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Cindy Crawford -- What a Piece of Aft!

8/6/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking at a supermodel in a bathing suit never gets old ... just like Cindy Crawford.

 Cindy Crawford -- What a Piece of Aft!

The ageless 43-year-old mother of two showed off her ridiculous body on a yacht in St. Tropez on Wednesday.

A pox on you, Rande Gerber!


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who dat    

You TMZ heffers should give it up. You will never look this hot, no matter if you have unlimited time & money. You have been beaten with the ugly stick.

1904 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Omg. You guys are idiots. You do NOT need endless $$ to have a body like that. I just turned 40 and I take good care of myself. Eat right, exercise regularly. I have 2 birth children also. If you have good genetics (can't buy that) and you take reasonable care of yourself, you should look good at 40 also. Quit yer whining, whiners! Besides, you didn't look like Cindy at 22, you probably won't look like her @ 42! duh.

Now quit reading this and feeling sorry for your fat ass and get to the gym.

1904 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

@ Jessica - It's "AFT" as in the rear of the boat. Not "art". Moron.

1904 days ago


Can you show the before pictures please before the plastic surgery with her cellulite and stretch marked body. That is totally unfair that she can pass off as natural. With the help of laser, surgery, personal trainers and chefs, she better look good and still not so much. Come on TMZ, you have the pics show the real Cindy Crawford!

1904 days ago

London not England    

BABY GIA......

all you VOGUE Fashionista's know what that means.......

1904 days ago


Glad someone else said it! You don't need to have lots of money to EXERCISE and eat RIGHT! My gawd, I'm sure most of you bashing her are 300 pounds with eight kids running around, shoving your face full of Doritoes going "Yeah, if I had money, I could look like that too." No, if you had self control you could look like that. I know plenty of women in their 40's who have smokin' hot bodies.

1904 days ago


43 isn't exactly ancient you know! And you kids with the arrogant comments of 'too old' or the like or making other age/looks/whatever critical/ comments about women older than you - those comments only reveal your lack of life experience and maturity. Some of the crap I read on here makes me think this is just giving a vehicle to women hating kid chauvinists. Give the world a break kiddies! In a few years you will realise that your adolescent sense of importance was just embarrassing. Getting back to the object of this story, Cindy is an extremely good business person and mother by the looks of it. If a picture of Bill Gates or Richard Branson at the beach was on here, would there be such a flurry of hate? Don't think so. There is a worrying trend of "women hate" out there - the more successful the women, the more hate and devaluing gets levelled at her. What creeps are out there that think that way?

1904 days ago


Of course she still has a great body, that's how she makes her money. No one is going to buy over-priced furniture and useless skin cream from a slob. What else does she have to do all day besides workout? You really don't think she srubs her own floors and all the other regular chores the rest of us have to do each day. She suckers people into buying her crap so she can spend her time on the beach and return to one of her $10 million dollar homes.

Why do they keep showing the head shot of her from 20+ years ago next to what is suppose to be her current picture? Everyone knows that beauty marks move over time. Hers should be on her chin by now like a witch and not in the same place.

1904 days ago


I met Cindy in the early 90s in Denver at Cherry Creek Mall (i think it's called). She was incredibly nice, sweet, and obviously completely gorgeous. I always tell everyone how nice she is whenever I get the chance. Just a real classy person. I'm glad to have met her and chatted with her for about 5-10 minutes.
She's awesome!

1904 days ago


I'm surprised she still has the top on...

1904 days ago


I hope I look that good when I'm that age, hell.. I wish I looked that good now! lol

1904 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Cindy you naughty,naughty, sweet. Turn around and bend over!

1904 days ago

S D M F    

A bit jealous aren't you Wanda?

Post 11

1904 days ago


Looking good Cindy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1904 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

Yeah - we can all choose to eat well (or better) and exercise (some, even if not a lot) .....

But I can tell you, as a woman in her 40's, who has been committed to health and fitness my whole life - that for a woman over 40 - stuff happens! (hormones, gravity, etc.) And it AIN'T THAT EASY ANYMORE!!! You don't get the same results .... your body can't do as intense workouts ... fat shows up places it never did before!

And as someone who used to have excellent personal fitness trainers - and can't afford it now .... it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

I also lived in LA for 10 years. Wanda is actually right! All the the training sessions - and access to organic and gourmet foods - and body treatments - and cosmetic surgery - and relaxing leisure time ... all that sfuff that lots of money buys ...... puts somebody like Cindy Crawford MILES ahead of a woman NOT getting all those things!

So do everything you can for your health and fitness .... but don't think somebody like her doesn't have an advantage. She DOES!!

1904 days ago
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