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Chris Brown Sentencing -- Delayed

8/5/2009 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's sentence has been delayed until August 27th at 2 PM PT.

Chris Brown: Click to watch

The reason for the delay ... the judge said she wants Brown to perform Caltrans-type work -- hard labor -- for his community service. The plan for the community service in Virginia was not fully in place, so the judge wants to see the full schedule at the end of the month.

The judge wants to know what Brown will be doing for his community service -- 90% of the community service is accounted for but the remaining 10% needs to be locked down.

Rihanna's lawyer, Donald Etra, says Brown has not violated the stay away order.

Click to view!Brown pled guilty to felony assault last month.


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Shaune Pratt    

Hey Harvey and Mike

I find it hard to believe Rhiana and Chris Brown would avoid eachother so quickly after the incident. In my experience I've found that no matter how much abuse is in a relationship, they take a while to end. I think the whole Rhianna/Drake thing is a cover up. Why would Chris Brown take over Drake's parts in all of the young money songs? They're friends and Drake is helping Chris Brown conceal his relationship with Rhianna. This is all speculation btw but seriously... What would Rhiana want with Drake? No street credit, just a rich jewish boy from a prominent area of T Dot (Toronto)? Look him up on Degrassi...most unfortunate.

Anyways, my question for you guys is...has there been any reports of Chris Brown and Rhianna being seen together over the last month?

I get all my entertainment news on TMZ. You guys are on your stuff and when I make it, I'll most certainly be your friend.

1872 days ago


Does the community service work be done in any other state or only in California

1872 days ago


Is it true that Rihanna wants to remove that stay-away order?

1872 days ago


I thought Chris Brown had already been sentenced to 5yrs probation and time for community work. Which sentencing again are we talking about here?

1872 days ago


Is Chris most likely gonna miss the MTV Vma's this year since hes attented the VMA's in the past. what do u think?

1872 days ago

Fleet Pete    

Hey guys, your thoughts on Brown "breaking" the restraining order of 50 yds? RiRi doesn't seem to care about it and said he hasn't broken it. In your opinion, what do you think is going through her mind? She still cares and secretly wants to communicate with him or even more?

1872 days ago

Infamous Rick    

It says that he did 90% of his community service. When did this happen, and what did he do?

1872 days ago


Wow, doesn't surprise me.. Don't get me wrong. I like his music && im not hating on him but he has to pay the price for what he did. It's not a matter of him being black. Any one who would have done what he did, I would want them to do the time for what they did. They should have thought about the consequences before they did what they did. At least he realizes he did wrong. Hopefully he won't do it again. But I wish him the best && i hope he will find his way out of this situation && not do it again. Yes, he made a mistake, everyone does, but the key is to learn from them. =]

1872 days ago



1872 days ago


Does the judge know that they stayed at the same hotel and they both went to clubs right across the street from eachother?

1872 days ago


can he request to do the community service on Cali ?

1872 days ago


why didnt TMZ record the video while chris brown was in court today ? Couldnt you guys go in and flim whats happening , like you usually do ?

1872 days ago


Chris deserves a second chance. He's a fool if he hooks up with Rihanna again

1872 days ago


The fact that Rihanna's lawyer is wanting the restraining order less, shows that she in fact is suffering from some form of mental disorder that majority of battered women suffer from. The I still love him despit he hit me disorder. But how can he get community service, will pleading guility to a felony assalt, while a person like Vick, despite the horriable act of dog fighting is, got jail time for animals, and another football player Stallworth killed someone in a DUI collision, and yet gets probation and community service for?

1872 days ago


My Question Is If He Does Go to Jail how come rihanna cant get the same thing she is always trying 2 get near him 24/7
she should get puinshed also cause she dont listen she was told to stay away from chris brown also and she didnt listen
i say she should stay away from chris FOREVER cause why shes nothing but trouble to him the poor boy is only 20 years old and does not deserve all this ifs very unfair that rihanna gets to stay araound in LA or wherever and stays doin her career and having fun while chris has 2 worry bout his job and all other stuff its totally unfair and i dnt think its right

Anyways Question Is Will Chris Brown Go 2 Jail? And if he does Why Does Rihanna get set Free?

1872 days ago
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