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Joe Jackson -- I Won't Be There ... Much

8/4/2009 6:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got a declaration from Joe Jackson, filed with the court, and Joe makes it clear -- he supported Michael Jackson's decision to make his wife Katherine the guardian of Michael's 3 kids .. and Joe makes it clear he will keep his distance.

Joe says in the declaration: "I have had a close family relationship with these grandchildren since their birth. I do visit the family residence from time to time and will continue to do so, however I will not be involved in raising the children."

Joe continues, "I understand that all decision-making authority regarding the children will rest with Katherine Jackson. Katherine Jackson is a wonderful caretaker and guardian, and has done an excellent job raising our children and other grandchildren."

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joe Jackson should get a medal for raising 9 sucessful children in 1960s . America sure he spanked his kids but who hasn't i don't think he abused them. usually abusive fathers are abusive husbands and Mrs. Jackson never said Joe abused her in anyway, read her book

1869 days ago


Is this like him addmitting to abusing michael, or like is he just avoding rumors at all cost. Well anyway RIP MJ.

1869 days ago


Is Katherine Jackson in denial about Joe's physical and emotional abuse of their children? In her telephone conversation with Geraldo, KJ said the allegations were "made up." 2. Did Debbie Rowe ask that Joe Jackson not be with the children without supervision?

1869 days ago


Are they awaiting the results of the toxicology report before the DA hands down any indictments for Dr. Murray?
If so, isn't pretty much a given that the Dr's negligence killed him either way?

1869 days ago


Isn't there a limit as to how long you can wait to bury or cremate a person? How long can they delay this and leave MJ s bodyto rot? Also, I assume it is refrigerated?

1869 days ago


why does katherine jackson have to sign a confindentiality contract for, are AEG trying to hide something.
is it true that prince and paris signed an agreement to see their mother?
also do you know anything on omer bhatti all our newspapers in the UK have conflicting stories regarding dna test etc.

many thanks.


1869 days ago

marisol .h.    

is the reason for this decesion because michael didn't want a relationship with joe jasckson, or is it something that joe requested himself to not be around

1869 days ago

who the hell    

Do you think there is any merit in the Death Hoax theory that is going around?

1869 days ago


First and foremost, thank you for doing this.

1 - You said in your last live feed that Michael had a substantial drug habit. Was this well known?? Did AEG know? How could Michael has passed a four hour physical then? ***

2 - What's going on with Neverland? Any chance that will become some sort of Museum or anything?

3 - What more do you know about Stacy Howe? ***

4 - What were Michael's ties with the Nation of Islam? Was he being overcharged on rent for that mansion? ***

5 - Has Dr. Murray's passport being taken from him?

6 - Do you know if Michael met with a psychiatrist shortly before his passing?

7 - Is Arnold Klein planning on returning to court in September over this kids? ***

8 - Have you heard anymore about the actual burial of Michael?

9 - Is AEG planning on releasing the prep concert footage to theater's or on DVD?

10 - Is there a chance another doctor was supplying Dr. Murray with the Propofol? ***

Questions with *** more important. Thanks guys!

Thank you!

1869 days ago


Joe is a monster,he used Michael Jackson and abuse him when he was a child. That s why is obvious that Michael wanted to keep Joe away from his children and he was right.Michael deserved a longer life with his children and I am very very sad because it will not happen.

1869 days ago


Are the rumours regarding Jacksons accuser admitting the allegations were false, true?

1869 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

It was reported that MJ used Prince's name as an alias for Rx'... but was it his grandfather, Prince's name?

Does Joe live in the house in LV that was put up for sale before, when he and Katherine filed for bankruptcy? Or a new one?

What is the status of the lawsuit from AllGood Productions/Joe Jackson against MJ re: breach of contract?

Where is Nanny Grace? Last report has her in UK to stop Daphne from repleasing her interview. Any truth?

Also, what place will Nanny Grace have in the children's lives going forward?

McBillions last night said that Joe Jackson wrote this statement of "his own free will". *coughBScough* Any truth? Is this legally binding or just a declaration?

1869 days ago


Doesn't apply to Joe, but glad he's going to honor Michael's wishes and have limited time with the grandkids....although I don't think Joe is as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

My question regarding Michael Jackson's death investigation---has ANYONE (media or LA police) spoken wtih the guy who called 911 while Dr. Murray was in the room ? Seems like he would have some very interesting information to share.

Keep up the great work TMZ!

1869 days ago


Some of us at work don't get sound. If they answer anything interesting can someone type the answer?

1869 days ago


First off why isn't he living with Katherine and second he shouldn't have the right to see the kids because what if he wants to make money off of them just like he did with his own children?

1869 days ago
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