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Jermaine Jackson -- Smile for Apple

8/4/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's special administrators want the estate to cash in on a song one of his brothers performed at the memorial, but time is of the essence.

In docs filed with the court, lawyers for the estate say they've negotiated a very favorable agreement for the estate with Apple Inc., for the promotion, distribution and sale of the audio and audiovisual recordings of Jermaine Jackson's performance of the song, "Smile" at the memorial service.

They claim there is currently "a heightened demand for such products due to Jermaine Jackson's moving performance during the memorial service, which may diminish over time."

But they need to act quick, so they're asking the judge to approve the deal ... ASAP.


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Have any of you read this article at all??? it clearly says: "Michael Jackson's special administrators want the estate to cash in on a song one of his brothers performed at the memorial, but time is of the essence." It's not Jermaine's fault if there is a great demand for the song he sang "Smile", You all claim you love MJ but you trash his family and tha's not correct. He was the only one with the right to trash them if he wanted to but the rest of the world can go to hell! If you have nothing nice to say just stay mute, I can talk rubish of my family but nobody else can!!!

1872 days ago


Bend that Corpse Over and Rape it.
Squeeze Every Dollar You Can Out
of that Druged Out Freak!!!!!!!!!!

1872 days ago


Ok hold up.. So Jermaine wants to cash in on his performance at his dead brothers memorial? Are you sh*tting me? WTH is wrong with him? Good Lord above please tell me I am understanding this wrong...

1872 days ago

Sand D    

while they are at it why don't the have him sing Make the world go away.......more of a theme song for the mess MJ got HIMSELF into.

1872 days ago


profits from this would go for Jermaine only.. he has 10 kids.. many live with his Mom... and he is soon to be 55 years old. Please read the following: On December 15, 1973, Jackson married Hazel Gordy, who is the daughter of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.[5][6] Their first child was Jermaine Jr., born in 1977, their daughter Autumn was born the following year, and Jaimy born on March 17 1987.[7] Jackson also had a relationship with Margaret Maldonado during his marriage. He first saw her dining alone in a Los Angeles [[restaurant] and requested his friends to go and ask her to meet him.[8] Both his wife and girlfriend were pregnant at the same time (4 months difference). After his divorce with Hazel, he convinced and stayed with Margaret. The couple had two children: Jeremy Maldonado Jackson, born in 1986, and Jourdynn Michael Jackson, born in 1989.[9]

Jackson converted to Islam in 1989 after a trip to Bahrain.[9][10] Jackson has publicly expressed his religious beliefs after being part of the Big Brother house, while staying there, he prayed and fasted. He has also publicly said he had hoped to convert his brother Michael to Islam, saying it would have provided him with 'peace' and 'heal' his problems.[11][12][13]

Shortly after separating from Maldonado, on 18 March 1995, Jackson abruptly married Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza, who is also the mother of two of his brother Randy's children. The couple had sons Jaffar, born in 1996, and Jermajesty, born in 2000.[9] Jermaine filed for divorce from Alejandra in November 2004, which was finalized in 19 May 2008. Jermaine was ordered to pay $50,000 for Alejandra's legal fees and $50,000 for child support in August 2007; this was in exchange for Alejandra's waiving her right to spousal support. It was a settlement because Alejandra was married to Nicholas Ray when she married Jermaine, and her marriage to Nicholas was never nullified, nor did she get a divorce from him. Therefore, when she married Jermaine during her marriage to Nicholas, her marriage to Jermaine was null and void. [14]

Halima Rashid became Jackson's third wife. The couple married in 2004.[15] They currently live in Los Angeles, but frequently travel to London and Bahrain. Jermaine has 7 children: 3 with Gordy, 2 with Maldonado and 2 with Alejandra. During his brother Michael Jackson's 2005 child-abuse trial, he was a staunch supporter of his brother, coming to Michael's defense on CNN's Larry King Live and appearing with him in court on numerous occasions. On June 25, 2009, Jermaine held a press conference at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and broke the news to international media, that at 2:26 pm (PDT) his younger brother Michael Jackson, had died at age 50.
Jermaine is about the money. He went on Larry King Live and said that he wanted Michael to be buried at Neverland. Michael left Neverland and never wanted to return because of the child abuse allegations.

1872 days ago


You are SO right meme #4 - the first 1993 molestation charges MJ paid off and now this Chandler kid admitted he LIED about the whole ordeal. And so the outcome.... MJ paid about 20 million dollars and his life is over - what a terrible outcome, damn that kid. The second charges, which went to trial, the kid's mom accused over 30 other men that her child was molested, she was just after money. Michael was aquitted THANK GOD and I don't think that mother and her kid got any money MJ. This terrible experience that Michael went through during the trial in 2005 just about killed him. Well it sure did contribute to his demise, now he's gone. :-(

1872 days ago

Daisy Puke    

THATS WHY JERMAINE WANTED TO SING AT HIS BROTHERS FUNERAL. IT was a total "notice me" moment. It sickend me to watch his greedy behind up on stage like it was his comeback tour.

1872 days ago


People get so tied up in wanting the old mighty dollar they
forget who they hurt and what sins they have done.Until
the one day there god calls them home and makes them pay more
then what they have taken from others.How will they be judged?

MJ has no worries his got his wings already!!

1872 days ago


Awesome! I hope Jermaine goes for it . . .what a lovely tribute to his brother.

1872 days ago


I have to admit, guiltily, that I would buy Jermaine's version in a New York minute! It was exquisite. I had forgotten what a good singer he was. Yes, MJ was the best, but I think he would have been very proud of his brothers version of the song. It was beautiful.

1872 days ago


For crying out loud when will this ever end? It was a moving song at MJ's memorial and that was it. I for one would never buy this. All in the name of the almighty $$.

1872 days ago


26. Michael say he b smilin as soon as dey gives him back he nose. Who have finded dat nose were it YOU!!!

Posted at 6:49PM on Aug 4th 2009 by frogpudding

You are about 5 cans short of a six pack! WTH!

1872 days ago


#30 Vanessa - you're so right, the Stevie Wonder performance was by far the best moment of the memorial.

A suggestion - if Jermaine is to release Smile, why not add the wonderful Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming, the only song where he sings together with Michael?

1872 days ago



1872 days ago


michael is a jackson he has children and family that contributed to his success, yes they should get every dime without lawyers and judges all in there family affairs scraping to see what the jackson family is worth.

1872 days ago
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