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AEG Ready to Fork Over $90,000 --- Today

7/31/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEGUPDATE: TMZ has learned AEG has dropped off the $90,000 to the L.A. Police Foundation -- as promised.

We're told part of the money will go to build a memorial for fallen officers in front of the new police headquarters in downtown L.A.

is finally putting its money where its mouth is -- saying they will follow through with their promise to donate money raised at the Michael Jackson memorial to the L.A. Police Foundation.

The timing couldn't be more impeccable, considering we broke a story yesterday that the L.A. City Attorney was investigating AEG for not forking over the money.

According to the LA Times, the company plans to make a $90,000 donation today from money made on the sale of 18 suites for the July 7th memorial at the Staples Center.

As we first reported, the L.A. City Attorney is investigating AEG for holding out on the donation -- and they believe AEG should pay for sanitation, transportation, street services and LAPD protection expenses, an amount which is estimated to go into the 7 figures.


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Also, yesterday I read that the LA Coroner has suspended release of the autopsy results 'indefinitely'. Which means nobody is getting paid for insurance policies just yet. Has anyone verified there was a drug overdose clause in the insurance policy for the London concert contract? I somehow doubt Lloyds of London would be so imprudent as to include one, given that they have been in business since 1688 and that the insuree was MJ. Lloyds would know a thing or two about how to write an insurance policy.

1912 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

may be a lone stranger in my belief on this one -- but I'm REALLY tired of the crap coming out of LA City Hall these days!

The way they acted in the days leading up to the Memorial and beyond:

with LAPD and Temp Mayor Perry and her-- "Stay home and watch it on TV"
then the City crying for donations to the fans--
then saying the fans donated *only* $17k when their *bleep* website wasn't in the 21st century,
to we're going after the family,
to we're going after AEG,
we're suing AEG to pay,
we're closing the website (but not returning the fans' money),
we want an accounting of the tax revenues from that weekend,
Mayor never authorized the donation website
we're looking into criminal actions,
LAPD got lunches for $50k from San Bern Co (80 miles away),
AEG is holding funds back.

etc etc etc

It's really *bleeping* ridiculous. They have wasted MORE tax dollars in all this round and round finger pointing and public begging than it would have cost the city to actually do their job and provide 'guidance' for the Memorial. I sure didn't see all this hub-bub over the Lakers' spontaneous fan celebration.

GIVE AEG a chance to do their accounting. Sheesh! Los Angeles' government is right up there with the Jackson family, as far as greed goes. TACKY TACKY TACKY!

1912 days ago


Let's CONNECT THE DOTS to AEG with the facts presentd by the media. Jermaine Jackson introduced Dr. Thome to Michael Jackson. Dr. Thome Thome became financial manager and president of of Michael Jackson Productions. Thome recently turned in $5.5 million that he was 'secretly keeping' for MJ. Thome rented the house Michael was living in and hired all of the security staff. Thome introduced MJ to his 'close person friend', Tom Barrack. Barrack's ranch is located five miles from Neverland. Neverland was bought out, May 2008, by Barrack.'s company, Colony Capital. Barrack introduced MJ to his associate, Philip Anschutz. Anschutz owns AEG, London's O2 Arena and the Staples Center. Anschutz and Barrack became AEG's chief promoters of the Michael Jackson tour. The promoters were having a dispute with MJ over the number of concerts scheduled to be performed. AEG's promoters had MJ insured by Lord's of Londson for $17 million. The policy stipulated they could collect if Micheal Jackson died from a 'drug overdose,' but not from natural causes. In May 2009, AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist, to personally attend to Jackson. Jackson was not known to have a history of heart disease. Murray admits to frequently administering Propofol to Jackson. AEG's Staple's Center is where MJ had his last rehearsal before suddenly dying by cardiac arrest in June 2009. AEG decided to host/control Michael Jackson's Memorial Service, July 2009, as a free ticketed event at the Staple's Center. The Exector's of Michael Jackson's Will recently stated that the terms of the Agreement between AEG and Michael Jackson cannot publicly be disclosed. Today, AEG is willing, ready and able to payoff the $90,000 owed to the L.A. Police Foundation. The plot thickens....

1912 days ago


If the story hadnt run they wouldnt have paid. The story was run and it got people asking questions. Some at AEG was hoping the people who bought those suites would forget.

1912 days ago


Only if the Jackson's asked for an escorts and road blocks,other wise they shouldnt have to pay anything.Let the city suck it up

1912 days ago



PM, your comment stuck out for me, I didn't even know it's you. I have been reading the boards. One more, hmm. One more doctor?

1912 days ago


It all doesn't matter, we will never know the truth.Too many evil people involved in all this. Mark my words the autopsy will come back accidental overdose. The LA police i'm sure aren't to keem with MJ. They have waited to long for all these raids and searches. Long enough for all involved to get rid of evidence. All these people doing interviews make me sick.Including the family.Everyone has a different story to tell. And their stories change from one interview to the next.I pray for MJ's children and may MJ finally find the peace he so deserves.

1912 days ago


ummm, if they had expenses over 7 figures (and they believe AEG should pay for sanitation, transportation, street services and LAPD protection expenses, an amount which is estimated to go into the 7 figures.), yet are only getting $90,000, why are they building a memorial with it? Last I knew, a check for 5 figures, does not bring the 7 figure down by much...

1912 days ago

Tony Clifton    

This is a nice gesture... but wasnt the L.A. Fire Department there in force also... Seems to me, I did see quite a few Fire Engines, Ambulances, and Firefighters walking around this massive crowd to insure that if anyone become injured or ill they would be taken care of.... They just didnt magically appear did they? Just because no one took sick, doesnt mean these men and women should not be heralded also. Their association has there own Disabled Firefighters fund also...

1912 days ago


Don't get me wrong, but didn't the tax payers of LA just fork over $1M + to pay for AEG to make a fortune on this funeral? I don't think $90,000 is going to cover that expense. Plus, that money should be going to social programs and where it was originally allocated not to build a statue. California is too broke to be running around building memorials and doing home improvements. AEG and the Jackson's can clearly afford to pay for the funeral, why should the tax payers be responsible? Make AEG pay all the money back.

1912 days ago


AEG is AEG and ATV is Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Grace, of course, the giving tree. What does LLM and LMF stand for? Chico? (hi!)

1912 days ago


90K? for a memorial????? with all due respects, this money could be put to a better use!!!!

1912 days ago



Posted at 12:15PM on Jul 31st 2009 by Puppet Master hint

Does someone know mexican? "The most, "ernal" review and vice"...

1912 days ago


I wouldnt blame the city. This is something AEG said they would do. Besides the city knows that AEG profited off the memorial. If AEG had no intentions of donating that suite money they never should have said it. Its really that simple.

1911 days ago


Fill in the blanks....Internal Revenue Service

1911 days ago
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