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Jacko's Kids Get Booked

8/3/2009 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's sons Michael Jr. (in red) and Prince Michael (in blue) and their entourage were spotted going to an L.A. bookstore this weekend.


On Monday, a judge named Katherine Jackson permanent guardian of all three of Michael's children.


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When Princess Diana died the British press had the decency to let William and Harry have their childhoods in peace.

American press please have the same decency and LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE!!!!!!

1905 days ago


Yes please leave Michaels children alone! MJ did hide their faces because of the media. Michael wanted his children to have as close to a normal life as they could get! I believe Michael is the bio-father to them,they do look like him when he was younger! Those children have always been dressed nice,and clean. Michael loved his children and they loved him it has shown! The media would never leave MJ alone and i believe that was also part of his down fall,how the media always judged and ridiculed him without knowing facts!! Michael would not his children exploited like this!! RIP Michael

1905 days ago


Leave them alone. Please. They deserve that much.

1905 days ago


you thought that little can like the hair like this? that cruelty! is a child. respect it. is unable to do so with the father try to meet the children. Your hair? would not be ridiculous for someone too? I do not believe this is happening.

1905 days ago


#38--THANK YOU. I totally agree with you.

1905 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

I agree -- don't hound the children-- but at the same time (as someone before said) all the surrogate aunts and uncles (fans) want to make sure that **his** children are okay. Personally, I could care less about the rest of the family.

But one thing-- who is dressing these children? Michael would be horrified to see them out so sloppy. I can see the uncle might be the contender for the one who allowed them out like that. C'mon. They are children and they shouldn't have to wear suits and dresses but, at least they could brush their hair and tuck in their shirts. Maybe they came from the beach?

Or am I the only one who thinks this?

1905 days ago


I feel so sorry for all three of them, my heart hurts, I hope that they won’t be chased by photographers, let them try to heal, because whatever evil things people say about MJ I know they love their Daddy. Please don’t call MJ Jacko, he didn’t like it.

1905 days ago


I pray these kids will have a blessed, peacefull and wonderful life. Now, lets just leave them alone and check back with them in about 10 years. May the Peace of God surround them and His Angels keep watch over them all the days of their lives. Amen and Amen!
Why is Blanket's hair a concern to anyone? If he was bald from an illness I bet you would have something to say about that too! Get a GRIP!

1905 days ago


"His Hair is his STRENGTH! Please! let thembe kids, his Daddy had long hair......He could hide behind it when he didn't want to be seen sooooooooooooo...enough withthe HAIR THING!

1905 days ago


Blank has beautiful hair, why should it be cut? As long as its clean, and taken care of it looks beautiful..Remember, these children can;t grown nappy afros,they are not dont try to make them something they are not

1905 days ago


49. Blank has beautiful hair, why should it be cut? As long as its
clean, and taken care of it looks beautiful..Remember, these children
can;t grown nappy afros,they are not dont try to make them
something they are not
Ummm... agree there... BUT they are at least half-black actually... hope you're not trying to start ish...

1905 days ago


Those people who keep on attacking Michael and his kids, get a life. Michael has done a great job parenting - his kids turned up normal, intelligent, well-behaved and very decent. Michael has also saved their childhood memories with him in their home videos - the kids will surely treasure this and will keep the fond memories with their famous dad. It's not the first time that the kids went out without masks. There were also pictures shown with Michael going out with his kids - unmasked. He started going out with them unmasked the last few years. And i personally believe that these are Michael's biological kids (look at their features and his features in his younger age). Anyway, Michael is every inch their father - his name is stated on their birth certificates, he had them since they were born, he personally brought them up, he instilled the real family values during their life together. Thank you, Michael for being such a wonderful person.

1905 days ago


OH GOD! PLEASE do not use this expression MJ Jacko, they do not like that there is feeling sad for the children. PLEASE ...
APPLIES. I do not want nothing else READ THIS NEWSPAPER. I DO NOT support this. Very cruel. COMPLIANCE WITH MJ as a person, human being American citizens. The whole world CHORIS DEATH OF THIS MAN ... WORLD IN WHICH YOU ARE NOT understand the importance of MJ FOR MUSIC AND THE WORLD?

1905 days ago


Blanket loves his hair. I think he would throw a fit if someone wanted to cut it. Anyways, it makes him stand out more than the rest. See how much everyone is talking abuot him already? That boy has individuality just like his father and I like that!

1905 days ago


Just how long can a 79 year old be a "permanent guardian"/ What then? Does Jermaine get them so he can make a few buck off of them?

1905 days ago
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