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Jermaine Jackson -- Smile for Apple

8/4/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's special administrators want the estate to cash in on a song one of his brothers performed at the memorial, but time is of the essence.

In docs filed with the court, lawyers for the estate say they've negotiated a very favorable agreement for the estate with Apple Inc., for the promotion, distribution and sale of the audio and audiovisual recordings of Jermaine Jackson's performance of the song, "Smile" at the memorial service.

They claim there is currently "a heightened demand for such products due to Jermaine Jackson's moving performance during the memorial service, which may diminish over time."

But they need to act quick, so they're asking the judge to approve the deal ... ASAP.


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I knew this was coming as soon as I saw Jermaine singing this in the Matt Lauer interview but I had hoped I was wrong. Then when he sang it at the memorial service I knew I wasn't. Leech,Leech,Leech; the whole bunch of them. Let Katherine Jackson be an executor of this estate & watch how fast the money disappears. Those kids will be on welfare before you know it!!!!! But good old Joe will have his record label won't he? GO TO YOU TUBE & LISTEN TO MICHAEL'S VERSION OF "SMILE", BELIEVE ME IT'S WAY BETTER THAN JERMAINE'S!!!

1903 days ago


There are so many reasons this song should not make a penny, not only would it be in the baddest of taste, it was sung off key and most importantantly...the mf'n lyrics were wrong!!! I was a little embarressed for Jerkmaine but i excused him because i figured he may have been emotional and nervous and had forgotton he is a professional singer. He would be a fool to allow Apple to release that crappy ass version of a tribute to his beloved brother. If that baby brother baby mama stealer allows that to happen then it will prove to me that he didn't really care that much about his brother and that he thinks his brother's fans are idiots-- which they would be if they download that hellified mess. Jerkmaine is one tacky ass "Big Brother" !

1903 days ago


In my opinion the only ones that I feel had any talent that was in the Jackson family was Michael and Janet. So I in no way think and feel that Jermaine and the rest of the family can sing perhaps they need to stick to playing instruments since Michael is not able to continue to give them any more money to help them.

How old are Rebbie's children? Why is it that it has to be her to handle the day to day raising of the Michael's children and not Janet? Since Rebbie live in Las Vegas and so does Joe and if the children live with her, who will make sure that Joe Jackson does not come or have very limited contact with Michael's children?

1903 days ago


Michael Jackson was falsley accused during his time on this earth and he was acquitted of the charges. The people who call him a molester are stupid because he didn't do it. I know he did a lot of good for people while he was here. My heart goes out to him now, because i know in life he must have been painfully aware of how much he didn't mean to some of the closest people to him. He was taken advantage of by many, and he had a lot of loved ones who were probably jealous of his talent. The poet "Mia" who wrote that poem for his memorial said it so well. "we had him," she stated. Yes, we could have shown him all this love while he was here but the media wanted to sell papers. Thats why he was not aware of how he was loved. He stayed away from the world and all he saw was the crap in print and on tv. If he could only see how much his talent was appreciated by the world. The Bottom Line Is: This man could dance. He couldn't trust most ppl and it's obvious he was right about that too. We did have him, and now he is gone. We can't tell him that we knew he was a good human being and preformer. We can only wish....and hurt for him...and hope that he somehow is here in spirit, to see.

1896 days ago


"Pick up the phone, Dont be alone, step off the throne, come back home"

Sounds right to me. Jermaine tried to deliver the message that family is more important than fame, but Michael didn't get it.

1896 days ago


Smile when your feeling crappy, smile when your Attorneys napping, smile when their is no corden when you cant sell tickets, smile when you have no cause you Jacksons are through.....oooooooooo, smile you were disrespectful, smile you have many regrettals, smile cause you Enablers are through, ooooooooo, oooooo, Just Smile, You Jerks.

1894 days ago


Jermaine is and always a better Vocal singer than Michael, just
was never giving the same stage as micheal, the guy can flat
out sing, and play bass guitar. Jermaine make that money and
take care of YOUR KIDS, ps. your wife is beautiful, good luck.

1894 days ago


Jermaine's infamous tell-all book - do check this link:

Some excerpts:
“My brother is a superstar, yes. My brother is wealthy. He owns shares in Sony music. He drinks, he does drugs, he lies, he cheats, he changed his skin color and mostly, he’s human. He attracts gay men and wards off women like the plague.”

“He married a woman because she was pregnant and he was doing business with Muslims (which I am a Muslim) and Muslims won’t do business with someone who is engaged in having children without being married.

“He paid this woman, who nobody would ever look twice at, several million dollars. My brother purchased children. It is like a sanctioned black market. He is very powerful; he picked the sperm donor by using information provided by a sperm bank. Now, who can do that? Michael Jackson, that’s who, my brother.

“My brother doesn’t always learn the valuable lessons life teaches. He is stubborn, hard-headed and, at times, harsh. He is cold, calculating and devious. The blood of his father runs freely through him. We were all afraid that the blood of Joseph Jackson would eventually contaminate all of us.

“But this is still my family and I love every one of them and I won’t sit by and let my brother go to prison. Prison would kill him. I’ve thought about doing the time for him, if he’s convicted. Michael wouldn’t survive in prison for one day. He’d commit suicide."

Credits: Jermaine Jackson, the "loving" brother of Michael

1894 days ago

Lynn Morales    

whoevef printed that on #6 need to grt a real life and quit saying igonant things that he has no clue. Its that old sayig that ignqnance is bliss.

1894 days ago


Jermaine keep speaking out in support of your brother, and your
family. People are jealous, and those that have never done wrong
speak bad of the man, for some of the things he has done. I hope
a Jermaine Jackson CD is gonna drop soon, because I love your
voice, and your music. The man can sing, different from Michael
but still good, stand up for your family, don't worry about what
people say, as for the money, its the Jackson familys now, not the
lawyers, so stop hating on the man. Jermaine do ME a favor and
release a CD, because I love your sound, PS damn your wife is VERY
PRETTY, U the man.

1893 days ago


Jermaine had the opportunities that Micheal Had because he stayed at Motown when they left and was a solo, but nobody wanted his records. Sorry but that greasy pomade helmet head dude still can not sing. That tribute was terrible, they wouldn't even offer him something in Vegas.

1891 days ago


Hello TMZ commenters. first off, STOP FREAKING referring to Mr. Michael Jackson as "Wacko Jacko" or even "Jacko". That's what the British press calls him & he didn't like it. Secondly, to commenter "georgiehopper", while you are entirely entitled to your opinion of Jermaine as "the better singer" (an opinion shared by papa Joe Jackson), many-such as myself-are inclined to DISAGREE. Jermaine did his thing though with a loy of great songs in the 80's. Also, in defense of the family as a whole, I believe they just want to ensure that MJ's money stays in the family, especially for his children & the upkeep of the family compound. Jermaine however, seems to be about securing his own future & gettin' paid. Jermaine-STAY OFF LARRY KING LIVE.

1868 days ago
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