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Jessica Simpson --

Part Indian,

Part Mysterious

8/3/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson
When Jessica Simpson looked into our camera this weekend and claimed, "I am Indian" -- she wasn't kidding around.

Jessica's rep tells TMZ the singer is 1/16th Native American "on her mother's side."

So far, Simpson's peeps have not revealed which tribe Jessica is descended from.

Of course, the revelation only came to light after Jessica started receiving criticism from Native American groups after she claimed she wasn't an "Indian giver" -- regarding a gift she bought Tony Romo.


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Alan C    

#11 - we want to be like her ?! Oh come on! Are you freekin' serious? She is a blonde stupid twit of a girl who cannot manage to get a cohesive sentence out of her mouth with directions . . . all she ever does is walk out of restaurants after porking down, then gets all upset when people call her out for getting fat (which she did) and then belly aches when we she gets called out again for opening her blonde-airhead-mouth with more stupid comments! So NO - i am sure most of do not want to be her! I am very happy with my intelligence and ability to call it like it is . . . she is an IDIOT! Her career achievements are only because of the television series - since then she really has not contributed anything worth mentioning and certainly not that relationship with Tony Romo. I think he was right to dump that dippy twit! I cannot imagine trying to hold a conversation with her? At least she was probably eating half the time so that must have been a relief for Tony! No we do not want to be her!

1813 days ago


LOL...that is good one. Hey you never these days. I heard some crazy stories out in Indian country these days and this is just another one.

1812 days ago


Soon we will not be able to speak without offending someone.

1812 days ago


Could it be taken offensive..sure . Im Indian myself and find it far more offensive the lack of attention to the real plights to Natives...the fight for water, land,schooling,freedom of religion and to be honest just the basic rights so many others take for granted. But I guess that doesnt sell as well....
And yes in response to NYC123 an amazing amount of people "become" Indian when the they think money is involved! lol

1812 days ago


I am an enrolled Native American, and I do know which Tribe! Jessica's comments really offend me not only because they are ignorant and flippant, but also because she can't just own up to her mistake and make an honest apology. Instead, she made things worse by claiming to be an American Indian! What a joke! Even if she does happen to have a 1/16 blood quantum, I bet she has never admitted it until now; and only did so now that it suits her purposes! It's more likely that it is rumored that her mother has a little Indian blood, and it's quite obvious that the family has never cared to know more about it. Additionally, I really take offense when the person spewing that crap really doesn't even know what the hell they are saying. I'm sure she does not understand the history behind what she said; let's face it, she thought "Chicken of the Sea" came from real chickens! I also become offended when others say things like this are minor and that they really don't bother Natives; YES STUPID COMMENTS LIKE THIS BOTHER MANY OF US!! Just because our collective makes up the smallest minority in the country does not mean that we don't care about the snide comments made by ignorant people like Ms. Simpson. Really people, wouldn't we be having a different conversation/opinion about this scenario if she used the "N" word and claimed to be of that race? I cannot think of ONE tribe that would enroll an individual with a 1/16 blood quantum; Jessica Simpson a Native American? Not even a little bit! Grow up Jessica! Admit your mistake and apologize!

1812 days ago


S0, I bet her Grandma was full blood Cherokee, like all white people say.
And then they do not know how to calculate.

1811 days ago


"What in the world is wrong with saying "Indian giver"?...Who gives a crap...I would like to know how this offends Indians. I am Indian and I say it and so do a lot of my friends. I am so sick of this "politically correct" business. Come on people. Why is this so offensive?"

I think it has to do with the fact that native americans are often portrayed as making deals and going back on their word when historically, it was the white people who made treaties with the indians and renenged on the deal. That's why the term "indian giver" is so offensive because it stereotypes behaviors in indians that whites were actually guilty of. OTOH, I'm white, but I learned this fact while doing some research for a class project.

1802 days ago


Simpson is one of the names on the American Indian rolls. I found my Choctaw ancestors in the Armstrong Rolls; they got off the rolls in 1831. My father told me of American Indian blood in the family but that was when i was 14, the last time i saw him. He had told my mother it was Cherokee but in that short visit he mentioned two tribes, both starting with "ch". I am finding more and more clues in my research; he was right. Maybe she thinks she is 1/16 because that is all she has found so far. Many in Tx. are part Indian. Yes I look it. I am a Heinz 57. Nobody is paying me to be an Indian. Plenty ran out to marry an Indian after 1900 when the money was attached to it so they may have a little Indian in them but they are stomping around bragging about it when those of us who had ancestors who actually were Indians are now just "white trash." What scares the hell out of some people I think is that you will find out how many Whites are actually a "minority" and that we had to work our butts off. My mother's people are Tx German Pioneers; they were descriminated against horribly even though they lost their most beloved in WW11 fighting for this country. My father said "the real Indians are on the Reservation". True. Unfortunately he didn't meet the ones who married someone still on the Rolls who might have a fraction of Native American blood in them and then either dumped a Cherokee woman after he got his "standing" and his money or like the Hispanic kid who told me his father didn't want to be a "Mexican" anymore so he dumped this young man's mother and all 8 kids to run out to Az and marry an Indian so now he is the proud "Indian". Oh was I ridiculed for being a "wanna be"; then I started finding my American Indian blood verifying for myself by the census records, etc. etc. etc. and the ones who called me the "wanna be" were still searching for it and couldn't find it even thought their father was born on a Reservation. Before you criticize us who were so d*** sympathetic with all the minorities all through the generations in our own families just to be descriminated against ourselves, make sure you know what you are talking about.

1182 days ago


The term "Indian giver" here in Texas as I always heard it and I am an old Texas woman-64 years old-LOL-the dates for entry to subscribe aren't even listed on the TMZ website; apparently I am in the fossil community- the term Indian giver here in Texas has always referred to the White man who did not follow through on promises to the Indians. There were good and bad Indians here as there were good and bad White men. I hate to hear when a moron teacher told a student the exact opposite and mislead a young person in order to look more "politically correct." I don't know Jessica Simpson's songs or any of the young singers from a pet rock but the fact that she was criticized for
something that is an expression that was said in well meaning and it was interpreted incorrectly is sad.

1181 days ago


One more comment and I will shut up: a cousin contacted through geneology research said that her Cherokee gggrmo died on the trail of tears. We might have people on the Rolls today. That is not what i need; to me they are people. If you can't say you are "part Indian" then I guess you can't say you are "part Scott", part Welsh, part Jewish by blood; part this or part that. There is such a thing as "White Trash"; they fight chickens, abuse their animals; deal drugs; the things they do to their families / children are unspeakable. I am not in that category. My family had its problems but they had a tremendous sense of values towards others, not necessarily towards me. I survived the scapegoat mark in more places than one; i am one strong individual and did not take it out on my children; no matter how poor we were their comforts were always met. One family whose father was born on a Reservation is all of the negative above statements and my one son was a target of theirs. Here we just want to know our ancestors, regardless of race or creed and to know our Native American (American Indian heritage and yes the blood).

1178 days ago
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