the biological mother's rights into account and, actually, forces an inordinate amount of custody on Debbie Rowe as that would be the long-term best thing on behalf of everyone.

It is clear why the Jackson Family wants the older* children with the sister in Las Vegas, i.e. they will be out of the legal reach of the State of California and, therefore, Joe Jackson and the ignorant siblings can milk those older children for their share of the estate. Each and every member of that family has not-so-hidden-agendas and we've seen several surface since his death. Katherine Jackson is, also, turning out to be a snake but then she has been married to the old bulldog snake for 60 years.

*As for that younger child, a DNA test needs to be ordered from Miko Brando as that child is a deadringer for him and then he needs to integrate that child into his own family.

1876 days ago


here we go again, judging somedy who we dont know at all.

1876 days ago

not unique    

Oh.. one question here... if Debbie gave birth and put Michael's name on there as father... he would legally be assumed to be the father right? Unless he fought it and said he wasn't... so they didn't really have to get married did they?

1876 days ago


This sounds like it's in the best interests of the children. I'm glad that Debbie Rowe will be involved in their lives and did not give up her parental rights. This woman has been maligned in the media, but she appears to be one of the few involved in this circus who isn't looking for money or notoriety. Good for her!

The time will come when the kids will know who she is and it can be left up to them if they want a relationship with her. My guess is that they will and hopefully everybody will be happy. Not everybody is meant to be a 24/7 mother. Good for Ms. Rowe for recognizing that.

1876 days ago


Why people are saying she is the surrogate mother ? She never was ! She was the BIO and LEGAL mother and has lived with them for three years as Michael's wife ! A surrogate mother bear the children and give them right away to the parents who will go to a Court to adopt the child officially.

Debbie is the legal mum and the bio one, always was and was never the surrogate. To be a surrogate she should have been single and given the kid to Michael the day they were born and he as a single parent had to adopt the baby officially. She had her children while married to Jackson, the normal wxay. And i will go as far as to say that lhaving those children during marraige bound her more legally than MJ as the real parent. The mother who release the child is the primal legal parent the facto. She as the primal parent could have decided even while married to deny the parental rights to the father, in this case Michael on the simple accustaion of not being the natural father.

Get your facts right ! And the money she received was not for the kids, it was a divorcee allowance, hence she gort a pittance : 8 millions while the so called molested child got 20 millions +.

It is also said that all the yearly money agreed on the divorce settlement was not always given to Debbie as Michael had financial problems. It is also said that as she was the legal and bio mother, her legal rights were never totally removed because never validated by a Court.

1876 days ago


# 81- mjgirl, i am with ya on this quack tabloids i picked one up the other night and it was so ridiculos ---there was composite sketch of mj after the autopsy of his face....WHAT A JOKE THERE WAS NO WAY THAT WAS HIM---THE BODY WAS BLACK AND HIS FACE WAS DARK --- IT WAS JUST ANOTHER WAY OP DISRESPECTING MJ ONE MORE TIME... I THREW IT AWAY!!!! RIP-MJ---SUE

1876 days ago


I am very happy that the adults in these children's life are doing whats best for the children !! Debbie is not the monster some of you made her out to be. So now that she is doing what she thinks is best for HER children, what are you people going to say about her now? I think most of you who dog Debbie the way you do are so miserable in your own life,that you have nothing nice to say about anyone. Why can't you pray for Debbie and her children, instead of being cruel with words about her looks and her life . I hope that she and the children grow very close to each other. These children need their mother in their life now more than ever.I for one will pray for this family ! PEACE

1876 days ago

not unique    

Gross.. hahahhaa Excellent! I give up trying to defend their agreement.. You said it all, but some people just read what they want, and say what they want even if it doesn't make sense.

1876 days ago

mekesha pryer    

I'm glad Jackson's mother gets custody of his children. Rowe was just looking for more money.

1876 days ago


I'd kill for her nose! It's...perfect.

1876 days ago


Somebody, please send this message to Debbie Rowe:

Debbie, I'm sure you've seen the tremendous emotional bond between all three of the kids, Prince, Paris and Blanket. When we saw them at the memorial service, Blanket seemed to be in the most severe emotional distress. Now that his dad has died, it is only natural that he will become even more emotionally dependent on Paris in particular, as a parental substitute.

Please don't create a situation where Paris and Prince go off to visit you, leaving Blanket behind. Given his young age, and his dependence on his siblings, it will be very emotionally scarring for him. When you exercise your rights to visits, please include Blanket.

As the grandma of a group of very young half-blooded siblings with two different moms, I can tell you that the girls find it easy to be loving, kind and inclusive in their relationship with all the kids, including those who are not their own. Blanket will not resent you. He will like you as a friend.

And from the long term point of view, you'll be doing Price and Paris a favor, by sparing them, as adults, from having to worry about and deal with a little brother who has emotional issues arising out of damage to his sibling bond.

1876 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

Hopefully it will be a court appointed psychologist who has no ties to Rowe or the Jacksons. An independent who will counsel all of the family for the sake of the kids. Hate that kids are already starting "therapy" though. It's like you are telling the kids something is wrong with them even though they don't see their situation as being wrong.Oh well, another medical professional will make tons of money off of the Jacksons.

1876 days ago


The entire story is a weird one,consdiering the law states that Debbie Rowe rented her womb for millions for two children.
She had no part in their lives AT ALL.
MIchael Jackson stated in his will she is to receive nothing consdiering from what I gather ...
During the interview with Bashir the older son said (very sad) I don't have a mummy =(
Michael Jackson did the same thing he experienced as a child,that love he craved as a child for his father (papa joe)
Debbie Rowe had the children for Micahel possibly just for the money and she didn't really have the desire to be a mother(nothing wrong with that) she feels what she feels,she is more of an animal person.
So Blanket and Paris and Prince will get professional help,that is good considering they are white children living in a African American family they receive a thrid of their father's estate and who knows if the Jackson's are pissed off that these white kids that are not Michael's biologoical children recieve 1/3 of their father's inheritance
It is a heavy load to bear b/c that money those kids will receive will become a curse.They will need every damn penny for physcologist.Cosnidering the GREED that surrounded Michael with doctors,nurses,dentist,the press,child molestation charges they will hear about.Blanket out the window in Germany so the fans can feel Blanket soul.(rolling my eyes) Daddy was high on demoral or oxicotin that day...who knows the real reason,why was Blanket out the window???????
Even tho Debbie is disconnected to them mother wise,she is making a wise choice insisting on this

1876 days ago
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