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Katherine Jackson -- It Wasn't 'Natural Causes'

8/3/2009 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson spoke for the first time about her son's death last night on Geraldo -- calling in to say "My son is dead and I don't think he just died of natural causes. He's too young. Something happened."

Katherine Jackson: Click to watch
MJ's mother also denied her husband, Joe, is banned from their Encino home and said Michael's children, who she currently has custody of, are "doing fine."

The family is expected in court this morning -- we'll be there, live streaming the whole thing.


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haven here    

Branca said he agreed with Katherine Jackson that money could be quickly made for Michael Jackson's estate by the books written to be quickly re-released. How is that project coming along?

I would like to suggest that Stacy Brown be encouraged to release the book he wrote with Jermaine Jackson titled "Legacy," which gives absolute support to LaToya's words and more.

"Growing Up In The Jackson Family, by LaToya Jackson" Probably told it like it was.

"Family Values, Memories of Madness," by Margaret Maldonardo Jackson. Real insight into the dysfuntional family.

"My Family, The Jacksons." by Katherine Jackson.
In this book she reveals she, too, like Joe, believes in corporal punishment for kids, however, she wasn't as harsh as Joe because she has an easier going personality, yet, she says she will not ever allow any back talk or sass from a child.

"Moonwalk," by Stacy Brown and Michael Jackson. Not much here except fluff, maybe a few insights.

"Janet," by Janet Jackson. Some revelations as to how she was forced to become an entertainer by Joe, and lack of Katherine supporting her against her father.

Michael might have been the saner of all members of the Jackson family. Strange, huh?

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I hate when people ask such stupid questions gosh, how are you and the kids faring? Everyone is devastated and will be devastated just because the kids arent in a corner crying all day doesnt mean anything. They will live with the loss and the pain forever that really truly never goes away. Its nice that their not thinking about it too much and just being kids and getting their mind off it and having fun, its also nice that their surrounded by so much family. Geraldo makes me mad sometimes, what is she supposed to say oh were all so happy, come on they lost a member of their family.

1876 days ago


She is certainly defending Joe! This notion that Joe would abuse MJ's kids is a stretch. Sure he may have been a disciplinarian father, but lets face it MJ wounldn't have been as successful as he was if it hadn't been for Joe. And as for Joe pressuring Katherine, I don't believe that for a second. Katherine, I believe is more than capable of getting her way and calling the shots for the family.

1876 days ago


The coroner on Elvis' autopsy classified Elvis' use of prescription drugs as "polypharmacy". Meaning there was a of variety of prescription drugs taken. MJ (probably) practiced polypharmacy, too. He was an addict.
I don't buy into the argument that others kept his family from him, I believe it was only Michael's choice for whatever his reason. This was a 50 year old man, he went to family gatherings when he chose, went out Dr. shopping, no one was telling him what he could or couldn't do.
AND please, quit comparing Michael Jackson to Jesus. Some of these MJ fanatics are crazy as hell.

1876 days ago


Yeah...I am agree too!

1876 days ago


Geez, people. Have some compassion. The woman lost her son, her son who was the most famous person on the planet! It is a parents worst nightmare to have your child go before you.

Pray for Katherine, her road is not an easy one right now.

RIP Michael, we love you more.

1876 days ago


## 84 i want to hear more about this.... "I would like to suggest that Stacy Brown be encouraged to release the book he wrote with Jermaine Jackson titled "Legacy," which gives absolute support to LaToya's words and more."

1876 days ago


I have not posted on this thread at all..

The real DELLA...

thank you ...

1876 days ago


I wonder why KJ would make the comment that she did in regards to her son's death. Of course he didn't die a natural death! Duh!!
Have watched the circus that has been MJ.s since his death. And no he was not murdered. His body was probably saturated with all the drugs he had been taking over the years. And if it was Propofol that was administered by Dr.Murray that drug reacted with the other drugs that were in his system. If Dr. Murray had been a better doctor, he would have checked to see if MJ had been on any other "medication" before administering the Propofol. In fact if he had been a REALLY good doctor, he would have refused what MJ asked. Had he had any scruples he would have walked out & never come back & reported MJ. In the beginning I wondered why Dr. Murray didn't do the right thing. Everything was made clear when it was reported that he was eyeball deep in debt. Guess the $150,000.00 a month & his financial situation made him throw his career out the window. Like MJ he created the situation he found himself in.

