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Jessica Simpson --

Dates Cowboys,

Is An Indian

8/2/2009 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson insists she is not an Indian giver -- but that she is, in fact, an Indian. Huh?

Jessica Simpson -- play video
Simpson angered some Native American groups when she told us earlier this week she wasn't an Indian giver -- after we asked her if she would take back a boat she bought ex-BF Tony Romo as a gift.

When we asked her about the comment last night outside of Katsuya in Hollywood, she told us, "I am Indian, alright?"

Her Indian name would be She Who Does Not Speak Good.


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Jess Simpson is a cheating whore!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Jessica was there with John Mayer and John is still
dating her once a cheater always a
cheater. ;))))))))

1916 days ago


Indian people are really smart and hold lots of positions within our American Corporations. I am sure that they are highly offended that their name is also used to refer to that group of drunk indigenous people from North America.

1916 days ago


This PC CRAP is just ridiculous! ENOUGH ALREADY!! Get over yourselves! You(Indians) aint that important. I'm half Indian, and find it Insulting that a hand full of Indians(REAL?) could be insulted by anything remotely close to this. If you don't like it, LEAVE!!

1916 days ago


By the way: Could all of you PLEASE learn how to spell, or at least learn how to use "spell check"? Your ridiculous spelling just KILLS any sense of credibility that you think you may already have! How FUNNY!

1916 days ago

you must stupid    

Yes my fat is sitting on MY land. I am Native American. Sounds like you might be alittle educated Lance.

Posted at 1:52PM on Aug 2nd 2009 by Miia

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. You'reh as "native american" as Chris Rock :)

My name is Jackson btw, dumbass

1916 days ago

you must stupid    

Nothing like accusing someone of bigotry while applying your own bigotted comment as well. Brilliant as always TMZ

1916 days ago


She looks good on this shot. ahh I miss her sweet and innocent days.

1916 days ago

Politico Pablo    

This women is way over rated as an intertainer and has been reduced to booking small audiences venues.. The only good thing you can say about her performances is that she does not lip sing to prerecorded tracks, which explains her floundering vocals. Things can only get better from here for her.

1916 days ago


Wow you cannot say anything anymore with offending some group.Indian giver is not a slur against Native Americans. All she meant was she wouldn't take back the expenisive boat she bought Tony and she was correct to say she is not an Indian Giver.I would have said the same thing and so would most people. How is that offensive in any way?? She should take back the boat if he really did dump the day before her big Birthday part.What a major Jerk! She will be fine she's beautiful and she can have any guy she wants.

1916 days ago


And as for the 'blonde' comments about's all clear as can be....on the bottle she uses, so let's not even get into her being a 'Native American' blonde....lmao, omg, she's so dumb I'm sure even her hair hurts!

1916 days ago


#11, you pissed out your 1/8th out Indian. You jerk. Understand the term - The US government placed American Indians on "Indian land" and they took it away, they did it again and again - Yes if may mock white people, hence the tern... but it affected Indians, so yes it is offensive.
The US gov. is trying to do it again today – Natives have tapped into the casino, cigarette and gas business and are using their profit for their tribes and people. They pay health care for the older ones, housing schooling and other things so they are not dependent on welfare…
Thousands of Indians died when moved for places to place, here in the US, not overseas or China or Japan but here…. Indians do not trust white people or white government. So yes it is a horrible term.
As for Jessica being an Indian, everyone claims they are -please if she is show us your card, and don’t just say Cherokee, everyone’s says they are Cherokee.

1916 days ago

Herpes Ho Hilton    

Top 3 choices for simpson's *Indian* name:
1. Dumb As Rocks
2. Skin of Many Moles
3. Daughter of Papa Perv

1916 days ago


""9. Cherokee Princess,
Howwwww me white man, now u put down alcohol drink and learn your history. We no steal land we give Chief cigarettes and beads for land.

Posted at 11:10AM on Aug 2nd 2009 by rick""


1916 days ago


People have got to start getting off this crap and stop turning every little comment into a racist issue. I'm staring to loose my patience with this crap.

1916 days ago


I am algonquin and cree and i am really not offended by jessica simpson saying what she did...whatever people say things...some of the comments here are annoying tho,..anyways!!! its my bday today!!! i think im gonna get drunk! HA!

1916 days ago
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