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Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed

7/31/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jackson Spent Last Hours in Doctor's Bed The reports that Michael Jackson spent the last night in his bedroom are not true -- we've learned Jackson spent his last hours in Dr. Conrad Murray's bedroom ... in Dr. Murray's bed.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell us Jackson did not want people going in and out of his room, so he used Dr. Murray's bedroom for his IV Propofol. We're told Dr. Murray administered the Propofol to Jackson hours before he died, while the singer lay in Murray's bed.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have been using his room almost nightly to administer Propofol to Jackson. Emergency workers found an IV stand, an empty IV bag and oxygen tanks in Dr. Murray's room. And as we first reported, the Monday after Jackson died, cops found a stash of Propofol and other drugs hidden in a closet connected to Dr. Murray's room.

We've already reported Dr. Murray left the room at some point when Jackson was receiving an IV drip of Propofol and may have fallen asleep. Cops believe by the time he awakened Jackson's heart may have already stopped beating.

We're told Dr. Murray was not in Jackson's house during the day. He would show up in the evening and leave in the morning. Law enforcement believes the doctor may have regularly gone to Jackson's home at night to administer Propofol so the singer could sleep.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray could have discovered Jackson sometime around 9 AM the day of his death. One theory cops are working under ... after discovering Jackson either in distress or dead, Dr. Murray called two employees at his medical office in Houston and told them to go to his storage unit and remove certain boxes. Both women told TMZ Dr. Murray did not call them but cops are dubious. The stories of the two women conflict -- one says a box of dirty needles was retrieved; the other says she went to retrieve a chair.

As for what may have been in the boxes, law enforcement is investigating whether Dr. Murray had Propofol delivered to his Houston medical office ... possibly put in his storage unit ... and then FedEx'd to Los Angeles as needed.

Dr. Murray rented the storage unit April 1 and the staff went back on 4 different occasions before Jackson's death.

We know when the DEA raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical office, they seized a rolodex card with FedEx information.

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1876 days ago


59. 34. Agree but it's possible the Rx in his son's name was actually for his son, too. Just sayin'.

Posted at 1:57AM on Jul 31st 2009 by Gotta catch up on my TMZ

I highly doubt narcotics were for his son. How come some of you MJ fans are in such denial? MJ was a junkie. Junkies are selfish, immature and only think of themselves. Not only was he a junkie, but he took a major leap and started using Propofol !
He was constantly loaded around his children. Do you think they should have seen this? Some father. He was a piece of trash.

Posted at 2:23AM on Jul 31st 2009 by ThinkAgain

Don't be in such a hurry to judge. You actually don't know if I am a fan or not, and I have no personal investment that would cause me to be in denial about anything concerning this case. I don't disagree, if the Rx was for narcotics. I didn't realize they had stated the detail of each prescription along with the alias and, as I mentioned before, have not caught up on all the stories.

1876 days ago



1876 days ago


So Jackson being in Murray's room (if true) explains a lot, such as the Propofol being near and handy, and the kids being kept away from the equipment. Question is - was Prince called into Murray's room or into Jackson's bedroom, after Jackson had been moved back there (by whom? Will an aide have to step forward)? It explains the employees' visit to the storage, and there needn't have been a call beforehand - the shipments could have been on a steady schedule.
According to the chef, Dr Murray came running downstairs and yelled for Prince Michael and security. When questioned as to whether Prince followed Murray back up the stairs, she said no. So from the chef's account, Prince stayed downstairs, and never saw them do CPR or anything else on Jackson. Why Murray called for Prince to begin with is still questionable.

1876 days ago


Dr Murray is a snake....Michael was long dead before the 911 call was made, In between that he calls LaQueef and LaQueer, and instructs them to start cleaning out incriminating evidence. And, these two hoodrats are more than happy to help the MURDERER. La Queef and LaQueer need to be investigated as well

1876 days ago


Hi, I'm your Mom! I haven't ever been there for you, but will sure be there to help you handle your finances!!!

1876 days ago


#60, Aston, you are so right on. It is going very difficult for a DA to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Murry did anything wrong. If Propofol goes through the body as quickly as it has been said, the likelihood that traces of it could be found in the autopsy are very slim. Without evidence of the drug in MJ's body, prosecution will be tricky.

I'm sure the Jackson family will file a civil suit against Murray, but he wasn't licensed to practice medicine in CA, so his malpractice insurer certainly won't be paying. Even if they get a judgment, they will most likely never get any money.

Right now, unfortunately, I think the LAPD is more focused on how many doctors they can nab for illegal narcotics distribution than simply dealing with the MJ investigation, which, IMHO, they have already screwed up.

Amazingly, some of the most substantive information about the day MJ died has come from the chef.

1876 days ago



Ever wonder how a child molestor who buys the silence of his victims can sleep at night?

Well, wonder no more. Introducing the Home Propofol Kit. Buy one kit at 19.95 and we'll thrown in a second, just pay shipping and handling.

But wait, there's more, act now and receive this free IV stand and an awesome auger.

Posted at 2:21AM on Jul 31st 2009 by OMG_STFU
This is funny :o)

1876 days ago


81. Dr Murray is a snake....Michael was long dead before the 911 call was made, In between that he calls LaQueef and LaQueer, and instructs them to start cleaning out incriminating evidence. And, these two hoodrats are more than happy to help the MURDERER. La Queef and LaQueer need to be investigated as well

Posted at 2:40AM on Jul 31st 2009 by LaLame brains

Oh, they'll spill when LE drags their arses in and interrogates them. How could Murray pay them especially if that office was closed? Maybe he wrote them scripts for resale.

1876 days ago


michael was no drug addict, if there was drugs they would come out with it simple and plan. but the bastards cant say drugs so there trying to blame it on propofol, which cant be traced, anything to tarnish his legacy. I believed michael was poisned or physically suffocated by someone in that house. I love You MORE Mchael!

# 47. kiss my ass!

1876 days ago


Can we all just...... Can we all just.... Can we all just sit down and have a "BEER"???

1876 days ago


60. I have no medical insights, but I guess it will be very difficult to decide what actually killed MJ. Murray admitted he administered Propofol, which - according to his lawyer "shouldn't have killed Jackson". If MJ had other substances in his system and there was nothing tangible like a blood clot in his heart, the patologist will have a hard time reaching a conclusion. Maybe he/she can tell if MJ collapsed due to lack of oxygen. My bet (but I don't bet, since all this is so sad) is that Murray will get some sentence for negligence and malpractice, but not murder or manslaughter.

Posted at 2:25AM on Jul 31st 2009 by aston
Unfortunately, according to Radar, the autopsy results are going to be delayed by at least another week.

1876 days ago


Maybe that UPS guy was delivering Propofol while they were doing the raid on his house. LE should have intercepted it.

1876 days ago


murray's behavior is truly REPREHENSIBLE!! MJ might as well have a trained monkey to watch over him!

it sounds like murray had more than 3 hours to cook up his cover-up, like wait until regular "business hours" to get the 2 women to hide his stash, so it looks like another day's work. SICK!!!!

1876 days ago


And lastly, MJ was performing as late as 2001 so all this "he peaked in the early 90's" crap is just that: crap. All you have to do is You tube "michael jackson" and you will come up with a treasure trove of videos, including 1997-98 for the HIStory tour so he was not performing THAT long ago.
Aww yes, from what's been reported, MJ was using propofol ALL the way back then too.

1876 days ago
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