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Meet Jude Law's Baby Mama

8/2/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Burke, Jude Law's pregnant lady friend, introduced herself to the world yesterday -- literally.

Samantha told a throng of reporters, "Hi, I'm Samantha Burke" -- and then her lawyer read a brief statement before Samantha asked everyone to respect her privacy.

Burke is expecting a daughter on October 6.


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Homo Manwhores    

For looking and acting like such a buttboy, Jude Law is certainly one busy Manwhore

1855 days ago


I thought that was Commander Data behind her.

1855 days ago


There's no way she's due October 6! I'm due the exact same day and I have her body build, yet I'm waaayyy more round in the belly than her. she looks like she's no more than 5 months along

1855 days ago


Who do she really think she is to be holding a press confrence Angelina Jolie? Nobody knows you if you were walking down the street you blasted yourself telling everybody you were impregnanted by hot d@ck on a stick and he is a has been whore so nothing suprises us. He had sex with his wife nanny get real. You are just going to collect child support for acting like dogs in heat.

1854 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

It seems that He didn't know that condom can be the best money sécurity and insurance against these kind of rapacious.

Can't say "poor jude!" You always get what you want!.... when you don't use protections, you don't have protection against ravenings.

He was weak and he was trapped that the game you win- you loose... Everybody knows that the winners use condoms, that's why they are!

1854 days ago


Very irresponsible of both of them. Jude should just go ahead and get sterlized. As if his behavior isn't reckless and embarrassing enough, here comes his one night stand to embarrass him even further! This woman will never, ever look like anything more than loose and sleazy, who sleeps with men without protection after only having known them for a few days because they are so blinded by prospects of fame and fortune. No one from the movie/modeling industries in Hollywood or in New York will ever take her seriously, well, maybe a producer who wants to bang her on their casting couch. You're not in a relationship with someone you've only known a few days before you sleep with them. Bringing a child into what is basically a one night stand that Jude probably barely remembers and then holding a press conference identifying yourself is just kinda tacky and sad. But what else can you expect from a girl who sleeps around and has dreams of becoming the next Cindy Crawford.

1854 days ago


WHO CARES ????? "hollywood" is such a pathetic joke these days.............................................95% of everyone in it is simply zero.

1854 days ago


unless she's dumb enough to starve herself and the baby , because of all the hate piled on women who dont look like match sticks, {even pregnant ones}

1854 days ago

CB - USA    

Goldigger!! Jude is old enough and stupid enough to allow this to happen? Maybe this will be a wake call for him. This is a complete set up, she's delibrately pregnant and soaking it for all it's worth. I fell really bad for his children. Who goes in front of a camera and asked for privacy - I think not. It's all about the publicity. She saw her opportunity and took it.

1853 days ago

Blanche Blanche    

Hey, Jude...

1853 days ago


Can we all say "Gold Digger"! Press conference to plead for Privacy just a PR stunt to get her face in the papers. Great job Jude in picking this one to sleep with. Now you will have to pay up for the next 18 years or more for child support. Last chance to get out of this, maybe get a DNA test and hope that you were not the only one she was sleeping with.

1852 days ago
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