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Jessica Simpson --

Dates Cowboys,

Is An Indian

8/2/2009 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson insists she is not an Indian giver -- but that she is, in fact, an Indian. Huh?

Jessica Simpson -- play video
Simpson angered some Native American groups when she told us earlier this week she wasn't an Indian giver -- after we asked her if she would take back a boat she bought ex-BF Tony Romo as a gift.

When we asked her about the comment last night outside of Katsuya in Hollywood, she told us, "I am Indian, alright?"

Her Indian name would be She Who Does Not Speak Good.


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enough talk kemosabe, me want liquor its 1:30 and me not drunk yet bad nvwadohiyadv

1844 days ago


people say its wrong to drink with indians first thing in the morning.
thats why i don't get up till noon.
i'd make an exception for jessica and drink with her anytime of day

1844 days ago


Jessica's "Indian" (as she calls herself) name would be "Woman with huge ass like horses." I am so glad Tony dumped her ass. Let's see how the next guy she throws herself at fares with her needy self.

1844 days ago

who dat    

I don't care about this. Jessica has the most amazing breasts & prefers anal sex. How much better does it get.

1844 days ago


She claims, "I am Indian." I tried to find exactly what blood she may carry. I don't doubt she could have a drop in there, as I have a status Haida daughter who is blonde as the sun. Might be time for her to attend some functions, talk to elders, learn some lessons and honor her people maybe...

1844 days ago

A. Whitehorse    

Excuse me, TMZ! I'm Native American and I grew up on a reservation and I just wanted to point out to your article that when you say things like, "Her indian name would be----", that is offensive to me. Nothing irritates me more when people know I'm Native American and then they start making up "Indian Names" for each other, right in front of me!! Native American names are not something that is a joke. My last name is Whitehorse and I'm proud of it. Please find a different way to pick on Jessica Simpson ok? Oh and about her saying that she is Native American, everyone that I meet ALWAYS says they are Native American, then they follow up with the whole, "I'm Cherokee" thing. She's as much Native as I am White, lol...Have a Nice Day TMZ!!!

1844 days ago


does anyone even care bout this girl anymore, when celebs become irrelevant let them stay that way

1844 days ago


A. Whitehorsem
my Indian name is whitedudeindanvirgintaker

1844 days ago

Athletes suck    

Your trying too hard & it's not working. Do you not think for one moment that there would not be pics or a mention that he came out by himself if in the same establishment.
Yup your right once a cheater always a cheater problem is its not Jessica. Now take your little buddies off to play somewhere else. Your setting up twitter accounts with making it look like sightings & your being silly.

1844 days ago


13. your photogs are the worse.. no tact and no basic understanding of the English language. I cringe every time I have to listen to them. Send them to basic grammar if anything.

Posted at 11:24AM on Aug 2nd 2009 by o z m e d

Pot meet kettle.

Have you any idea how many grammatical errors are in YOUR post, you semiliterate? It's "worst," not "worse" (unless you wish to add a noun following the adjective). And "[s]end them to basic grammar ...???" REALLY? Exactly where, pray tell, IS "basic grammar?" Is it a town in Idaho? If it isn't a LOCATION, it is impossible for one to be SENT there. You are certainly in no position to critique anyone's grammar since you write in the manner of a second-grade dropout.

1844 days ago

Athletes suck    

I think way too much is being made of this. Pretty soon there will be no language to speak because any word that comes out your mouth is up for discussion. We will all be mutes!

People get a life please. Free speach & let it go.. It hasn't cause a death or a murder something you shoudl be worried about & this is not one of them.

1844 days ago


I'm Chinese and I don't fly off the handle every time someone asks me if I like rice. Jeesh!

1844 days ago

Love the Lawyer    

"Indian giver" was first cited in John Russell Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms (1860)[2] as "Indian giver. When an Indian gives any thing, he expects to receive an equivalent, or to have his gift returned." **From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Indian giver is playground slang for a child who takes back a gift after he or she has bestowed it on someone. The term has its roots in the 18th century when white settlers in North America became confused over Native American systems of trade and barter.
Native Americans, without a system monetary currency, conducted trade via barter. To an Indian, the giving of gifts was an extension of this system of trade and a gift was expected to be reciprocated with something of equal value. Europeans, upon encountering this practice, misunderstood it, considering it uncouth and impolite. To them, trade was conducted with money and gifts were freely given with nothing expected in return. So this native practice got a bad reputation among the white colonists of North America and the term eventually became a playground insult.

1844 days ago


The term "Indian gift" was first noted in 1765 by Thomas Hutchinson, and "Indian giver" was first cited in John Russell Bartlett's Dictionary of Americanisms (1860) as "Indian giver. When an Indian gives any thing, he expects to receive an equivalent, or to have his gift returned."

And #16 we'll call them INDIANS if we want to. Native American technically is a NATIVE of AMERICA... which means all of us who where born here in the USA are Native Americans. So where the f-ck is my casino, free land and tax free cigarettes?!?!?

1844 days ago


if your Indian.........then, I 'm African American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB-ASS-BLONDE-BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1844 days ago
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