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Katherine Jackson -- It Wasn't 'Natural Causes'

8/3/2009 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson spoke for the first time about her son's death last night on Geraldo -- calling in to say "My son is dead and I don't think he just died of natural causes. He's too young. Something happened."

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch
MJ's mother also denied her husband, Joe, is banned from their Encino home and said Michael's children, who she currently has custody of, are "doing fine."

The family is expected in court this morning -- we'll be there, live streaming the whole thing.


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Mrs. Jackson's words and demeanor are very appropriate; of course she cannot state anything other than generalizations, lest she compromise the investigation (such that it is), court proceedings, etc. What I would love to know is how does she look that good at age 79?!?! Damn fine gene pool or something!

1878 days ago


According to the bio I am reading, KJ had many assets, most of which originated with MJ, including real estate worth a great deal. However, these may not have been liquid assets (therefore the statement that she only had social security income).

1878 days ago


Why is she calling that show. You'd think she'd just be quiet. These people just can't help fueling the fire.

1878 days ago


61. #11-------------------DON'T forget that Katherine, ever the loving mother, called her attorney no more than two (2) hours after Michael was declared dead, and wanted to meet with him to protect her interest in Michael's estate. HER SON, hadn't even been dead TWO hours!!!!!!!!! She met with the attorney at the compound later on that night. THEN she called Grace, the former nanny, about where money might be hidden. All the greedy old woman needed to do was look in the mirror to find who had his money.

As far as the jewlery was concerned, Michael said he did not buy jewlery, he bought jewlery only to give to his MOTHER and Elizabeth Taylor.

I have no respect for Geraldo as a jorunalist. He always has a hidden agenda, and is known for sensationalizing a story with embellished details. He's an attorney, too. It is to his benefit to keep bringing up details that are unfounded and off the wall. I don't believe Michael had contact with any of the Jackson's other than Katherine, and that was by phone. He wanted them all to just leave him alone. Geraldo, Jermaine, and Joe are all friends, hense Geraldo was no friend of Michael's.


The family saying that they had no access to him is totally BS. Three weeks before his death, MJ was at a family party for his parent's 60th anniversary. If my brother is a drug addict, and I haven't had access to him, the minute he walked in the door, he would be pinned up against the wall. Joe Jackson also has said he had a recent meeting with Michael at a hotel. Their non access claim is a lie.

1878 days ago


66. According to the bio I am reading, KJ had many assets, most of which originated with MJ, including real estate worth a great deal. However, these may not have been liquid assets (therefore the statement that she only had social security income).

Posted at 11:35AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Danger Baby


Yes, and she and Joe pissed it all away, just like their son, and had to claim bankruptcy.

1878 days ago


55. If MJ did die of natural causes, AEG could not collect on the $25 million dollar life insurance policy. Just thought I'd mention that.

Posted at 11:16AM on Aug 3rd 2009 by Danger Baby
FYI AEG lawyers are in the courtroom, CNN is reporting.

1878 days ago


Oh, yea, oh-so-sweet and adorable grandmother* who's had multiple facelifts and so desperately wants to hold onto the two older "cash cows" so she doesn't have to eat pork n' beans, again. It would appear all of the family is mentally sick on some level and, needless to say, delusional. What killed Michael Jackson? His insatiable appetite for pharmaceutical drugs, illicit drugs(?), and the yummy nighty-night self-concocted sleep aid, Propopol or Diprivan!!!! Ultimately, it is Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson (only) who is responsible for his own death. Debbie Rowe's older children should have been removed from his physical care during the child molestation trial (evidence on record which is only now revealed). Again, society (law enforcement) let two more children down and now they will be raised by the same family who helped destroy the emotional, psychological, and physicall wellbeing of their own creepy son who materially supported them all these years.

*a snake-in-the-grass who unconditionally supports her creep husband of 60 years who repeatedly beat their children before her very own eyes to control them for his material needs on earth.

1878 days ago

haven here    

#54---------------------Yes, it is admirable for a child to want to take care of their mother, however, with Katherine Jackson it tended to include taking care of nearly all his siblings and their children, too. AND, I never heard anything about JANET with her millions contributing, nor Marlon, nor Tito, nor Jackie, nor LaToya, nor the devil Jermaine,. Katherine used Michael to help all her shiftless kids and she never seemed to care that he was having to sell off his assets to keep her going. Randy suffers from lingering head injury problems received in his car accident, so I can understand Katherine and Michael wanting to help him, but this MOTHER used her son Michael in a shameful way to benefit herself and her other children who wouldn't work. Katherine used the love Michael had for her, and she doesn't even seem to regret doing so, and with his death she appears to be content to do so in a like manner. Of course his death wasn't from natural causes it was from being eaten to death by the vulturous Jackson family. Drugs and booze blur reality and allow what is too horrific to think about to be coped with, at least for awhile.

1878 days ago

haven here    

At the very least Katherine Jackson could have introduced Michael to her plastic surgeon. Whomever she used has done a good job on her face, even to putting the cleft in her chin. This old woman is never going to die. The greed of the Jackson family will keep her on life support until she is the oldest semi-living person in the world and all the while making claims that she opens her eyes and smiles every once in a while. I think I will contact Lloyd's of London to see if I can take out a policy on her with pay off if she dies before 110 years old.

1878 days ago


YO....MAMA...he didn't die of natural causes........he was a JUNKIE!.........LMAO

1878 days ago


If she's such a devout Jehovah's Witness, why did she utter an expletive on national TV? Isn't that against her religion. Sounds like she uses the tenets of her religion only when it's convenient for her. Watch this woman -- she's uneducated, greedy, potentially (emotionally) abused by her husband, and perhaps it's best she keep silent because she just showed she's not qualified to control MSs estate. My goldfish are smart enough to know that MJ didn't die of natural causes. Did she really have to say that? Also, she's hurting herself by saying Joe is very active with the grandchildren and not barred from the house. MS is probably turning over in his casket since he doesn't have a grave to turn over in!! Why aren't they concentrating on burying him?

1878 days ago

show me the $$    

"I don't think he just died of natural causes. He's too young. Something happened."

And this is the woman who wants to control a billion dollar estate. If she's as quick on the draw handling his money as she is with her thought processes, those kids will eventually be broke. I feel for the woman, she lost her son. But she has no business controlling his affairs. It's obvious to me now that MJ supported the whole family. I guess 40% isn't enough for them, they want it all.

1878 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Earth to the Jackson family....This just in....if you're a drug adict, you're gonna die too young. No foul play involved, just a junkie with too much money.

1878 days ago


MJ was a drug addict. You're a drug addict whether you abuse prescription drugs of ones off the street. How stupid you are!
You are one of those people who talk down to people who are addicted to street drugs but yet don't see anything wrong with having your doc prescribe you your pills that you HAVE to have. GIVE ME A BREAK!!

And by the way MJ HIMSELF said in a videotaped deposition that he was ADDICTED!!!!

God you're stupid!!!!!

1878 days ago


Katherine has been quiet for the last month and has watched vicious and evil people spread lies about her son and family. I'm glad she is finally coming out.
I hope this douchbag of a doctor goes to jail for murder. No doctor should be fueling someone's addiction. He should have let Michael get it off the street like any other addict. And I bet if it came to that Michael would have seeked help.

1878 days ago
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