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Steve Jobs -- Big Man on Campus ... Again

7/30/2009 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE 10:03 AM: Apple stock is blowin' up -- it's now up 4.00 a share.

Jobs' return seemed to be noticed on Wall St. -- right now (9:35 AM EST), the Apple stock is up 2.52 a share.

Steve Jobs
is back to an Apple a day -- and we've got the proof.

 Steve Jobs -- Big Man on Campus ... Again

TMZ obtained this photo of the Apple co-founder leaving company headquarters in Cupertino, California around 3:00 PM Wednesday.

It's the first time we've seen Jobs back in action since January, when he took a leave of absence for a liver transplant. Jobs has reportedly been back at work for about a month.

BTW -- this photo was taken on an iPhone.


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TMZ, why do you have this story under a MJ Memorial heading? What does Steve Jobs have to do with MJ's Memorial?

1911 days ago

Vian the Lion    

Reminds me of the Beatles Abbey Road available in i-tunes.

1911 days ago


The word "Aids" comes to mind...

1911 days ago



1911 days ago


His bodyguard look just like a younger version of Phil Collins; btw, this is why we need to support President Obama's Health Care Plan, because as it is right now, a guy like Steve Jobs can affort to pay and jump in front of everybody who's in line to get a liver transplant; while a person like me, a guy from a middle-low income class group, can't affort to even think about getting a rooth canal without filling a whole bunch of papers, then having to wait a whole week for an answer (or even two) from the big dogs, and finally, you go back to the dentist office, only to find out that the insurence company "medicaid-medicare" has decided it's too expensive and they won't cover it, errrrrrr!!! Think about it...!

1911 days ago


His liver failed because he has Pancreatic Cancer, which cuase the a person to loss weight just like Patrick Swayze has. Steve has lived a long time with the diagnosis, maybe due to the fact he has a ton of money to spend on all kinds of treatments.

1911 days ago


So was it Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis or both that ate up his liver?

1911 days ago


avoir une boite qui s'appelle Apple
se faire photographier en traversant la rue sur un passage clouté (dans le mauvais sens)
et garder ses chaussures

je vous jure il y a des trucs qui se perdent ma bonne dame...

1911 days ago

Your Older Brother    

Love the amazingly stupid remarks about Obama & health care - just because you listen to idiots all day on the radio & watch morons on TV all night doesn't mean you understand anything about the other 90% of the country.

If you don't like it here, please leave.

1911 days ago


its good to see him back , but the photo taken on an iphone sounds incredable , if its new or not we wont know , if we get another crap updated iphone then we will know steves at home and not at apple , without jobs apple are like tomtom without the gps unit

1911 days ago


I hope my son grows up to be just like you ! he 18 months and already on the computer . best of luck pulling for a great man such as your self

1911 days ago

Bill Myers    

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Jobs in Los Angeles, California in 1980. He shared his computer interests and early plans that later proved the biggest success story for Apple and the Mac computers. It's nice to see him back at work and hopefully, healthy enough to lead Apple on to generate more cutting-edge technology.
Bill Myers, Owner VDOAKTV.NET

1911 days ago


The guy in the front is Nofee. I should know. I am the Negotiator.

1911 days ago

Better Than You    

He looks like he's just about ready to be buried in an iCoffin.

1911 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

If you's rich, why shouldn't you be put ahead of deadbeats that can't pay for treatment? Money talks in this country and if you don't like it, move to Haiti. The rich will inherit the earth!

1910 days ago
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