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Audrina -- Burger? We Hardly Knew 'Er!

8/1/2009 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When you think of Audrina Patridge, only four things come to mind -- "The Hills," her ad for Carl's Jr. and her ...

Audrina Patridge

But Audrina told Fox411 that her family teases her about her ad for the fast food chain, saying, "Even my family, when I go home for BBQs, they're like, 'Audrina look at this!' and they make fun of me!"

First of all, Audrina has nothing to be ashamed of -- that commercial is hot. Secondly, what else is anyone supposed to talk to Audrina about? Global warming, race relations, the economy?

As the old saying goes -- if you got it, use it to sell teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapples.


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. She has got 2 all beef patties , wait scratch that 2 processed beef patties , special sauce, let us in please!!!, pickles (lots of them) bunions on her sassy- seeded buns.

1908 days ago

California Cowboy    

What is Carl's thinking? they must be trying to get males to eat their burgers.,,, come on Carls we women know that eating your fattening burgers is not going to give us that body! Carl's you need to fire your marketing staff!!!!! How dare you insult our intelligence!!!! Its 2009 not 1969!

1908 days ago


I'd take a bite out of her all right!

1908 days ago


what burger?

1908 days ago

Olympia Le Tan    

I've always kinda adored Audrina, not just cus shes got an amazing body butttttttt shes adorable and cluessless, and i am a girl. I like her style and her makeup and her dsyfunctional relationship with JB (is amusing) and that she totally couldnt careless what others think. its the american dream, she does nothing and makes money! (the american dream not my dream because i have an education) lol so obviously some people wont like her names cus clearly it pays more to be beautiful than it does to be smart...well until she hits 30 and then everyone will forget about Audrian cus there will be some NEW 23 year old eatin that burger!

AS for the Commercial, i think shes a SELL OUT. it doesnt make me want to buy a nasty burger, dripping with fat and greasy stuff and she KNOWS that its something she SHOULDN'T endorse cus she really doesnt EAT that type of food.

So i lose alot of my admiration for her. Obviously shes always been fake BUT who ever told her this was a good move was an idiot and thinkin about the money at the moment and NOT her future potential...go do a Playboy ad Audrian! Youve already done some nude least i can respect you selling out for a nudey magazine....but for a BURGER COMPANY wtf!

It might make some fat horny men go buy the burger and while they eat it they can imagine herrrrrr BUT for us women it makes us sick. I already decided i wouldnt watch the Hills after LC left and Kristin is annoying as well...but this seals it. Audrina your a sell out. you have enough money, at least endorse a spray tan, some bikini wear or shampoo...stuff we KNOW you use and not this "I love eating big burgers" tis a load of crap!

You are a joke!

1907 days ago


No bc you would want to be ask skinny as the person eating it and we all know they don't eat. they just drink alcohol and party every night.

1906 days ago
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