As for don't know squat. No one and I mean no one knows everything. Your delusional if you think that. I'm just taking pot shots but your comments sounded a bit self-righteous. We ALL have the free will to do good or bad. Except for the music industry, MJ really didn't have that much impact on the world in general. All most people remember about him was how lighter his skin was getting through the years & the facial transformations that reduced him to looking less like MJ & more like a clown. He had issues that manifested itself by the facial reconstructions. It was like he was trying to eradicate the old MJ & create a new MJ. No one knew the real MJ, not even himself.

All religions are false in the eyes of God. Religions were instituted by man not God. By the way, I'm not an atheist. I believe in God. But I don't need a religion for that. Religion merely tells someone how you believe in God. All God wants from us is to be happy & to help each other in times of need. So far we have failed ourselves & God by our actions, words & deeds. He told Adam & Eve that they & their decedants had dominion over the earth. As I look at it mankind gets an "F", God should pull a Donald Trump & say "YOUR FIRED." A.K.A. the end of the world.

We should all put MJ to rest & get on with our lives. What we say or don't say is moot as this point. Everyone, just not the doctors, should be held accountable for their actions. Their enabling MJ with his drug addiction instead of turning him in for help is negligence. I would like to say R.I.P. for MJ but that looks like it isn't going to happen any time soon. Everything is going to have to play itself out I guess.

The Jacksons need to lay MJ to rest. Hopefully he has peace in death that he didnot have in life.

1876 days ago


Poor Katherine. I feel so sorry for her. No parent should bury their child. But I'm very glad she got custody of her grandkids. Like she said, it's what Michael would've wanted. And I believe they should respect his wishes.

1876 days ago


I agree that Michael has his own responsibility because he knew what he did, he knew that the diprivan was a dangerous drug but anyway, the doctor is also responsible, he must take care of his patient's life...moreover, he probably prescribed Michael a lot of drugs ....anyway, I hope he's not gonna be the only one to be charged...Michael did some kind of "doctors shopping" they all must be found and bring before the courts...the saddest about that story is the 3 children...and finally, I'm a little bit skeptical concerning the involvment of the Jackson family in helping Michael when he needed's easy to say that it was'nt possible to reach him even on the phone...strange...hope Michael found a better place...RIP

a fan from Belgium

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I can't believe the amount of speculation going on here. Everybody seems to think that they know so much about Michael Jackson; I'm surprised you guys aren't writing your own books. Noone knows Michael Jackson, Katherine or Joe Jackson except for the immediate family members.

"We" don't know that he was a drug addict (as someone said in an earlier post). If he was a drug addict, he sure handled it a helluva lot better than Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan. Personally, I believe that he was a workaholic who suffered from insomia. His death was a horrible, HORRIBLE, accident. An accident, yes, but it could possibly be called criminal negligence/homicide. Michael paid this doctor to be on call 24/7, he fell asleep on the job. Plus he had possession of a narcotic that is not used outside a hospital. He deserves whatever he gets.

Katherine didn't call Michael a liar; amazing how some people interpret things differently. I believe that Joe Jackson disciplined his children, but I don't know if I would call it "beating/abusing" them. Michael loved his parents. Joe was there for him everyday when he went to court in 2005. Michael and Janet purchased Joseph a nice boat a few years ago; if I hated my parent(s) they wouldn't get jack from me. I'm sure that Michael and Joe had their differences, but I believe that they still loved each other too!

Please, just let Michael rest in peace. There's more BS going on now than there was when he was alive. It's sickening. Thankfully, I won't be reading comments anymore, so I'm saved from that at least.

1876 days ago


MJ was a drug addict and lets not forget what he really was addicted to."little boys with cancer

1876 days ago
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