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Another Storage Unit Rented by Jackson Doc

8/3/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Dr. Conrad Murray has a storage unit in Las Vegas -- and there seems to be a growing connection between the doctor's storage rentals in Vegas and Houston.

Dr. Conrad Murray

Dr. Murray has a 10x20 unit at a Public Storage facility in Las Vegas. We've learned an employee of Dr. Murray's came to the unit as recently as July 30 with Dr. Murray's credit card number on a piece of paper and paid the rental fee. We do not know if items were removed or stored at that time. Dr. Murray missed the July 15 deadline to make payment and he was charged a late fee.

We're told one of the four people authorized on Dr. Murray's behalf to come and go at the facility is Stacey Howe -- someone who figured prominently when Dr. Murray's Houston storage unit was raided last month. Federal agents seized correspondence addressed to Stacey Howe, and we're told the agents asked the manager of the storage facility if she knew of Howe.

When agents raided Dr. Murray's Houston medical practice, they seized two Yahoo e-mails from Stacey Howe.

Law enforcement believes Dr. Murray may have had Propofol -- the drug they believe killed Michael Jackson -- stored in the various storage units for shipment to the singer, though as far as we know they do not have proof ... at least not yet.

We do not know if the Vegas storage unit has been searched pursuant to a warrant.


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Chico, Della......the real....PM has been on board in here...

1909 days ago


Seems the "makeup" (tell?) artist is freely posting her thoughts on face book! I do not think any is stuff we had not come to the conclusion to on our own but very interesting.

1909 days ago

Linda Mott    

Everyday TMZ uncovers more and more layers of this story. I don't understand if you are dealing with drugs and all the money he was getting, why he didn't pay his bills. There are many more people involved in this mess. I hope people learn from the death of MJ and I mean Dr.'s, too.

1909 days ago


Liza told MJ she didn't know gest was gay before she married him.. mJ told her-- he thought she knew..
what the hell...

she didn't know?? how many gay men will she marry before she got it?? her first one was one too-- PETER ALLEN.. who died of AIDS. and her mother introduced them and played matchmaker..

1909 days ago


Published today in The Sun (UK)

Aide 'killed' Jacko with Demerol hit as Doctor Murray slept

MICHAEL Jackson was killed by a shot of powerful painkiller Demerol given by an aide as his personal medic Dr Conrad Murray slept, The Sun can reveal.
Dr Murray is reported to have confessed to cops that he had ALREADY given the singer surgical anaesthetic Propofol that same day.

Jackson is feared to have woken when the effects wore off and demanded pain relief.

The Demerol was duly administered by the compliant aide - with devastating effects.

The combination of Demerol and Propofol, known by the brand name Diprivan, triggered a massive heart attack.

US sources have claimed the cardiologist was asleep and therefore not paying attention when his patient's heart stopped beating.

He woke to find 50-year-old Jackson dead and desperately tried to revive him.

A case insider told The Sun: "Murray would set up a system to give Michael a steady intravenous release of Diprivan through the night.

"But this time Michael woke up before Murray did and asked one of his aides for some Demerol.

"The aide gave it to him, but it was too soon after receiving the anaesthetic. That's what killed him."

Jackson is thought to have first taken Demerol to control the pain of burns to his scalp he suffered filming a Pepsi advert.

Dr Murray is said to have told Los Angeles police about administering Propofol two days after Jacko died on June 25.

Propofol - which should only be given in a hospital environment - can be delivered by an intravenous drip to release a steady supply.

But there should always be equipment available to monitor the electrical impulses of the patient's heart and the level of oxygen in their blood supply.

An ECG would trigger an alarm if the patient flatlined, while a pulse oximeter would sound if oxygen supplies changed.

Neither device was found by detectives when they searched Jackson's rented Holmby Hills mansion following his death.

Dr Murray's lawyer Ed Chernoff has always maintained that his client denies giving Jacko anything that killed him.

Meanwhile a picture believed to be of the bedroom in which Jackson died has emerged. On the floor at the foot of the deathbed is a manual oxygen pump.

Surrounding the bed are alcohol pads used for cleaning skin before injections, a roll of surgical tape and a box of latex gloves.

On the bedside table is a phone, contradicting Dr Murray's claim he was delayed calling 911 because there was no phone nearby.

On the bed are prayer beads. There is also what appears to be an incontinence pad and a makeshift tourniquet. The source of the pic said oxygen bottles used in the star's drugs regime are just out of shot.

1909 days ago


Thanks for your input Zack.....

1909 days ago


The doctor has had about a month to move his things around, the police couldn’t possible believe that they are going to find anything anymore?

1909 days ago


I like your comments holmes.

1909 days ago


I thought so also.....( PM) tell , della ,

the more I know the angrier I get .


1909 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

The doctor didn't admit to administering propofol. What he said was he did not give Michael anything that should've killed him, notice the play on words there. He's kind of admitted giving Michael something indirectly but hasn't revealed what it was. Until the toxicology reports come in we won't know for sure and hopefully in whatever time he was lying dead in his doctor's bed before 911 was called it didn't completely destroy what traces of drugs were left in his body to determine what caused him to stop breathing. I sure hope the investigators can find some evidence here that would explain what exactly this doctor was getting and whether he was the one who was getting the shipments of propofol that were found in Michael's house.

1909 days ago

Melanie Hoyle    

I don't trust The Sun btw, they're a tabloid who'll make up anything for ratings and they can be pretty convincing too. They said some horrible things about Michael when he was alive. They have a reputation for being nasty.

1909 days ago


I love Dr. Murray. He will never be found guilty, he is the greatest medical man alive.

1909 days ago


I changed my mind.I hate Dr.Murry.He will be found guilty, he's the worst medical man alive.

1909 days ago


That Doctor only did what was asked of him. He had a lic and nothing bad is going to happen to him. Period!!!!!!

1909 days ago


Ok, i changed my mind back again, I do love Dr. Murray, he rid the planet of a weirdo and freak.

1909 days ago
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