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Michael Jackson -- Lien on Me

8/5/2009 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson -- Lien on MeOpen the floodgates -- the creditors are getting in line for a piece of the action in the Michael Jackson estate case.

Segye Times -- a South Korean newspaper -- won a judgment against Katherine, Joe and Jermaine Jackson, along with the Jackson Record Company, back in 1994. The suit claimed the newspaper paid the family $5.5 million for a series of Jackson family concerts in 1989 that never took place.

A judgment was entered for $4 million. Segye Times now wants $7,865,730.78 -- interest is a bitch!

It's interesting that Michael was not sued personally. Nonetheless, under the category "better late than never," Segye wants the estate to pay up.

Stay tuned...


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Let it go and if not for the family think of the the children who you are actually taking from. I too would like to know why you money munchers waited until now to do this mess. Uck humanity has started to really disgust me.

1867 days ago


@ MJ DIVA.... you are right! but....... when the jacksons have MJ`s money ...they can pay all own bills with it,right?

1867 days ago


I agree that they have every right to go after the money that is owed them, however, they have no claim on the estate of Michael Jackson if Michael is not a part of the contract. They need to go after Katherine, Joe, and Jermaine as in the original judgement.

1867 days ago


Well after MJ died I am sure that Katherine, Joe and Jermaine Jackson, along with the Jackson Record Company now have the money to pay their bills from his estate. That is why they are suing after the judgment was awarded 10 years ago. I am sure that there will be more...

1867 days ago


Since the judgement is under Katherine's name, the money will come out of her part of the estate...Yes, in the end it will come out of Michaels earnings, as part of his will...The thing that gets my goat is, according to TMZ there is a report that Katherine was ordered by a judge to pay for some of Jermaines children as far as support, not to mention the fact that Jermaines ex-wife lives at the encino home as well...Well, also, according to Katherine, and docs she filed, her only income was social security, and of course the money Michael that was supporting her...So now, in essence, not only is the encino home MIchaels, but he has been also taking care of Katherine, Jermaine, his ex-wife and his kids....DOES THIS FAMILY HAVE NO SHAME??

The Jackson family has lived off of Michael all his life, and they will continue to live off his works for years to come...

Now the word is Jermaine is wanting to sell his song "Smile" for the world...So, again, Jermaine is trying to make a profit of his deceased brothers memorial...unbelievable!!

1867 days ago


This is a BS post because Joe and Katherine Jackson filed for bankruptcy protection in 1999. So basically Segye Times has no leg to stand on in this, not to mention, that Joe and Jermaine don't even have a stake in the MJ's estate. I bet you asre gonna hear of alot of roaches come crawling for some blood money now.

1867 days ago

danger baby    

Yes, the Moonies were behind this, but MJ did not know that at the time the concert(s) were under discussion. When he was first approached (by Joe) he told him no. Joe was pressing him as the South Koreans were offering a lot of money, and many of MJ's siblings were desperate for cash. The South Koreans had gone to Joe's production company at first, to get to MJ through Joe. They bought expensive cars for several members of his family...they were 'influencing' everyone in sight, shall we say. According to MJ's biographer, the girlfriend of MJ's longtime security guard (Bill Bray) even got in on the act, and told them they weren't going to get anywhere without her on their side, and that she wanted a SL500 Mercedes convertible that was sitting in the driveway. She was handed the keys on the spot. In short, that is how stupid the whole non-deal had become. Nothing was working. Eventually they offered KJ a lot of money, I think it was 500K or a mill, to talk some sense into MJ. He told her he'd 'think about it. After one of main negotiator for the South Koreans got on the phone and pleaded with MJ and actually started crying, that's when MJ finally agreed to do something for them. I honestly don't recall what happened after that, whether KJ kept the money or just what. But at one point MJ found out the Moonies were behind it all and he was furious. I have no idea whether he actually performed for them. Didn't know about the judgement either.

1867 days ago


Shut up about Michael Jackson already...seriously.

1867 days ago

I Play a Lawyer on TV    

They are most likely not suing the estate directly, but rather attempting to put a lien on any $$$ that Katherine, Joe, or Jermain may recieve from the estate. Similar to a garnishment of wages proceeding. If they have a valid judgement against those Jackson family members then there is no reason they should not be able to collect it from them.

1867 days ago


i houpe they get F**** all gridy bustards....its 2009 now

1867 days ago

danger baby    

I don't have a problem with Jermaine selling his memorial song. I don't know, at some point you just have to believe that he's selling it because people really liked it, and want it. Just like MJ memorabilia. Everyone wants a piece of him (MJ). It's just what people need. I hope they can visit at Forest Lawn if that is where he is going to be interred. His gravesite will surely require 24 hour security.

1867 days ago


I just hope that NOT one cent is taken from those beautiful children.

1867 days ago

louise wordley from the uk    

i think its discusting the way the vultures are out in force he isnt even buried yet!!!! we still dont know the coroners true finding of what has caused mjs tragic death and people are queueing up for a piece of his estate. Yes he has debts that need to be paid but the way they are all scratching around for money makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1867 days ago


Danger Baby....were are you getting your facts from??

1867 days ago


Let our King of Pop rest in peace. His money was left for his beautiful children, charities and his mom, I assume he knew that the same vultures that lurked around him when he was alive were going to come full force after his passing. I only wish his family had his best interest at heart and for his sake and his childrens sake bury him properly. Can you imagine how his children feel knowing he still has no resting place?? As a devoted fan I have a very hard time knowing this!!! Forest Lawn seems like the proper place. Neverland was not home to him after what the LAPD did to him there. They took that from him too. He was so in love with that land and so in peace out there and Tom Snedden took that from him along with so much more. RIP our beloved MJ.

1867 days ago
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